Cerisedolls Mini Discussion part 3

Feb 5, 2016

    1. awesome, so is mine! do you know about how long the wait time for lillycat is? i think i read somewhere like 3-4 months but i haven't been able to find that info since...
    2. yay awesome! I think its about 4 months, but i've only ever bought in stock or second hand before so i might be wrong!
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    3. My Newt was ordered July 22nd. So about five months. That seems to be typical for the European artists.
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    4. Just wanted to share pic of Angela (Kitty Jolie).
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    5. Does anyone have a Millie Choupie and an Ombre they can photograph together? I love Millie and wonder if she'd be a cute friend for my Ombre. <3
    6. chibi-kagu - Angela is so cute!

      I'm so excited!! I finally found a caramel Deavon and she's shipped today!
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    7. Thank you! I can't wait.
    8. There's currently a very short pre-order open for Amy in marron glacé skin at the moment. It runs until the 21st February, so if you want her, order while you can! :)
    9. Thanks for the information!
    10. I ordered Amy-Marron Glace today. She'll be my first Lillycat girl.

      (@Zaliayn - How did you put in the accent mark?)
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    11. Congrats to you and everyone that ordered Amy! I don't know the answer but pro tip - I go to Beyoncé's Wikipedia page and copy from there lol.

      Here's Tanvi to celebrate :)

      [​IMG]Tanvi by s o p h i e ☪, on Flickr
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    12. I was tempted, but I have Amy in carmel so I'll wait for another doll in marron glacé.

      On my Samsung phone I can hold done the e key and I get a display of accent choices.
    13. Thanks for the suggestions, @Allstar and @nancy_schroeder_ca. I guess I could have just copied from my Word program:

      Holding down the e key on my desktop gives me a string of e's. I'm sure there's a comparable screen with the accent function but I haven't found it.

      @Allstar - Your Tanvi is gorgeous. Love her faceup.<3
    14. @Allstar Tanvi is gorgeous! I love those luscious lips <3

      @vermont chick Sorry for the delay. For the é - I think it varies by computer/keyboard settings - but to do it I hold down Ctrl and Alt at the same time (on the left side of the keyboard) then press e
      Failing that, I sometimes copy and paste the letter I need from a webpage if I can't get my keyboard to do it :P
      Congrats on the order by the way!
    15. @Zaliayn - Thanks! Ctrl-Alt-e doesn't work on my computer. Looks like copy and paste is the way to go.:3nodding:
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    16. Im so pumped for my Incoming chocolate Constantine and Marron Glace Amy
      Nyanda and Kamaria are excited for her new sisters xD[​IMG]
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    17. your dolls are beautiful!!!
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    18. Nyanda and Kamaria are beautiful! What skin colors are they?
    19. They are both dark tan ^_^

      Thank you!! <3