Cerisedolls Mini Discussion part 3

Feb 5, 2016

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    2. I just got the email that my Ninon has shipped! I chose real skin with a faceup.
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    3. Congratulations! I look forward to seeing her.
    4. Can anyone recommend eyes that fit lillycats well? Currently, the eyes that are in my Millie have too large of irises so you can't see the whites well.
    5. Tanvi is so beautiful! :love

      I’m hoping I can add my first Lillycat to my doll family this year. I’d love a Deavon or a Charly and keep checking for any news on pre-orders.
    6. Loolou on Realistic body in Mint blue skin is available now. Watch her Instagram page for news!.
    7. i was kind of scared i wouldn't like how my ninon looks next to my soony, because the styles of their sculpts are so different. but i actually am kind of in love with them next to each other?

      (pics on my instagram scummydoll)
    8. I haven't posted her for a while, because all of a sudden her faceup fogged over T__T Finally redid it yesterday and let's keep our fingers crossed it doesn't happen again lol.
      But I am happy she is whole again.

      [​IMG]Reign by Snow Nymrah, on Flickr
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    9. She’s so gorgeous!
    10. Thanks so much! :D
    11. She’s so beautiful!!!
    12. She's beautiful. Love her ears, so fluffy :love
    13. Thanks both, I'm glad you like her!
    14. So beautiful! :love
    15. Deavon is on preorder!!! :dance
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    16. OH i want a daevon 0_0
    17. Have you pre-ordered? I’ve gone for a caramel Deavon. The long wait begins!
    18. I just pre-ordered a Deavon in caramel! I was torn on getting her with the faceup or not, but decided to get her with. So excited!!! :aheartbea
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    19. Yes finally i don't want miss her, take on in PNS ^^
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    20. I was really torn about face up too. I decided against in the end, so will have to find a good face up artist and it means it’ll be an even longer wait. Think she’ll be worth it though :3nodding: