Cerisedolls Mini Discussion part 3

Feb 5, 2016

    1. Congrats to everyone ordering Deavon!

      Here is a photo of my Didi to celebrate:dance
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    2. She's beautiful!! Do you mind if I ask what wig size she wears? This will be my first doll ever and I'm wanting to get as much ready for her as I can! I see her measurements on the PO website but I've heard that you can't always trust those 100%. Thank you in advance!!!
    3. Thank you! I'm afraid I made her wig so I'm not sure. I can have a dig around see if I have any company made wigs to try on her for you and report back.

      Also congrats on getting your first doll!
    4. Popping in here from nowhere :p

      I very recently got not only my first lillycat doll, but one I thought I would be waiting a while to appear in preorder for (pictures later, I had pop off to work and she arrived unexpectedly... thanks USPS)!

      What eye sizes does everyone use for their msd lillycat? I'll definitely measure her later, but I'd love to hear what others think work nicely!♥️
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    5. The 8mm size that Lillycat recommends on the website has worked perfectly for my girls (Lilas, Millie Choupie, and Deavon).
    6. I finally took some measurements and 8mm does seem to be the size to stick with. Thank you :)

      Also: presenting Charly!

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    7. I LOVE Charly!!! I really hope I can get her some day! She is beautiful:love Congrats! Did you get her from the doll show?
    8. Thank you! Her sculpt made me gasp the first time I ever saw her.

      She is from the doll show, but I got her second-hand all the way to the US. I'm so unbelievably grateful about it; I thought I'd be waiting at least a year for a pre-order.
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    9. You are very lucky to get her on the secondary market. I bet there are only a few about at the moment :love
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    10. Don't I know I'm still in some disbelief that she's here! I think I saw 3 (including mine) in various LDoll pictures; I'm not sure how many were made or sold in total though? 2 (edit: 1 dark pink pns and 1 unknown pns) pns and 1 blue.

      @Snow: I love your Deavon's style! Those ears are adorable.
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    11. Oh my.. I missed the pre-order! I will just have to drool inthis thread then :D
    12. I couldn't order this time so I will be hoping for another pre-order!
    13. Does anyone have any Millie Choupie pics to share? I can't afford the one that's on the market place right now so I wanna live vicariously through one of you lucky lucky owners :')
    14. This is a horrible old arrival snapshot, but at least it's a tiny bit of Millie Choupie goodness:


      Amelie is Antique Pink, and her outfit is from GuguModa on Etsy.
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    15. Thanks you guys! Maybe in the future a Millie will find a home in my ever-growing collection, but until then I really love looking at everybody else's dolls :)
    16. I love Millie's sculpt! I hope some day that I can get her in Dark/Dark Tan myself.

      A Lilas in Caramel is a hope too ♥.
    17. My Marron Glace Amy, ordered in February, is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. :celebrate
    18. Hello everyone! I got my Marron Glacé Amy on saturday. She is so so so so pretty! It's my first Lillycat doll and I already love her. The color is very beautiful and her body shape is just :love I'm in looove.
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