Cerisedolls Mini Discussion part 3

Feb 5, 2016

    1. @Nymphadora - I can't wait to see her. Please post lots of photos. Mine is out for delivery.

      And my Marron Glace Amy has arrived! She's taller and darker than I imagined. I don't know what I have that will fit her but I expect she'll be a smaller size on top than on the bottom. Hopefully I've got shoes. I ordered her unpainted so no photos for now. It's too hot and humid to do a faceup--I'll have to wait for a break in the weather. We'll try on wigs and stuff in the meantime.
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    2. I was able to paint my Amy today. I found a hodgepodge of stuff for her to wear: leggings, a dress that doesn't really fit but comes close, shoes, a wig. She came with glass eyes that were the same color as her skin so I found a different pair in my stash. Here she is:
      It's hard to photograph Marron Glace skin. She's darker than she appears here.
    3. Yesterday I received my Lillycat in Real Skin. I hope to update this post or make an unboxing here of the doll. I’m excited to be back, and just noticed I received a trophy for a one year anniversary here on DOA.
    4. Did anyone else catch her MSD Ellana in her Insta stories the other day?
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    5. Angela enjoying the summer.
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    6. I am new to lilycat, and wondering other than her website, where is a good place to get small eyes and clothes? I have Amy. Thanks in advance!
    7. There's been quite a bit of information mentioned in this thread. Short version: try searching for "Lillycat mini" on Etsy (with both L's), because there are quite a few shops that sell clothes fitted for them. Clothes for Doll Chateau Kid have worked well for me, and so have a lot of Minifee/Unoa clothes. Slim-mini shoes are perfect. For tiny eyes, again, try Etsy -- there are several sellers who offer 8mm and 10mm eyes, including All That Glitters and CandyWorld.

      Wow, does Lillycat sell clothes and eyes? I thought I'd poked around every nook and cranny on her site, but I've missed those!
    8. I just put my last payment in for Deavon and I'm so excited, guys ;0; I've been sketching up a storm and working on her bio/backstory for months and now it's finally time!! Aaaahhhh!!!
    9. @softnecromancy Congrats! I just gotta wait on my next paycheck and I’ll be finishing off my girl’s layaway too. :aheartbea I’m super excited to bring my Deavon home too. :) I’m reshelling one of my characters (currently a Fairyland MNF Celine) into her.
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    10. I’ve paid off my Deavon too. Can’t wait for her arrival :dance Need to start shopping though as she’s my first msd.
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    11. Congrats, y'all!!! We'll all be doing happy dances with Deavon soon. Speaking of which, does anyone know how quickly Lillycat tends to ship things out, and what shipping times look like to the US?
    12. I also just finished paying off my Deavon! :dance

      But it looks like she will be having an in-stock sale of Charly MSDs soon, so I may be finding myself on her layaway list once again.... possibly....
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    13. Looks like Lilas and Millie also in the video. All in normal PNS resin?

      If there's a Charly in a darker skin though, my wallet is in trouble

      If anyone wants to know/see Charly or the current body ver. before buying, let me know. I have one of the LDolls pink PNS she had for sale!
    14. I would love to see more pictures of Charly and the current body version!
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    15. Hi all :D I’ve been pondering about getting a lillycat for awhile and decided its finally time to get one. I’m trying to find out about her preorders. Might be because I’m trying to find it on my phone, but I can’t find much info about them and hoping someone might help me out. Where do you find out about her orders/when they are open? :nowords:
    16. It is best to follow her on Instagram. She is lillycat.doll.
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    17. Yes! Do sign up for her newsletter!
    18. And it's worth checking the Marketplace occasionally! I just bought an Ombre with a unique faceup!