Cerisedolls Mini Discussion part 3

Feb 5, 2016

    1. I hope it’s ok to post another pic so soon.

      Naima my blue Ninon.

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    2. She is beautiful, I really like how the corset sits on her
    3. Thank you!

      It’s a minifee corset but it fits her like a dream!
    4. Oo, does she have classic body? I have Kittie Jolie on her original body, not classic, and barbie sized tops fit her, I wonder if classic body is bigger in the chest?
    5. No it’s actually smaller. Barbie tops fit her too.
    6. Does anyone have a 40cm Lilas pictures?
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    7. I love this mold: Cerisedolls Ninon.
      And this is mine!


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    8. Hi! Here is my sweet Ninon by Lillycat!
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    9. She is absolutely beautiful!
      I love her eyes with this skin tone!
    10. Thank you! I opened a great world of Lillycat's Dolls. Now I am dreaming about Amy in Caramel!
    11. I hope you to find one when you will have money!! Cross my fingers!
    12. I wish that Rochelle could open a new pre-order. I keep my fingers crossed!))
    13. She is beautiful!
    14. I changed her style. And I am in love)
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    15. She is lovely! That is a great wig! May I ask wear you got it?
    16. @Lerrons - I'm in love, too. :love That wig suits her perfectly.
    17. Is it possible to be more beautiful? :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea
    18. I don't think so -- my Deavon is the most beautiful doll I've ever seen. It's partly the nose, just a little bit longer than average, and with a small bump. Plus the beautiful molding of the head, the lips ... I could go on.
    19. The noses Lillycat goes with for her sculpts are just...love. I adore them so much. It’s a nice change of pace from the usual button noses or the more euro-centric standard pretty nose you see on a lot of female sculpts.

      I’m not sure if I shared this last pic I took of my girl Valkyrie, but here she was after I curled her hair some.


      Still love her tons, though I haven’t taken much time lately to do a lot with my dolls. xD; Really need to get more clothes for this girl and her man.

      PS - Her arms are wired, thus how she can lift her arm like that. :lol:
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