changes for the season

Sep 10, 2016

    1. Where I live in California the weather hardly changes. It's not uncommon to see people wearing shorts during the winters since the usual temperature around here is 68-80 degrees Fahrenheit (about 20-27 Celsius).

      I also don't have enough clothes for all of my dolls to wear different clothes per season. Most of my dolls go on for long periods of time wearing the same outfit because I like to see them dressed in that specific outfit.
    2. Haha, I understand. Then it's the other way around. Do you feel sorry for them wearing long sweaters and coats when it's very hot?
    3. I feel guilty seeing Danielle's bare feet this time of year - but then I have to remind myself her shoes cost same as mine, and I actually NEED some winter boots :whee:
    4. I like to match them with the season for sure! I feel bad if they don't look comfortable, even though I know really that they can't feel it. It also makes me feel colder/hotter if I see them in the wrong seasons clothing! xD
    5. I'm considering this. I think it'd be cute to have 2-3 outfits for every season!
    6. I try to match clothes to the seasons, although my girls seem to end up in fancy dresses no matter the season.
    7. Sorry, I started a topic on this and didn't know it already existed. So it's moved to here now.
      Thats why the text looks a bit weird ;)
    8. I'd like all my dolls to have seasonal clothes, but most don't. I sew clothes for them, so I should make them more!
    9. This will be my first year with a doll but I did notice that from getting him in December last year, I made summer clothes during summer, now its going into Winter again hes back to the winter clothes I made for him originally hehe :)
    10. I tend to dress at least one of my dolls in a fall or winter outfit and take pictures, but having different outfits for each doll for each season would just be too much work for me :3
    11. I'm not going to lie. When the seasons change I treat my dolls like I would a group of children. I dress them like they can feel the cold or the heat, even though I know darn good and well they can't. I don't have pictures of winter clothes yet because I just changed my resin kids, but I definitely do change their outfits as the seasons change.

      *SPRING: During the spring my boys get t-shirts and jeans, while my girls wear whatever I'm in the mood to put them in (light dresses, jeans, leggings, t-shirts, blouses, you name it). Pastels start making appearances, especially around Easter.
      *SUMMER: In the summer I dress them all in yukata. Sometimes I also dress the girls in white, though I don't have much white stuff. Jeans and t-shirts are still seen fairly often, and sometimes I even let my crew run around in pajamas!
      *FALL: Fall is pretty much the same as spring, though I change the color schemes a bit. I tend to dress my dolls in greens, yellows, and earth tones during the fall. When Halloween and Day of the Dead arrive I trot out the jack-o-lantern and skull-printed clothes. As fall deepens I slowly add more sweaters and build layers.
      *WINTER: When wintertime comes I put the boys in cardigans, heavier jeans, and long-sleeved shirts, and the girls in heavier dresses and leggings. Both sexes wear hats of various styles; usually it's sock hats but Johanna does have a cloche that she likes. Coats, cloaks, and knitwear of varying colors start appearing. Winter is also the season where I project myself onto my dolls the most. I hate winter and I do everything I can to brighten the season up. Thus the winter pieces I have picked for my dolls are very colorful.
    12. I really don't change my dolls for the seasons. I usually dress them in an outfit that I really like and rarely change it unless I get bored with it later on. I do change the outfits when I take photos though. I just have too many to change all their outfits with every season.
    13. I absolutely do this. I'm still building their wardrobes though, and the weather here hasn't really been cooperative with picture taking outside.
    14. I live in GA so it's often hot/warm well into late September so my dolls mostly have clothes suitable for the warmer weather. Shorts, mini skirts, short sleeved tops but when the weather gets colder out I do like to change them into more appropriate attire. I have a little Volks poncho that I love taking out every year.
    15. Sometimes I change them up for a holiday, but I think Pete spent all fall and winter in short shorts... and I know he spent all winter at least in a crop top. I sometimes get the idea to change them seasonally and do photoshoots, and I always forget to, or something else comes up and Billy will stay in his pajamas and Pete will wear something completely inappropriate...
    16. I think changing up for Halloween with crazy wigs and eyes will be fun. I'm still working to get everyone into one nice styling that I really like but I'd like at least my Lusis to eventually have a 4-season wardrobe using creative pieces and layers. A pretty coat and a velvet winter holiday dress too! Goals.
    17. It's a really great idea. I'd love to have a full rotating wardrobe for my crew. Alas, I can only just sort of manage this for one doll, my LittleFee Dark Elf Soo. She changes outfits quite often, and I usually try to keep her in tune with the seasons. This winter, she had a fur stole she wouldn't let out of her sight!
    18. I don't have much in the way of winter wear, but I try to have my girls wear it when it's appropriate. I have plenty of good weather clothes. In the summer, I have plenty of swimsuits for them to wear.
    19. I definitely do! When it's spring/summer, everyone gets changed into t-shirts and shorts, and in fall/winter they get their pants and long sleeve shirts/hoodies back. :)
    20. No I don't, considering we only have one season here LOL. I usually only change their look when I feel like they need a change. :)