changes for the season

Sep 10, 2016

    1. I think I will be changing my dolls' to more autumn/winter appropriate clothing. I love autumn so it makes me happy to kind of binge on it and fill everything with autumn-ness.
    2. i think it's cute to give them seasonal outfits! i can't wait to put mine in sweaters and cozy stuff once it gets cold again
    3. I've tried before but now I'm too lazy. I might change them around fall/winter because I'll feel bad that they aren't wearing warmer clothing.... Otherwise I just dress them in their personal clothing styles when I feel they need an outfit change :XD:
    4. Where I'm from, there's only sunshine or rain. I haven't seen yellow rubber boots made for bjds yet.

      But, it's still nice to follow certain festivities.. like Halloween, or Christmas.
    5. Our local meetup group tries to have themes each month which helps me stay seasonal with the dollies, at least those that get out of the house with me.
    6. Oh, man, once I actually get a job this is the first doll-related thing I'm going to do! I love being in touch with the seasons (I remember how hard it was to wait for strawberry season, or Christmas when I was a kid, and how happy I was when those times finally arrived), and it only makes sense that my dolls should follow suit. Even if they're dressed in, say, traditional Chinese outfits. White fluffy scarves for everyone!

      ...What do you mean it's almost summer?
    7. Hello!
      I have another question for you.
      I dress my Dolls for the current season.
      For example, The Sweaters only in winter, t-shirts only in the summer...
      And you? I’m curious:kitty2
    8. I love the concept but I don't have enough different outfits for each one to be able to pull it off just yet :sweat after I've spent more time collecting clothes for everyone definitely though!
    9. I do it - I've enough outfits :D
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    10. I sometimes try to dress them per the season, but I just love hoodies/sweaters on my dolls while they are being displayed! I definitely try to match the season if I'm taking photos of a particular doll though! :D
    11. It's my aim for them but I don't always get aorund to doing it (with over 50 of them, it takes a while), sometimes it's a matter of adding or removing an element or two rather than changing the whole outfit (add tights, closed-in shoes, and a cardigan to dress to go from Summer to Autumn, for example, then swap out the "summer" dress for something warmer when Winter comes around, or add warmer elements like a flannel pettiocoat).

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    12. Most of the time, I'm too lazy to change their clothes ...
    13. I love seasonal and Holiday clothing!!! I'm already prepping for Halloween and fall. My workplace started selling our fall/Halloween stuff so I'm buying everything I want before it's sold out. I can't wait for sweaters and stockings.

      I'm not AS excited for winter since i have no idea how to make coats, jackets, etc. But I will certainly be buying lots of winter prints. My friend group does Yule, so I may try to find fabrics or clothes more in line with that holiday.
    14. I love changing clothes with each season! My dolls have clothes to wear in each season, not so much for the holidays though (I have Christmas' hats, but that's all).
    15. I have a goal to make them an outfit for each season, a fancy dress up outfit and a fantasy outfit. So far they have pajamas, Lele has one daily outfit, Ruby has a gorgeous party dress and a couple of outfits I bought on Ebay. I have an outfit planned for her and have the material. Now I need to get busy and make it.
    16. It sounds interesting to change their clothes for the season! ^^ Unfortunately, we have no season here (aside from hot and very hot or wet and wetter ._.). I do have a fake flower display that I sometimes change for the season, like sakura for March to May and maple leaves for October to November, then I photograph my dolls with that as a backdrop. :)
    17. Well, I've purchased my first coat pattern! I don't have any instructions but I think I know which pieces go where, roughly? My girl is gonna look soooo cute for fall!
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    18. I like the idea of changing clothes with the seasons, so I would probably do it.
    19. Lovely stuff - and orange is a neutral colour that goes with everything...

    20. I love doing this! I made a little witch costume last year for Halloween, and for Christmas this year I have plans to make a festive dress with an emerald green cloak.

      And definitely the clothes she wears change with the seasons. Last year was odd because I only owned hoodies for her, so she wore hoodies all summer. This year I got shorts and short sleeved shirts.

      I also want to get her a rain coat and umbrella in the future.

      Changing seasons add spice to photoshoots and wardrobe!