changes for the season

Sep 10, 2016

    1. I rotate all my dolls' clothes by season, unless I have a special occasion. It helps me keep my focus on the dolls I already have, and to appreciate doing things with them like photoshoots.
      I try to have one outfit per season per doll (I've got 11 so that's a lot) but I'm usually diligent about changing, and doing a seasonal photo session per doll if my time allows.
    2. This is my goal. I would like several outfits for each that I can switch out from time to time.
    3. I change their clothes often but sadly my tropical island only 1 season! LOL
    4. Im in Hawaii. We have 1 season too. Summer all year round lol
    5. I want to change their outfits for the seasons, but I can't really afford that.
    6. It's such a nice idea! I currently just have warm ish outfits so I should definitely try making my doll some summer ones. :D
    7. Strange question, but I’m going to change my dolls as the weather gets warmer. Do you change your dolls according to the seasons or do you keep them in a specific outfit all year round? I know some collectors have dolls they won’t change or touch, just do touch ups so I’m curious! Also, please feel free to show me how you’re transitioning your beautiful dolls to this weather! :blush
    8. I absolutely do! All of my boys have seasonal clothes. I play with at least one of mine everyday so it just naturally happens.
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    9. I think it would be fun, but I definitely do not have enough clothing for all my dolls to do this :lol:
      Only one of my dolls has wintery clothing but I often forget to change her into them. I feel like she could do with some winter boots to complete the look!
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    10. My collection has grown considerably over the winter, but previously we have changed their outfits to fit the months/holidays. As of right now though, they may all just stay as they are until I can get the sewing room back in order to make a few more outfits. Gotta cover all the naked dollies first before I start worrying about what everyone is wearing.
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    11. Ooo I have a fun one for this! I haven't made any of it yet, but I have a fox girl that will change with seasons quite drastically. Since arctic foxes change their fur with the seasons, she is going to change her ear, tail and hair color with the seasons. I haven't quite decided on the exact coloring for summer or fall, but spring she will be electric blue, lilac purple and soft pink, then winter she is going to be white and blue. Gonna be adorable and gorgeous when I finally get it all made.
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    12. I change my dolls' clothes every season. Maybe more often.
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    13. I change my dolls somewhat often, but when it is cooler they dress warmer and vice versa. I can't put my dolls in summer stuff if it is cold, I look at them and it makes ME cold! It is the same way with wearing long sleeves or heavier things when it is hot out, I look at them and it makes me feel like I am sweating. I know they are dolls and can't feel it, but that is just how it is for me.
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    14. This sounds like such a cute idea! However, I have a very limited amount of clothes at the moment. Time to make a trip to Joanns! :lol:
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    15. Yes, most of My Crew that have an actual wardrobe will have their outfits changed to reflect the weather. :3nodding:

      Right now, its late spring, but (probably due to climate change), its still kind of chilly here.:shudder

      I took a quick pic of Nittle Grasper still in spring clothes, but once it warms up,:cool: I'm going to be changing their outfits, as well as most of My Crew's outfits.

      From L to R: Noriko, Ryuichi with Kumagorou on his lap and Tohma with Birb on his lap.

      Nittle Grasper in late springtime
      by Ryuichi Sakuma, on Flickr