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Rule Update Changes to the criteria for on-topic dolls

Aug 1, 2016

    1. Hello everyone! We have some exciting new changes for DoA!

      Changes to the Criteria

      We've updated the criteria for doll inclusion:
      • Dolls are no longer required to be humanoid. Animal dolls are now on topic as long as they meet all the requirements.
      • Fashion, baby, and life-sized dolls are now on topic as long as they meet all the requirements.
      • Sculpted hair is allowed as long as it does not interfere with the head's movement.
      • Dolls must still be suitable for nude display, however feet with sculpted shoes are allowed.
      • There are no exceptions for optional parts. It is now possible for individual bodies or parts to be off topic.
      These are just highlights; please read the full post to read the full changes. These new rules go into effect today!

      Updates to the Off-topic Doll List

      All dolls that were on topic before will remain on topic. Some previously off-topic dolls are on topic now – you can see some of them here:
      • Aileen Doll Ashes and other adult dragons
      • Baby Supia
      • Bianca Cyborg Version
      • Bimong Shahti
      • Camellia Dynasty Bean/Bean Jr. (rabbit), Wong (cat), Ling (fox)
      • Camellia Dynasty Sage and Thyme (horses)
      • Cocoriang Peppi
      • Coco Tribe Amber Line
      • Cuartos Mobius and Lell (dragon)
      • Cuartos Darkhorn (version with changeable eyes)
      • Dawn D'onofrio Raven
      • DBDoll Ninan
      • Dikadoll Mianmian (cat)
      • Doll Chateau Carol and Leticia
      • Doll Chateau Madeline and Katherine
      • Doll Chateau Russell
      • Doll In Mind DIM Sweet line dolls with girl body
      • Doll Leaves Lulu (deer)
      • Dollzone Angela
      • Dollzone Big Dipper
      • Dollzone Coral and Eudora
      • Dollzone Dale
      • Dollzone Elephant and Dog
      • Dollzone Pag/Olga (bats)
      • Dollzone Scorpio
      • D-Storic IZI
      • EveTheCat 5cm/10cm Cat (resin version; 3-printed ones are off topic.)
      • Fairyland Hippogriff
      • Goodreau animals (8” and 5”)
      • Iplehouse Pet Doll cat/dog/panther
      • La Maison de ces Garcons Ostin babies
      • Leekeworld Little Bird doll with human/mermaid body (bird body is off topic)
      • Loongsoul Dragon Doggy
      • Lumedoll Zero
      • Luts Zuzu Animal line
      • Mushroom Peddler Sir Octavius Von Tentacle
      • Mushroom Peddler Wonderlings and Mini-Wonderlings
      • Nympheas Dolls Chouchou and Chou
      • Nympheas Dolls Fanny
      • Soom Humpty Dumpty
      • Soom Nappy Choo
      • Soom Zard (dragon)
      • Souldoll Gray
      • Tendres de Chimère Krikrill
      • Tendres de Chimère Zouïe, Al'vin, Sharkhüt-Aïe, Nya (fish)

      We have updated the off-topic doll list. If a doll is on this list, that means that it is still off topic.

      Changes in the Marketplace
      On-topic animal BJDs can be bought, sold, and traded in the Large Dolls, Mini Dolls, and Tiny Dolls sections of the Marketplace.

      Since many animal BJDs are now on topic, off-topic companion BJDs are no longer allowed in the Props & Miscellany Marketplace. Some items are considered props and allowed in the Props & Miscellany Marketplace if they are minimally jointed and do not have jointed arms or legs.

      • Aimerai QT Pets that are unjointed
      • Angell Studio Little Mouse
      • Doll Chateau Faramita
      • Dollpamm Nyanko
      • Dollzone Gugu and Lulu
      • Dollzone Little Bean
      • Domuya Bat
      • Elfdoll Seedlings (Sissy 1, 2 & 3)
      • Gem of Doll Tiny Pets
      • PeaksWoods Monthly Fairy dolls on non-jointed body

      Note that these props are still off topic as dolls, and cannot be the main focus of a thread, post or doll profile.

      By changing and broadening our criteria requirements for on-topic dolls, we hope that many of you will be able to share some of your dolls here, that you weren't able to before. Happy posting!
      #1 DoA Mod Squad, Aug 1, 2016
      Last edited by a moderator: Sep 10, 2017
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    2. I am sure this decision will be enjoyed by many :thumbup
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    3. Brilliant change! :D
    4. This is awesome!!!! <3<3<3<3
    5. Oh neat! 'Looks like most of my "off-topic menagerie" isn't so off-topic anymore. :lol:
    6. Excellent! Wonderful news -- this will make shopping and posting so much nicer!

      One question -- are both editions of Bimong Shahti now on-topic? They have jointed wrists/elbows/shoulders/hips/knees/ankles, are cast in resin, have changeable eyes and wigs, are proportionately-sculpted, and are made by a well-known Asian doll artist (Bimong, who created Narin and Narae.)



      Previously, I had been told that the first edition (wearing a black non-default wig in the photo) was on-topic, but the second edition (which basically just has different makeup and a slight variation in skintone) was off-topic, because the mods at the time felt like she was being "marketed" as a fashion doll.

      It looks like they meet all the current criteria -- can you please confirm?

      Thanks so much!

      -- Andi <3
    7. @Ashbet We'll discuss it and I will post back here with an answer.
    8. I am so thrilled with this new criteria decision :thumbup
      When I read the list and saw some of mine had now been included I Squee'd everywhere !!!!
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    9. Thank you!!

      In the meanwhile, happy that my Iple Panther and some of my other dolls are now on-topic ^_^

    10. Ooh! I'm excited to see pictures of cute animal dolls from now on! :XD:
    11. Yay! I'm so happy to be able to share my Nympheas Dolls Fanny here now.
    12. I'm loving that change! A little question though, if I may.

      Does that mean off-topic ones can't have any joints in their arms/legs to be sold on the marketplace, or that they can't have elbow/knee and wrist/ankle joints? I'm thinking of Sakura & Paper bunnies and HoCA Panguin, for example. Those have joints connecting the bodies to the legs (or feet and wings in the case of the penguin), but the legs themselves aren't jointed. Just making sure!
    13. @Yuns For an item to be sold as a prop in the Marketplace, it can't have movable legs or arms at all. The HoCA Panguin could not be sold as a prop since it has the joint where the legs meet the body. (I will have to see if it could be on topic as a doll.)

      For Sakura & Paper, it depends on the specific bunny. Yuki can be sold as a prop since it doesn't have arms or legs. The rabbits or hamsters that have movable arms or legs cannot be sold in the Marketplace.
    14. Thank you for the clarification! I can't say I like that part of the changes, haha. But it is good to know for sure regardless!
    15. YOU HAVE THAT PANTHER?! :aeyepop: Please, please, PLEASE post pics! :kitty1
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    16. Yeee-essss, my Iplehouse Bianca Cyborg is finally on topic! As someone who loves collecting robot-themed BJD's and has always appreciated animal BJDs, I am overjoyed at the topicality changes that have been made throughout the years of DoA, this one being no exception!
    17. Awesome, my Darkhorn and Big Dipper and allowed now! :D
    18. Yay so glad that my scorpio is now on topic!
    19. I appreciate that you have considered changing the criteria! I was crestfallen when I figured out DC Katherine was off-topic. I am so glad I can add her to my list!
    20. Awesome news about the animal and fashion dolls now being on-topic!