Rule Update Changes to the criteria for on-topic dolls

Aug 1, 2016

    1. @Ashbet Bimong Shahti is on topic. :)
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    2. Glad to hear it. ^_^ Thank you for this!
    3. Hey I think this leaves me with only one off-topic doll! That's awesome! :D
    4. This is really great!

      Would the luts fortune delfs be considered props then?
    5. @rianne Luts Fortune Delfs have shoulder joints, so they would not be considered props. For an item to be considered a prop, the arms and legs cannot move at all.
    6. I don't know if this has been discussed before but if I have a resin head (dollmore Mona) and I put her on a jointed on-topic body she becomes on-topic? thanks :)
    7. @MarshMellina Dollmore Mona would still be off-topic, even if the head were on an on-topic body.
    8. Yay! That's amazing news! I do have some very off-topic dolls, that are porcelain, but (!) I am excited for all the new doll pictures! :)
    9. I have a Dearmine Picasso Bean and a few Aileen doll dragons would they be considered on topic?
    10. @clangdon The Aileendoll dragons are on-topic! c:
    11. I'm so happy the dragons are on topic! I've been dying for a place to discuss them :)
    12. Dearmine dolls are still off topic? I'm so glad that the Aileen dragons are finally on topic:dance
    13. Dearmine Beans are on topic. (I think they were on topic before too.)

      The adult Aileendoll dragons are on topic, but the baby pico ones are off topic.

      @Agnia You can always share off-topic dolls in Brigadoon.

      @Yuns HocA Panguin is on topic. :)
    14. Wonderful, thank you very much! I look forward to sharing my Panguin with the forum. :celebrate
    15. Good changes, thank you!
    16. So there is no nowhere where we can buy and sell Aileen Dragon dolls and other off topic companion pets??
    17. Are Hujoo dolls now allowed or are they still off topic?
    18. The adult Aileen dragons are on topic and you can buy or sell them in the Marketplace. Most on-topic animals will probably end up in the Marketplace section for tiny dolls. There is not a place to buy off-topic dolls on DoA.

      @Whitestag The Hujoo ABS plastic dolls are still off topic. I believe there are some resin Hujoo dolls that are on topic.
    19. A few months ago I "asked the moderators" if Impldoll Jozo was on-topic and at that time he wasn't because of his armored body. Is he acceptable now? I don't see him on any of the lists.