Rule Update Changes to the criteria for on-topic dolls

Aug 1, 2016

    1. @phanuel I will check and get back to you.
    2. Could you tell me please if the 25 cm Hujoo resin dolls Kesha, Lily and Mari on topic.

      Also, was it ever decided if the Beju dolls Aadi, Bijan, and Leeann are on topic.
    3. @Aeilia The resin versions of Hujoo Kesha, Lily and Mari are on topic. I will check about the Beju dolls.
    4. Thank you so much! I'm glad to hear that Kesha is on topic.
    5. Thank you, mods.
    6. Thank you.
    7. Good news, support characters play important roles. :)
    8. so are companion animal props that are 100% un-jointed non allowed anymore?
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    9. @phanuel Sorry for not answering your question; I'll have an answer for you soon.

      @Bears Resin animal props that are 100% unjointed are off topic; they have never been on topic. However, they may be shown with on-topic dolls and can be sold in the Props marketplace.
    10. Question for mods regarding on-topic animal BJDs. How do we know which section of the marketplace they should be placed in or to search when looking for potential buys? I understand the move in regards to jointing, but would they all be based on size now so most would be found in the tinies section I imagine? Would it make more sense for them to have their own section under the BJD marketplace instead of amongst SD, minis and tinies by possibly adding a section marked animals and creatures?

      Also thank you so much for the all the work you do and these great changes! My hippogriffs are certainly going to be pleased when they get home to know they are on-topic!
    11. @Meggethann I understand it's hard to know where they should go. We often say '1/3' or '1/6' but a lot of times the larger dolls are the same scale as the smaller ones, they just represent different ages.

      However it's also hard to separate creatures out from the rest when some share body parts with other dolls. Even if there were a separate section, would you put a hippogriff there if you were selling it with the human parts? Sometimes it's a fine line between whether something's an animal doll or an anthro. We tried separating anthros before and it didn't go well.

      So for now, please use the current Marketplace structure, but we'll keep an eye on it and may reevaluate that if necessary.
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    12. That makes sense. Hadn't thought about people selling them with the human parts. If I have learned anything with this hobby yet, is I'm always learning. Haha. Never easy to keep anything straight. But that completely makes sense. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question!
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    13. This is awesome!!!!
    14. @phanuel The reptile dolls are on topic. :)
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    15. Thank you, Leif will be pleased.
    16. Oh, this is exciting! :D

      Are La Legende De Temps Puzzelfs now on-topic? I think they had been off-topic prior to this due to the sculpted shoes-feet...
    17. @Eldurwen Yes, the LLdT Puzzelfs are On Topic.
    18. Is Eryn from quadrigadolls On topic?
      Here are pics of him from the artist.

      Mea's BJD Salon