Rule Update Changes to the criteria for on-topic dolls

Aug 1, 2016

    1. Thank you for the update. My Camellia Dynasty cat and fox are on topic now. :)
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    2. Thanks for the info. He arrived 2 days ago. Then i will share pictures
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    3. Hi! I was wondering if doll leaves Cherry and Milk (baby's) are also on topic now?

      Can someone answer my question please? I don't know if i can post her pics now or don't...
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    4. @Choji – Doll Leaves Cherry and Milk are on topic.
    5. @Dezarii thank you so much. I'm very happy about that!
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    6. Totally Delightful, THANK you!
    7. Quick question : with Hujoo dolls , some have a resin head and an ABS body so does that make them on or off topic ??
    8. There are some 100% resin Hujoo dolls that are on topic, but dolls with an ABS body are off topic even if the head is resin.
    9. I see (and understand why) Aimerai QT pets are still off-topic, but how about the QT Flying Series's unicorns Miss Luna, Nana Baby, Princess Daisy, and Bonnie Melody?

      Thanks in advance for the clarification!
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    10. I am really happy with this update.
    11. I had the same question and got an answer that they are on topic. :) I know you had posted this comment months ago, but thought I'd offer up an answer if you didn't have one yet. I have all except Nana baby, so I'm excited to get their blushing done and posted. :D
    12. Thank you!
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    13. @phanuel - this came up recently - the site is no longer in existence, but it appears that Hujoo is producing the chameleon, gecko and frilled-lizard resin dolls now. They're even using the SAME photos that Reptile Doll was using in the past!
    14. @hobbywhelmed , Okay, good to know.
      [By the way, I sent an Ask the Moderators query awhile ago and haven't heard back yet. Do you know if the Conarium Hare/Rabbit is on-topic?] Got my answer.
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