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Character Dolls (based on fictional or other preexisting characters)

Aug 2, 2006

  1. Yes! I have one or more character doll/s!

  2. No, but I have serious plans to someday!

  3. No, and I have no plans or desire to.

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    1. I don't think I could have a character doll, because I get bored with various fandoms very quickly. I usual obsess over one anime for a month or two and then I go onto something else. So if I did make a character doll, I'd probably get bored of it quickly and not play with it. The only exception to the rule is Weiss Kruze, but I have no real plans to make Weiss dolls. Maybe a cosplay.....
    2. Most people will say that you are being more creative and original with your own characters, which is something I don't really believe. Nothing in fiction is ever truly original. *shrugs*

      For me personally, it's much more challenging and interesting for me to try and understand someone else's characters and to write and draw them convincingly. My own characters? I already know everything there is to know about them. There's no mystery and I have complete control over their actions. I'm forced to work with fewer pieces of the puzzle and to create my own ideas about the motivations behind actions, to see if I can write dialogue that matches the original's tone, etc etc when I do fanworks. A lot more guesswork and debate, and that's the sort of thing I like.

      My only doll with a character of my own creation is my May boy, Natsume, and he's not something I ever feel the need to write about and photographing him is pretty simple. I put a lot more thought and effort into my character dolls.
    3. I think I'm one of the worst, when it comes to 'character' dolls. I don't really write fanfiction, as I prefer to write in my own original worlds. But I like having my character dolls. Mine are all Harry Potter based (obviouslly). But the thing is they are my own version/interpretation of the characters. I don't play with them or see them as JK's characters, and I don't make them stick to canon either.

      Some people have their dolls 'cosplay' as various characters. Mine also 'cosplay' as various 'styles' of dolls/outfits. My Hermione is 'Hermione', but she's also my Sweet Lolita outfit wearing girl. Lucius is my 'victorian' clothing doll. Narcissa is a total barbie doll (she wants far to many clothes and they have to be cute and pink). Snape is the only one who refuses to wear anything but his 'canon' outfit, but then he's taken on the character of Snape so completely it's scary. Sure he's a softer younger emo version of Snape, but see in my version of the HP world it works.

      I think about the 'characters' I have in my own worlds, and just can't bring myself to create them into dolls. They are not meant to be created/played with in that manner, atleast for me.

    4. Of course. Both my boys are anime characters. And I love them to bits. <3
    5. Three of mine are named based on characters I really like from favorite shows. One is named based off of a favored song. The three based on shows really bear no resemblance to those characters personality-wise or in the way they dress. My girl named after a song is very much like the personality of the girl in the song.
    6. Heh... well I guess the guy with the red hair, red kimono, gray hakama and cross-shaped scar qualifies as a character doll :) And so does the purple haired chimera (currently in round 2 of re-vamping).

      While I absolutely understand why it would not be something most people would get into, Kenshin Himura and Zelgadis Graywords are two pre-existing characters whose representations in both manga and anime moved me in ways I can't even begin to describe. When I found molds that fit these men perfectly, there was just no question that they would be character dolls.

      I probably would never have gotten an SD-sized doll if not for the Red looking exactly like my poster of Kenshin. Of course, having gotten one of the big boys, and then two, it was completely over. Most of my dolls are just -- themselves. A couple of them are loosely based on other anime characters (like Mello) but I'm not married to that.

      Whatever floats your boat, you know? :)
    7. Not yet owning a doll but someday, I am planning to purchase a versatile BJD mold and transform him to any anime/manga based character I want. :)
    8. I love cosplaying my dolls, but I don't really make my dolls the actual character because I want to keep them versatile. But they often remind me of specific characters too.
    9. i take inspiration from characters who exist, or their names may have referance...but never truly are they an existing character.

      i think it can look cool if people do this but i would rather be a little more original. i wouldnt mind cosplaying them though!
    10. The doll I have and the doll I plan to get are both based on characters from a story I'm writing. :3 I find it fun to have them in a tangible form that I can experiment with. It's oddly inspiring and gives them more personality than they would have usually.

      But most of all those two characters are very dear to me so it's lovely to have them in a huggable, permanent form outside my imagination and the paper they live on.
    11. I don't know if this counts but I know I bought the Scarface Cecile because I loved his story :aheartbea It's hard sometimes making him into my Absinthe, because he wants to stay Cecile so much XD But I'm getting used to the idea and so is he ;p I still like him as Cecile though, especially since khiro is getting a Reisner from Volks soon and they'll be re-united brothers~ xD
    12. It's a hard choice for me.. Because I'm one of those people who have an alarming amount of characters running around in their head.

      But I'm semi-planning on one day owning a Luts Soony and making her into Rainie Yang's Character (Qi Yue) from, "Devil Beside You".

      But it all depends on the future. ^^
    13. I have a senior delf abandon that's loosely based on Voldemort from the harry potter universe. But he most definitely has been adjusted to fit in style wise with the rest of my ABJD and streamlined to my storyline.

    14. I just wanted to say that I think this was written so wonderfully and the concept so interesting...that I wanted to comment xD This actually really did make me think, and while I'm pretty sure I personally would never be interested in character dolls, this idea sounds just a little bit...different. I'm almost positive I have my doll family already all planned to end at 4 ( 5 at the most given the circumstances of one character's story ) but using this idea makes for some very interesting fantasy plans for four boys that would be tecnnically called 'character dolls' but in the end, not really at all x3
    15. Vin was based off Vincent from Final Fantasy 7... but... he kind of developed into a completely different thing when he got here.

      Not to say I won't get a Vincent cosplay done for him some day >3
    16. I can't see myself ever making a character doll, just because I'm pretty flighty and I'm afraid at some later point, I would lose interest in the original character and therefore the doll meant to represent them. Besides, I enjoy the surprise of what personality my dolls end up having after being completed.

      ...Having said that, part of me would love to make dolls based upon Xelloss and Zelgadiss from Slayers. :sweat They're two of my absolute favorite characters, and have endured through the years.
    17. I do plan to have dolls of Kunzite, Zoisite and Tseng of the turks, but other than them, no one else really. I like the idea of having some of my favorite characters living in my house with me but, I would be limited on creativity if that's all I did. I'm all for character dolls, but I'm also all for individual creativity:) .
    18. I have a doll who's loosely based on the character Fiona in "The Secret of Roan Inish", my soulkid Tiffee.
      It's been hard to find vintagey-looking clothes for her though, so yeah. Loosely based ^_~

      Oh oops I kinda have two more, now that I think of it...

      My Lati Laches is a Soot Sprite from Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away, and my human Kkotmu always reminds me of Astrid Lindgren's Pippi Longstocking. She's not lighthearted like Pippi, but she sure looks like her!!! XD

    19. My IH Soo Ri is an older Shindou Shuichi from Gravitation.
      My DM Model Doll Haneol Moon is an older Yuki Eiri from Gravitation.

      My DM Elf Elly Lime is a conjured tiny otherworld yokai Shuichi from Gravitation.
      My DM Elf Elly Banji is a conjured tiny otherworld yokai Eiri from Gravitation.

      My CP Luts Minifee Shiwoo Elf is Shindo, an alternate universe elf based on Shuichi from Gravitation.
      The DOD DOC Hoo planned for the end of the year will be Yuki, an an alternate universe elf hunter based on Eiri from Gravitation.

      I had to have the two main Gravi characters in the three main sizes, partly because the large Eiri took so long to find the perfect sculpt for him. I was getting so frustrated, I looked for alternative sizes to fit the character and decided to get the characters in three different sizes with slightly different personalities and universes.

      Yes, I write and draw in the universe, and now I photograph the universe, too.
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    20. haha i wasnt going to answer this, but i brainfarted on my recently ordered laches. she's going to be Risky (omishi magical theater) and, sometime next year hopefully, i'll order pury so i can have Safety as well! :D