Claudette- Rubinesque Beauty

Dec 16, 2016

    1. Got my Claudette today! :sumomo:

      She's lovely - a few tiny faults on her head, but body is perfect except for a BROKEN FINGER :...( (Arwen is sorting this out with mirodoll now) But she is perfectly strung out of the box! Lovely shade of 'pink' resin too - my camera hasn't caught it exactly but it's very nice. Having tried wigs on her, she has a very low forehead, which makes it a bit tricky - Plus of course I need some decent eyes for her now, these are just some acrylics I had lying about - they are 18mm I think a bit big. I think her eye sockets are a bit high up in the face though, which is why she has a small forehead - the head is a good size for the doll otherwise.

      I had no clothes for her - so I thought! In the dolls clothes box I found an antique set of doll's 'combinations', which fit her perfectly - buttoned up the back and all! Amazing - so she is at least decent. Then she decided she wanted antique style ringlets too - as dolls do defy any plans we make LOL - I'm not sure though I think I prefer the short wig?

      [​IMG]box11 by elve, on Flickr
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    2. CONGRATS!!!!!!!! YAY! I am still waiting for mine, but she looks great!! I like the longer haired wig, personally, but she's cute in either. Glad you have clothed for her! I have nooo idea what mine will be in.
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    3. thanks chalyss :D just wish I could magically lower her eyes to further down her cheeks - about half way down her nose would be good I think. Here's a bit of a lousy photo of her with my other dolls, in the gloom of the doll cupboard (no dusting yay!) to give an idea of her size - she measured about 55cm/ 21 and a half inches when standing. She's a heavy girl and yes as you commented on flickr, the packaging was WOEFULLY inadequate - quite shocking for such an expensive doll. The normal mirodolls are better packed with their padded bags - no such luxury for this one.

      [​IMG]box10 by elve, on Flickr
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    4. Yeah, that packing was really a shocker.... wth? I know she's too big for their green bags, but still! How does she pose? How is head mobility? I plan on mine being an brown, elfin little savage. *snort* Not really a savage of course. But elf yes. I think her eyes are perfect for an elf, and so short! *L* I am looking forward to eventually (finally?) getting mine!
    5. oooh yes those are elfin eyes! She's going to look wonderful in brown :D I'm not sure what to do about mine though - kind of aiming for a human :whee: Posing ability - I confess I didn't have time to give it a whirl yesterday, but she seemed pretty good - there's some photos by Arwen on the facebook page with her in all different poses. I had the Island Doll 40cm HeJin, which I was attracted to by the chunky body like this one - but the posing on that was terrible. So far Claudette seems very well designed, although I don't like the eyes much, or those hands much either, aesthetically - they are a bit claw-like although probably good for posing with props.
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    6. Mine would be hard to match for jointed hands, but would be interesting to see if anything worked for her. I can try some on her when I get her and see. I look forward to seeing more of yours!
    7. Does anyone have the rubinesque body and an Iplehouse EID or SID woman head?
      A picture of the head on the body would be amazing but a side by side would also work.
      Edit: An Impldoll star or idol sized head/doll would also help.
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    8. I can do this for you in about 2 weeks.
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    9. Thanks so much! It would be really helpful
    10. No problem, it's a good question!
    11. This entire topic is giving me life! @elve Can't wait to see her in some fancy duds, though the old-fashioned combos work. (Runs to etsy to get a Claudette)
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    12. ha ha you won't regret it! In spite of the hiccup with the broken hand, she is a lovely lovely doll and nicely sculpted and finished by miro too. I reckon she snapped her own finger off in that box on the way here though LOL - because I had intended selling her as soon as I got her - but of course now waiting on a new hand, she's sitting there looking all 'keep me!' and I open the doll cupboard every morning and say hello to my hitherto ignored dolls, and ugh I've called her Yvette - yes named her - I'm doomed LOL - she may well be a keeper :ablink: She also seems to be nothing like 'Mavis' that I intended her to be - it's funny the way dolls do that..... keep an open mind at all times, because your doll has plans of its own!

      As for the EID head I think the neck for the female body will be way way too small - Claudette has a 12.5cm neck - very much bigger than my other girls, and she's quite short too, not a tall one. She's sitting next to my impldoll idol girl with an Akagi Ban head, and you can see their necks are very different.

      And as for the hiccup I had with her eyes being too high up her head - I've simply put a bit of padding in the top of the wig to raise it up higher, and she looks human! Still no faceup though - life is manic now I've moved to the city, never mind the fact that I'm terrified of messing it up (my practice head dolls were not stressful at all, but it's £100 for a new Claudette head!) so who knows when I'll get around to it - I may just put a little faint colour on her lips and leave it at that.
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    13. Hello all!
      Lately I've been seeing a lot of people asking about chunky dolls, or different types of bodies available and I thought I'd let people know that I found an artist who made that kind of doll!:bump
      I'm not an advertiser or long time collector or anything but I just thought that people might like to know about her since the first (and only) time I've seen of her was browsing around etsy...
      here is the link:
      Artist BJD, Ball jointed doll: Claudette, the curvaceous doll.

      I don't know if she is made well or anything seeing as I haven't bought her but I'm sure its very safe to say she isn't a recaster :XD:

      Anyways... hope you all have a good day!
      P.S. I wasn't sure if I should put this post here or in News so sorry if i chose wrong...:sorry
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    14. Ah! So there was a thread for this doll! I tried to find one but apparently I am no good at searching for threads... sorry moderators!:doh
    15. *LOLO* Yes, hello! Will you be getting a Claudette soon or later? I am waiting for mine but should be soon! I'm getting her in a custom brown from Miro. So exciting! I am very eager to get her.
    16. I have to save up again since I bought my first doll (a minefee) only last month, but I love that she is there and available! Now the next sculpts we need are athletic females a pudgy males!
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    17. Athletic females ARE happening! Pudgy males... Island Doll has a softer sculpt as does Fairyland. Check those out too! I think we need more options like Claudette and she'll have the new sculpts out too. Hurry Miro, hurry!
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    18. We definitely need more options! >u<
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    19. still waiting for the new hand *sigh* Arwen is going to chase it up for me with mirodoll - But it could have been avoided if they'd spent more money on packaging in the first place!
    20. Awww...!! Have you poked them recently? I am still waiting for my Claudette but they told me she was cast, so hopefully very soon now...
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