Claudette- Rubinesque Beauty

Dec 16, 2016

    1. Waaah, I want to get a Claudette soon but right now I'm starting small but curvy with a Kiwi by Kaykedolls. I can't wait for the Claudettes on the way (@chalyss, @elve )
      I want to be inspired. I also second the need for larger male dolls! I'd absolutely swap my boy's head onto a plumper body if they had them.
    2. Yes! I got an old Unidoll body because to be he seemed rounded and softer than usual, especially in the legs. I super want a girl doll with an extra 10 pounds on her and a tummy.... not quite the Claudette style, more pooch than wide. But all in good time I suspect! As it is, they told me my Claudette is cast so now I am waiting for shipping!
    3. well I'v'e sold my sweet girl now, at a great loss due to the broken hand - needed the money though as I'm moving house soon. Her buyer (ebay) 'generously' offered to pay postage on the new hands when I get them. Hmmmm.... those hands 'cost' me about £150 in effect :sigh Would have loved to keep her but where I'm going there's no room for more than my 2 fave girls (avatar and anime bjd). She is a lovely lovely doll though - very well made, and adorable - just woefully packaged! That really needs to be improved big time, ASAP - it's quite shockingly bad for such a valuable, unique doll - why skimp on the packaging like that?
    4. WOW!! Oh so sad! I will talk to Miro about better packaging because I completely agree! I can't imagine losing my collection to space issues.... that would be soooo hard!
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    5. thanks chalyss :aheartbea I really hope your girl gets better packaging than mine did! And I'm going to have to find space to squeeze my 'little' impldoll idol/akagi ban girl in, since nobody wanted to buy her for like.... peanuts - which I'm glad about really as I am quite fond of the huge awkward unposeable badly-painted chipped mismatched-resin gal LOL - But I'm moving to a TINY room in student halls of residence - at the age of 55 :XD: pity my teenage flatmates! Will be different that's for sure AND VERY NOISY - I can't wait! And having got my reading list today I don't think I'll have time to sew dolls clothes ever again :ablink: ugh I really miss my beautiful Claudette though - you are going to LOVE your girl when you get her :D And then having sold mine for next to nothing to pay for my halls deposit, I find out my current landlord owes me £700 and I could have kept her! Could always buy another one I guess :wiggleno no no!!! *self control is a virtue* ....... or is that 'no self control is a virtue' ? :abambi:
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    6. Mine came in yesterday! She was just in a plastic bag between 2 thin foam pads. Surprisingly, nothing broke! I did talk to Miro ab out it and they said she's so big, they don't have packaging big enough for her. I suggested more (any) bubble wrap.

      She came in the wrong color but it's a pretty color, so I'm OK with it. Sanding wasn't too bad and she's gone from my wild savage ell'fh to my wild savage something else with snake eyes and horns. *L* But her name is Solai, that much I know.

      Your Akagi Ban girl is iconic to you! I'm rather glad she didn't sell either, she has such a sweet face! I couldn't go back to being in a smaller space- well, I clarify: I couldn't with all my dolls, but I do need to thin the herd. Some just don't mean much to me so they should be rehomed. I would KICK myself if I sold a doll to pay for something and I didn't even have to!! ARG!! BUT sounds like you don't have the room anyway, so maybe all for the best? Still- ARG!!

      Congrats on going back to school!! That's awesome! What will you study?

      OK, Solai! I am undecided about her eye color:


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    7. and I've just remembered this thread - so sorry @chalyss :D guess what I got in the mail yesterday? Yes my Claudette's replacement hands! Again surprising they got here unbroken - like you say chalyss, just some bubble-wrap would help matters! Not rocket-science is it really.... foam sheets are just not good enough

      So glad you got your girl safely home - she looks wonderful in that colour, even if it was the wrong one! :love love to see some more pics of her now!
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    8. *LOL* I am so sorry they got there so late! Oh, that sucks!

      I am very happy with her color now! She's a really great cast! And she needs some TLC- not much has changed but her wig got some work:

      And with her pale, curvy friend!
      [​IMG]full figured beauties 3
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    9. oooh I'd never heard of that other brand of curvy lady! I think they both look good but your comments on flickr about the resin quality are interesting - I was also impressed by the quality of my Claudette - just not at all impressed by the packaging! And now I've managed to book this same room in halls for next September, it is so tempting to order another bjd ha ha must resist! :doh maybe just a small one.... :whee:
    10. well now my wardrobe is stuffed with big dolls and more on the way, I am so regretting selling my Claudette! :...(

      any new owner pics to tempt me/torture me with? And has anyone had a recent delivery of her with slightly better padding? *here's hoping* :aheartbea
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    11. Awwww... that sucks! I am considering a Paulette but that'd be awhile yet. I wish you could get one again! She sure is fun and makes me smile! I think she's mostly discussed on the FB pages rather than here now. I should take more pics!
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    12. If you were interested in getting Claudette, Paulette, or Nicolette, now is the time to do it. The artist just posted what amounts to a "last call" on the Claudette Facebook group.
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    13. @chalyss I got so excited to see that Arwen has a casting partnership! Though I don't know if I'll be getting a full Claudette or just the body...decisions, decisions
    14. I want a Paulette next!
    15. Hopefully reviving this thread with a quick question, does anyone know if the body is sold separately anywhere? Also, if anyone wants to share more pictures I’d love to see them!
    16. The problem with buying the body separately is that the neck is huge and no other head (without some serious modification) will fit on it. You might be able to modify the neck, but it might look weird. This is why the body isn't offered separately. But you can always ask for it.
    17. Yes... the neck is 13cm, I believe. HUGE. I did a pic for a friend... this head is 10.5cm, I believe (but took a 7/8 wig):

      Lots of shaving the neck down might give you a neat body for other heads!
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    18. Shaving down the neck might loose you head mobility; she won't be moving up or down anymore. (side-to-side movement would still be possible.)

      When I designed her, I had a long talk with myself about the neck size; because of the troubles of going non-standard. In the end considerations of proportions won; a full curvaceous body with the slender neck of a super model just doesn't look right.
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    19. I don't have plans to shave the neck- this was just a pic for a friend who was considering the mod. However, I've done quite a few mods now for head mobility, most issues can be fixed with hot glue (um... not for THIS. This would require a lot more than hot glue and THIS much reduction would be a PAIN) and it'd be a challenge worth trying, but as I said, not now.

      Although looking at this, I do have this monstrous head... it's a minimee of Summer Glau and it is truly HUGE... EID is still too small a body for her and I've had to add muscular male Miro arms to her to balance the noggin, but still not enough- she needs shoulder padding. Anyway, i may see how she'd work on this upper body. The neck hole is too small, only a 9 or 10cm, so that'd need to be fixed, but the torso MIGHT be doable. I dunno, the head is a beast and needs a bigger body, plus I wanted her to have a body less sleek than what she'll end up having. In such a case, it may be worth it to me to mod a neck. Regardless, she'd still be a Frankenstein hybrid no matter what, just to get a body that works. I'm really committed to making it all pan out rather than getting rid of the head and I really want a bigger body for her. I'll take a pic and show it. I mean, if I can achieve something that amazing with the Claudette body, if I can bring this girl to life with a bit of a neck mod, why not? Granado vindolls are all side to side action; I can handle that for my Summer. I just want the look to be right. I don't want a classic, run-of-the-mill beauty for her, I want something unique. And quite frankly, the Summer heads needs a thick neck. You'll see what i mean. Not sure why I didn't think of this before...
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