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Claudette- Rubinesque Beauty

Dec 16, 2016

    1. My massive Summer Glau head on the Claudette body. I'd have to hybrid it somehow to make it work for the height I need, but I do so LOVE this sculpting! (Claudette that is!)



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    2. Just jumping in here to say I ordered a Paulette about a month ago, her CoA and patterns arrived today, so I hope it won't be too much longer til she gets here! But, if it is a longer wait, at least I have plenty of patterns to keep me busy sewing for her so she can have a full wardrobe when she does arrive! She's going to be my teenage goth girl, Harriet.
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    3. YAY! Hope she comes home soon!
    4. She's going to be so pretty! I want to buy eyes for her, but I'm not sure what size I'll like best in her yet.

      Can the Rubenesque body wear standard SD shoes? girl shoes or boy shoes? She needs a cool pair of goth boots!
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    5. Yes. She has small feets, she can wear normal shoes though thigh-highs wouldn't work for obvious reasons.
      Can't wait to see your girl!

      Eyes... I think 16mm. Mine are cabachons so not exactly regular eyes. 18mm might work too.
    6. Thanks! I'll start shopping for shoes then since I just want some ankle boots, but hold off on eyes. I have eyes in every size from 8-18mm, just not the color I want, so I'll try a few in her before I buy, see what I like best!
    7. huge congrats @CloakedSchemer :D I will look forward to seeing another sculpt on this luscious body!

      meanwhile what am I doing even looking at this thread? wishful thinking is all... Brexit has weakened the £ exchange rate sooooo much it's totally out of my reach now - Plus I'm about to start my 3rd year at Uni can you believe? I can't LOL - when I get a brilliant job after graduating, I'd love another Claudette :aheartbea And after all I said about not having room for her in halls - this bedroom is like a Tardis - and I seem to have 4 more big BJD now than when I moved here 2yrs ago - how in the world did that happen? :ablink: