Claudette- Rubinesque Beauty

Dec 16, 2016

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    2. Just jumping in here to say I ordered a Paulette about a month ago, her CoA and patterns arrived today, so I hope it won't be too much longer til she gets here! But, if it is a longer wait, at least I have plenty of patterns to keep me busy sewing for her so she can have a full wardrobe when she does arrive! She's going to be my teenage goth girl, Harriet.
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    3. YAY! Hope she comes home soon!
    4. She's going to be so pretty! I want to buy eyes for her, but I'm not sure what size I'll like best in her yet.

      Can the Rubenesque body wear standard SD shoes? girl shoes or boy shoes? She needs a cool pair of goth boots!
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    5. Yes. She has small feets, she can wear normal shoes though thigh-highs wouldn't work for obvious reasons.
      Can't wait to see your girl!

      Eyes... I think 16mm. Mine are cabachons so not exactly regular eyes. 18mm might work too.
    6. Thanks! I'll start shopping for shoes then since I just want some ankle boots, but hold off on eyes. I have eyes in every size from 8-18mm, just not the color I want, so I'll try a few in her before I buy, see what I like best!
    7. huge congrats @CloakedSchemer :D I will look forward to seeing another sculpt on this luscious body!

      meanwhile what am I doing even looking at this thread? wishful thinking is all... Brexit has weakened the £ exchange rate sooooo much it's totally out of my reach now - Plus I'm about to start my 3rd year at Uni can you believe? I can't LOL - when I get a brilliant job after graduating, I'd love another Claudette :aheartbea And after all I said about not having room for her in halls - this bedroom is like a Tardis - and I seem to have 4 more big BJD now than when I moved here 2yrs ago - how in the world did that happen? :ablink:
    8. Apparently the artist behind these beauties is seriously considering selling an MSD version again! That't exciting for me, since I love the sculpting but generally prefer medium-sized dolls. :3nodding:
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    9. Just curious—about how long was the wait for everyone’s dolls? The Etsy listing said 4-6 weeks, I’m currently almost at week 9. I sent Arwen a message a little over a week ago to ask for updates, but didn’t receive any reply. I know dolls commonly take longer than estimated, I’m just getting nervous since there is no other doll out there who could work for this character. I was hoping some of you might be able to calm my nerves on this?

    10. I’m replying to myself here, but thought it might be helpful if anyone else has the same experience.

      I was worrying needlessly. I got a reply and Arwen said the mold had become damaged so they had to make a new one to cast my girl, and she should be shipping in a week or two!! I’m so excited! :D
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    11. Congrats, I can't wait to see what you do with your girl! I got mine through the kickstarter and I only just now figured out what I want to do with her. And her name keeps changing.
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    12. Mine is pretty set in stone, as I’ve had her character written for awhile, even before I decided on sculpt. Her name is Harriet, she’s my cynical teenage goth girl. She’s the younger sister of my Luts Abadon boy, Stan. I got her a Monique Ally wig in Electra color, which is brown/black with orange chunks. She’ll have light blue eyes, dark makeup and wear a lot of black and purple clothing, mostly goth dresses, skirts and corsets, plus she needs a ton of jewelry! Her style will be somewhat inspired by young Kelly Osbourne.

      What is your girl like? Which head sculpt is she? Do you have photos to share? What names are you considering? I’m excited your girl is coming together, sometimes they do take their sweet time in finding themselves!
    13. I can't wait to see her come together, she sounds really cool! I finally figured her out yesterday, her name is Madelyn and she's going to be in more jfash and cute fashion in general. She's a full Claudette.
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    14. She sounds so cute! I'd love to see her!
    15. EEk!! I fell off the thread HARD. 2 or 3 weeks, Cloaked? I am so excited to see her! I am actually considering getting in on the MSD size, a Paulette. I have a race of smaller-stature people and she might work well.
    16. I'm hoping to start painting her this weekend and ordering her wig and eyes hopefully today so I will post pics then.
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    17. Hopefully so! It’s currently been almost 10 weeks since I ordered her, I’m getting impatient! I know that’s really not very long to wait for a doll, but it’s double the expected wait time and I just want her so bad!

      MSD Paulette would be really cute. I’m glad I got the SD version to fit with my SD crew, but there are so many cute MSD dolls she’d look great with!
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    18. Is she home yet?
    19. No, still nothing, not even a shipping notice. Going on 11 weeks now. :(
    20. Slap them around a bit! Actually 11 weeks isn't terrible... I'm going on 8 months for a TD boy.