Clothes for Popo Doll 68cm boy?

Dec 22, 2010

    1. Yeah I was rather underwhelmed by the feet size (my body showed up last night) XD I own too many Dollmore boys...they have insane feet. The good news is Ryuji will fit in every pair of shoes I own!

      Pants are a problem. I have a pair of DM Model pants and they didn't come anywhere near fitting. I would try the Glamor Model pants I have on him but they're not the most structured of pant so it's not going to give a good idea of fit. Plus they're the only pants my Glamor Model has XD
    2. I have these pants from Tata's in the Doi/DZ70/Hound size. They're a bit big around hips /waist/thighs but my boy can sit in them nicely.
    3. I also have some clothes from Tata, all in 70cm size. Everything fits, though the pants without a fly kinda flash you when he sits. :sweat I need to try to sew some zippers in there...
      I've got a pair of SD17 jeans (also from Tata), and they're too short, and just a bit too small.

      These boys have long arms, narrow waists and big hips! (And I love them for it, lol)

      Here are some measurements that should help a bit in looking for clothing.
      Take them with a grain of salt, as they're all measured by different people, they may not be completely accurate. I only have the Popodoll 68cm body, and none of these others. Fit info list at the bottom!

      Popodoll 68cm
      Neck C.: 11cm
      Arm Length (shoulder - "wrist): 21cm
      Shoulder Width: 15.2cm
      Chest C.: 25.5cm
      Waist C.: 20.6cm
      Hips C.: 28cm
      Waist - Floor: 43.5cm
      Foot Length: 8.2cm

      Dollzone 70 (69cm old body)
      Neck C.: 11cm
      Arm Length (shoulder - wrist): 19cm
      Width of Shoulders: 15.5cm
      Chest C.: 26cm
      Waist C.: 20.5cm
      Hips C.: 27.5cm
      Waist - Floor: 45cm
      Foot Length: 8.4cm

      Dollmore Model Boy 69.5cm
      Neck C.: 10.4cm
      Width of Shoulders: 15.5cm
      Arm Length (shoulder - wrist): 21cm
      Chest C.: 26.7cm
      Waist C.: 19cm
      Hips C.: 25cm
      Waist - Floor: 48cm
      Foot Length: 8.4cm

      Dollmore Glamour Model Boy 75cm
      Neck C.: 12cm
      Shoulder Width: 16cm
      (No arm length given : /)
      Chest C.: 29cm
      Waist C.: 23cm
      Hips C.: 27.6cm
      Leg Length (Hips - Ankle): 43cm
      Foot Length: 10cm

      Super Senior Delf 70.5cm
      Neck C.: 10.5cm
      Shoulder Width: 16cm
      Arm Length (shoulder - wrist): 21cm
      Chest C.: 31cm
      Waist C.: 23.5cm
      Hips C.: 28.5cm
      Leg Length: 38cm
      Foot Length: 9.5cm

      Dollshe old body 69.5cm
      Neck C.: 10.4cm
      Width of Shoulders: 15cm
      Arm (shoulder to wrist): 20.5cm
      Chest C.: 26.6cm
      Waist C.: 20.6cm
      Hips C.: 24.7cm
      Waist - Floor: 46cm
      Foot Length: 8.3cm

      So! From this we can guess:

      Dollzone old body: Sleeves may be a bit short
      DM Model Boy: Collar and waist may be tight
      DM Glamour Boy: On the big side
      Super Senior Delf: Collar may be tight, chest and waist too big
      Dollshe old body: Collar may be tight, sleeves might be a little short

      Dollzone old body: A tiny bit snug in the hips, legs slightly long
      DM Model Boy: Very tight in the waist and hips, legs long (May not fit)
      DM Glamour Boy: Big in the waist, a little snug in the hips, legs long
      Super Senior Delf: Big in the waist, a little snug in the hips, legs long
      Dollshe old body: Hips far too tight, legs long (Unless it's pretty stretchy, it won't fit)

      Dollzone old body: Should fit nicely
      DM Model Boy: Should fit nicely
      DM Glamour Boy: Biiiig!
      Super Senior Delf: On the big side
      Dollshe old body: Should fit nicely

      It looks like anything that'll fit the Dollzone boys should fit the popodoll 68cm guys.
    4. Bump bump! Anything more on the SD17 fits?
    5. Just got my Popodoll in, and plunked him in a pair of 70cm Alice Collections pants which might be a hair long in the leg, but once I got shoes on him he looked fine. And yummy. Those pants hug his hips juuuuust fine. ;)

      Will have to go through dolly wardrobe later and figure out shirts, since the one I stuck him in has sleeves a bit too short.

      I am seconding the "DollZone should fit fine" bit, though, since he seems to be very similar in body size to my DZ Quinn ..who is wearing SD17 pants, so I should probably test those on Sahara and verify that. ^^;
    6. So far I've tried a SD17 top on him and it fits him really well however just maybe the sleeves are a wee bit on the short side.

      Looking for pants for this body is somewhat ridiculous, I bought a pair of SD17 pants from Tata and it can't go up his thighs (too tight) However a friend loaned me SD17 pants from M3 Studio and he could fit into it (this could be because of the cutting of the pants was slightly wider.) but it was a tad too short.
      Currently he wears 70 cm pants from Tata as well, it fits but loose at the waist, and it's rather long (with minor alterations it should be okay though!)
      Another friend also said that SSDF pants does fit this body!
    7. Bumping up the subject for more informations.

      I just got my Popo 68cm body, I tried my Spiritdoll Proud clothes on him and everything was way way too big.
      I have a SSDF skiny Jean from Tata´s that fits him perfectly. A skiny DoI leather pant too, fits nice but I have hard time closing it (and he cant sit good in it).
      I´m waiting for a DZ70 shirt, will see how it fits him.

      I think Popodoll 68cm fits best SSDF for pants, DZ70 for tops. Or am I wrong ?
      I´d like to buy a suit for my boy and Im having hard time finding what´s best.
    8. Bumping this up for some updates I have:

      1) Few months back I bought a SD17 sized shirt from Sadol for him and it fits perfectly; no overly broad shoulder syndrome and not to short lengthwise. (Tops I believe isn't so much of a problem :D)

      2) Together with that I bought a pair of SSDF skinny jeans; these I must say are a perfect fit for his thighs and also the length is good, however at the waist it's really loose and there is a need for alterations to make it look flattering under tops. (unless you're lazy like me, you can always kinda pull the pants down alittle to make it sit properly on his waist xD)

      3) Recently, I bought a pair of '大叔' (AKA big men/ 70cm) sized slacks from Sunny World, it's not supposed to be form fitting so it's baggy at the legs but not overly; it's abit loose at the waist but yet again it's possible to alter this; the only thing is it's about 1 inch longer at the length so yes folding pant legs /u_u/

      And that is all for now~

      I'd recommend ordering suits from Sadol because I've asked and they allow the change of size eg: Top SD17 / Bottom SSDF; so you can mix and match to get a better fit ^^
      I plan to get my boy one when I have enough money :D
    9. This is an old thread, but I've had my Popodoll 68cm Chen long enough to comment. I have had best luck with the 70cm/uncle size from Ebay store Pink Fantasy of seller mybayer2008. I have a pair of cargo pants that are made by Volks for SD17 size. They are about 2cm short in length between the hip and knee. It's not noticeable until I have him sit. I wish I could comment more on other makers/brands but don't have a large variety yet. He can wear many tops made for SD that are short sleeve.