Clothing Sizing for Island Doll boy?

Aug 22, 2016

    1. I'm about to search for clothes for my new doll but since he's not one of the big brands I'm not sure which sizing he would fit into. I'd like the clothes to fit snugly but not too tight.
      He's 62cm tall and thin (he's no EID), but he's also not sickly.

      Here's his measurements:
      Head: 23cm
      Neck: 9.5cm
      Shoulder width: 13cm
      Chest: 25cm
      Waist: 20cm
      Hip: 25cm
      Sleeve: 19cm
      Neck top to waist: 11cm
      Waist to ankle: 38cm
      Inseam: 30.5cm
      Ankle: 7mm
      Foot length: 7.8cm
      Foot width: 3cm

      So would he be a SD, SD17 or what?
    2. I'm pretty terrible with measurements, but you're probably going to be better off looking for SD17 stuff, since SD17s are 65cm. For shoes though, always check the measurements since feet size seem to be all over the place. I hope that helps! :)
    3. You could look at the clothes here: BJD clothes - BJD Accessories - BJD Doll - Alice's Collections

      There's a size chart on the clothing pages. It is located near the bottom of the page for every article of clothing and has general measurements. Looks like this:


      The site also lists inner lengths and widths for shoes though not in a chart. Hope this was helpful.
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    4. From the measurements, he seems closer to SD13 boy (1/3) size but sometimes they might need to wear SD17 size if you want a looser fit.

      Just for ease, which doll is your boy? Someone else who might own the same body type could be of most help.
    5. Yes, it seems from that chart he would be an SD13. As for the shoes I'd check the size of his foot! As I did say in the intro I'd like most of his clothes to fit snugly but not too tight. Still, thanks.

      Oh and he's an Island Doll Eric but since Island Doll isn't common I thought I'd just give his measurements. If he was an Inplehouse or something sizing would be a lot easier!
    6. If he fits closer into the standard SD13 sized clothes, he would actually be easier to shop for than Iplehouse as Iplehouse dolls are actually larger than standard size.

      This is the discussion thread for Island large dolls: IsLand Doll Discussion

      Someone there should own the same body so they might be able to give you the best idea.

      I also had a quick compare of his measurements to my Crobidoll R line boy, the measurements are quite similar.

      The Crobidoll R line is actually about 0.5cm bigger in most places but the leg length and torso seems the same. If it helps, I usually just buy standard SD13 boy clothes from Alice collections, TTYA, Nine9style, Dollheart and it all fits quite well. Compared to my other 63cm boy clothes are a slight tighter fit, if your boy has slightly slimmer shoulders it would be a bit looser on him. My boy also has a 8cm foot and wears normal boy shoes too so shoes for 7.8cm shouldn't be a problem, just measure the width of his foot for fit as that's the biggest problem usually.