Clothing your Delf girl - discussion thread! Ask your questions here!

Aug 20, 2004

    1. well i have my lovley SOONY and I was wondering can you buy stuff for your doll in places except for Luts ? and what size should I look for ? *_*

      Sorry if I posted wrong.. then please tell em wjhere to post insted xD
    2. I get most of my items from Ebay as there is a wide selection available and they tend to be happy to ship internationally
    3. Why yes you can! You can try Ebay or other doll sites. I think Soony's take 20mm eyes and she should be able to fit a 9-10 size wig. For clothes you just have to make sure it's SD sized. ^__^ Hope that helps!
    4. Hello! I was wondering how well most of the Dollmore "SD" sized clothes would fit a Delf girl? I'm planning on getting a Lishe or Soo and I was wondering if these pants would fit her(I have other Delf girls, but no Dollmore clothes):

      Also, would the Delf girl's chest be too big for the dollmore shirts?
    5. Dollmore SD clothes should fit CP Delf girls. They said the pants are stretchy cloth, too, which is even better. Some waist-sizes may be a little on the loose side, since Delf girls have a slightly smaller waist than many SD sized dolls, but it shouldn't be too bad.

      Chest size should be no problem.

      I've bought SD sized clothes from Dollmore before for my Delf dolls.
    6. Yay, that makes me so happy. XD I was worried everyone would be like "No, are you crazy?". Thank you!
    7. Hi~

      While on eBay, I saw this brand called Azone, they have a variety of clothes, and really cute stuff, but I'd like to know if these clothes can fit CP?

      Also, I know this might be a silly question, but are Azones bjds? I know they're 60cm, but does that make them bjd??
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    8. Azone dolls use an Obitsu Body with their original anime looking heads, they are vinyl dolls with inner frame.

      Clothes should fit very thin dolls, obitsu bodies are like MSD size with 70cm doll legs.
    9. I looked on this website, and it appears they actually do have some stuff for the 60cm body. If it's stretchy it might fit CP. Read the auction carefully, though, because most of their stuff is for 1/6 sized dolls.
    10. Azone 60 cm clothes are actually quite roomy, you'd have no problem to fit a CP girl into the garments.

      I have some stuff for my Soah, who is much more chunky that CP dolls!

      Azone 60 cm and Volks DD aren't truly BJD, but they are granfathered on DoA and thus considered on topic - read all about it in the FAQ.
    11. I was looking to get a Delf Girl from Luts and i noticed they had a nice outfit for their Senior Delf Girl... Do you think the doll could where the Senior Delf clothes? would it be loose? has anyone tried it?

      Ok, another stupid question... Does SD not basicly equal luts' Delf? and SD13 equal Senior Delf?

      Sorry... still new to the whole doll thing?
    12. Just a question, to make sure you get the exact information you want . . . are you asking about Volks SD and SD13 girls, or about Delf and Senior Delf girls?

      I believe both sizing issues have been discussed, but the answers will be in different threads--so when you use the DoA search function, you'll want to be sure you search with the appropriate terms.
    13. Ok, i'll edit my question a bit
    14. Well, I was sort of trying to make a gentle suggestion that you do some searching, and learn a little more about the differences in measurements and proportions . . . it's a good idea for all of us, when we start out in this hobby. ;)

      Here is a good site with comparison photos of Delf, SD, and SD13 girls (the third photo from the left, top row): You can see that the Delf girl and the SD girl aren't the same size or proportions--they're roughly similar, but "roughly similar" can make a big difference in the way clothes fit (depending on the way the clothes are cut).

      I know that if you search here in Larger Dolls and in the Dolls picture request forum, you will find more comparisons and discussions that include Senior Delf.

      I'm sure you've already read the DoA FAQs for newbies! :) Another great information resource about BJDs in general is VinylFaerie's BJD_WTF:
    15. Thanks for the reply! and thanks for sending the link to the comparison, it was helpful. I have looked at measurements charts and from what i could tell Volks SD and Delf where about the same hight... and whenever i search for clothes on other sites i always see it measure it in SD, MSD, SD13, ect. so i just assumed that Delf was equal to SD... but knowing that porportions would be a bit differnt but not by much. I also know that it's best to buy clothes for your doll from where ever you get your doll to have a perfect fit.

      However, I was just wondering basicly how much of a difference a 60cm doll clothes might fit a 57cm doll?

      Thanks for the newbie link too, i skimed it once but i think i'll look it over again!
    16. I find that the Sr Delf boy items fit Delf boys really nicely, should be the same for girls.
    17. ok, thanks kokoryta!

      Do you happen to know if i could do it the other way around?? a 60cm doll with 57cm clothes??
    18. So I suppose - (No, I KNOW) I am a newbie when it comes to SDs.

      I've had other sized dolls before, but I just ordered my first SD - (the first I fell in love with, and gives me chills to look at) - a Delf Lishe.

      I've had minis before, and I know it was difficult variety wise to find different clothing, especially for mature minis.

      My first question is, what brands of clothing and shoes will fit a Delf girl? I'd like to buy some things for her arrival, though it won't be for over a month, likely.

      My second question is - are they any proportional or measurement differences between the old-type and new-type bodies? I'm having an outfit commissioned for her, but since I do not have the doll to measure, I wanted her to be able to start on it now so that perhaps I'd have it when my doll arrived.

      My third question is - will typical 8-9" wigs fit? With my two previous MSDs, there was a pretty big difference in head circumference.

      Thanks in advance. I apologize if I missed very obvious threads for these questions - (it's 4AM here, and I could've missed something not-so-obviously labels. ^^; )
    19. I havent owned a Lishe but I did own a Dark Elf Soo.
      I dunno if the body really has changed that much so I cant answer that, my DES was a old version, but back when I had my DES there was 2 things I had to keep an eye out. Luts/CP girls have very wide hips, they are very volumptious and its gorgeous, but you just gotta make sure not to buy something that is made to be skin tight on smaller hipped girls, also they have larger boobs then some, that is if you bought a large chest version, so just keep in mind that her hips are wider and her chest is bigger. Dollmore seems to fit for the most part, I had a outfit that fit my DES very well, the only thing was that the skirt was abit higher then on the Dollmore girls because of her hips. Dollheart fits as far as I have seen. I bought for my girl a outfit off Ebay from KK workshop and again the skirt was abit high up but it still fit marvelously. In regards to shoes it just differs, Leekeworld shoes seem to fit, atleast the pair I had.

      In regards to wigs, even companies differ in what they consider to be certain sizes. I had a wig from dollmore 7-8" for MSD that came with my Noir Asha and I could not for the life of me get my MNF girl to wear it. Just too small, while a Leekeworld wig I had fit both perfectly. I even heard from a friend that she bought a doll from luts, +2 wigs and somehow one of them was too small, even though she bought them dirrect from luts.

      I think the safe bets are, Leekeworld probably and the companies that have a elastic headcap for the wig, (Jpop I think and those) that way even if the head is smaller/larger it can streach to fit it perfectly. Also even if wigs are slightly large you can just use a tiny bit of velcro on the heads and they will stick. For my DES I just went with Luts measurements and I never had the problem that a wig was too small, mainly just that it was slightly large and I needed the velcro to keep the wig on.

      I aint much help since its been a while since I had my DES, but I hope that it helps you a little bit anyway. Dont be afraid to buy, just buy smart. :)
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