Clothing your Delf girl - discussion thread! Ask your questions here!

Aug 20, 2004

    1. I recently bought a Delf (Soo-Dark Elf) from LUTs. I searched this forum for some help but came up kinda short handed with no information.

      Could anyone tell me what size clothes she could fit into besides that from LUTs? Would it be SD or SD13? Im so confused *_*

      Any help is appreciated!
    2. Lishe, Soo and others of this size wear SD13 girl clothes and shoes, just check Luts website for their measurements and write it down, it helps with clothes shopping:)
    3. awesome! thank you so much for the help! i'll have to write this down so i dont forget :3
    4. I have 6 Luts Delf girls, and they fit in both SD and SD13 clothing, I don't notice a whole lot of difference. I also use the SD dressmaker's dummy to make them clothes, and they fit really well.
    5. Help! Does anyone know what the neck measurement is on the Delf girls? The neck looks pretty thin.
    6. I'm worried to buy shoes and other stuff from diffrent componys..
      please tell me what I could buy at other places.. :)

      thx and love to you all :aheartbea
    7. Can anyone help?

      I'm looking for really high quality clothing in this size, but struggling to find it.

      I'm not worried about getting it cheap, I just want high quality.

      Brennil clothing is only for minis and Atelier Momoni is temporarily closed, so I'm stuck >_<
    8. I would like to bump this up because I have the same issue as babytarragon C:

      I'm looking for stuff that fits like a glove, not kinda fit like most Sd10/13 clothes I find >:
    9. Dollheart tends to fit like a glove. Angell Studio and Dream of Doll clothing as well - although I do have one DoD top that is too small for the bustier Delf body. Dollmore clothes fit well too - many of their outfits aren't fitted, so you will find the outfits loose, but the fitted stuff really is fitted - I have the Blackgaurd outfit and it fits like it was painted on her. Honestly I dont ever have problems shopping for my Delfs.
    10. Ah really? I've found all my DH stuff has been too loose, both the Fer I owned and the Green melodious I could pinch a good cm or two around the waist. The only reason I haven't sold the green melodious is due to the fact I can pin some of it in the back with the bow :/
    11. bumping this in the hope that someone has found well-fitting and attractive clothes for Delf girls recently?
    12. What style of clothes are you looking for?
    13. I'm hoping to find clothes similar to what a human girl would wear casually ^^
    14. Hi, have you tried Mint on Card, I bought a pair of K2 jeans there recently for my Miyu, they fit her perfectly and the shipping was only about $7. Vitta Vera here on the marketplace and here make some really nice t-shirts and vest type tops and all their models are delf girls. Also have you tried nine9style?