Craziest Things You Did for This Hobby

Aug 17, 2017

    1. Aww Ming is a sweetie!!! :D woah 14 dolls???? Lucky!!!! <3 <3 <3 how long have you been collecting? :abambi: I only have the one so far but I've only been in the hobby for a few years <3 and I'm poor... xD
    2. I got my first doll in 2005 so I feel I've been pretty moderate with about 1 doll per year and some were much less expensive than others ^_^
    3. Aw that's so cool!! :D very nice!! I hope I can one day get a large collection :chibi So sweet!
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    4. Thanks, you'll get there! I find once you get your second doll it's harder to hold back the flood gates lol
    5. Hahaha that's amazing xD good luck on your next sweetie!! ^^
    6. you should post all of them on profiles :D I'd love to see them!!
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    7. I have to get my butt in gear and finish them first lol
    8. Haha nice xD good luck I can't wait to see them <3
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    9. It forced me to learn to sew, when before I never knew how, at all. It drove me to learn how to take pictures properly which I also had never learned to do. I was fully self taught. (I wouldn't mind taking a photography class for fun though. ;) Wonder if they'd let dollies in as models)

      I've stayed up til dawn sewing, using horror stories to scare myself into staying awake so I'd keep working.
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    10. Your commitment and fortitude are amazing, but there's no need to do that! There's plenty of food available for "cheaper than a dollar meals", like cheap fruit (apples, oranges, pears, bananas, etc), hot breakfast cereal (or grains like barley and couscous from those "by the pound" bins you shovel into bags yourself in some grocery stores), dried beans and lentils, frozen vegetables, some fresh vegetables, eggs, and tubs of cheaper brand yogurt. Please stay safe so you can enjoy your dolls! :hug: It's more fun than eating the same thing every day anyway.
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    11. I collected Tonner fashion dolls before I collected BJDs and sold five, all of which I liked and wasn't too keen on giving up, on ebaay to pay for a duo of BJDs I loved that were being discontinued. It was worth it, since I liked the others, but love the two BJDs I got with the money. (The fashion dolls were all in nearly new condition and still had their boxes, and the BJDs are mature tinies.)i

      I've made furniture from cardboard designed with the help of Pinterest, and made other furniture out of scraps of wood cut with a small hobby saw.
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    12. I've done every odd job possible for me. I have a disability which makes it hard to move and therefore work, but my friend sculpted and casted a doll and I ordered one. I don't have nearly enough money. They're coming in really soon. I've been doing everything, telling fortunes for a few bucks, playing guitar in the street, proofreading others' homework, eating nothing but saltines and peanut butter, but man. I still don't have enough since tuition was just due :')
    13. Aww haha thank you <3 lol you're totally right.... but saltines last longer xD I'm kidding you're right I need to take care of myself :sweat last time I did that I got super sick :barf thank you for your nice advice!! :chibi
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    14. I am a very nervous person with some serious phobias. I am very afraid of machinery, electronics, particularly computers and cars. I had made it to almost the age of 50 without learning to drive a car or use a computer or cell phone. One day a friend showed me her BJD, and I was like, " MUST HAVE!" So I have learned to drive ( which took two years of therapy to overcome my phobia), and use a computer in order to get a decent job, so I can buy dolls! I am REALLY GOOD at shopping online for dollies now, and I am an expert finder of doll shoes that fit!

      Please do not starve yourselves to buy dolls! LunarBird has made some extremely good suggestions on eating a healthy, low cost diet. There are also free food pantries out there. Please don't eat only saltines or ramen. Your health is more important than any doll, no matter how lovely!
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    15. Probably the most extreme (worst) thing I did was cash in a bond I'd been given as a baby to put towards college.
      I was an overachiever who made A's and played violin. I didn't have time for dolls. However, after a significant health scare, my uncle wanted to do something nice for me- get the expensive art doll thing I wanted, so I'd have something nice to focus on. Mother said no. I said, pfft whatever, life is short and spent all my saved money. XD Then, with the same attitude, I cashed in the bond to get a Dollshe Husky before they were discontinued.
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    16. I do donate plasma occasionally and have spent some of it on dolls. BLOOD FOR RESIN!

      I also drove up to Mint on Card and back in the same day ... about nine hours on the road and 500 miles to spend a few hours at the store.
    17. Wow!!! Your story is very inspiring!!! <3 I struggle with a lot of anxiety and sometimes I think I can't get over it but wow you're so strong!! I hope I can be as strong as you one day <3
    18. Stormi, Thank you for your kind words. I had a lot of help from my friends.
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    19. I think that the craziest thing I ever did was to remodel my upstairs bedrooms to fit a 24 foot doll house.
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    20. We're in the process of buying a house...obviously for multiple reasons, but I'm definitely motivated to get out of apartment living so I can have a safe area to spray sealant again. :lol: