Craziest Things You Did for This Hobby

Aug 17, 2017

    1. MAY WE SEE PICS??? :D <3
    2. My pleasure!! <3
    3. Definitely need to see some pictures!

      Let's see... I'm not sure what I have to add except the one time I went on an overseas trip with family, there was a day when everyone wanted to do one thing and I another, so instead of going along, I packed up my camera and doll in a backpack and walked off into the countryside for most of a day with no idea where I was headed and no cell phone. I ended up on a lovely hiking trail, fortunately, and found many pretty places to take pictures (I ended up at a castle!) --but when passersby stopped to ask questions, I couldn't give them much more than a blank stare, as I spoke exactly four words of German. It was admittedly kind of funny to see their expressions turn even weirder when it was revealed I wasn't just a clueless girl with a freaky doll, but a clueless and rather lost American.

      Eventually I found my way back home, and with some great pictures. It was my favourite part of the trip. :lol:
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    4. The craziest thing I ever did was spend two years worth of part time job money I had saved up for a car on two BJD's. Still no car, but GODS my dolls are glorious! :D lol
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    5. I think the craziest thing that I've done for this hobby is travel to Kyoto solely to place an FCS order, like 12 hours after landing in Japan for a new job.

      But I have also walked over 15 kilometers in one day in the snow with 2 SDs on my back just to take pictures, which looking back on it is pretty crazy but that totally was not the intention of the day (and was totally worth it).
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    6. Set my timer for 3:20am so I could bid on some SD shoes for an incoming doll on a workday.
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    7. Oooh snow hike! Sounds fun. And cold, therefore very admirable :D
      I have gotta say, today i spent like 40 minutes in the shower brushing out an awful party wig i got from a secondhand store to nab the fibre for my dolls. I totes wouldnt have done it if that colour didnt make my boy look angelic ; U ; Also i didnt really want to dunk it in fabric softener for 5 days. :D
    8. Me too!
      I feel like it’s a great hobby and I am so happy that I got back into it.
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    9. I bought like 3 dolls in one sitting. My husband was not impressed with the credit card bill that month... Nevertheless it got paid off eventually! ^_^
    10. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!! I have had my dolls end up with other peoples dolls as well, but did not set up a dolly weekend, tho I wish I would have though of it. lol.

      Craziest things I have done for my dolls... Well, I have sold a super rare valuable doll set that I waited hrs in line to get so I could afford Iplehouse Falcon when he came out.. I very easily could have put him on layaway at the time, but I wanted him now so wanted to pay him in full.
      I have also taken long road trips on various occasions just to find places to take photos of my dolls. Even hiked a few miles once for a contest photo..
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    11. I am in the planning stage for doing crazy things to purchase my first BJD.
      Ramen noodles, Check!
      Peanut butter and Crackers, Check!
      Fresh fruit and other inexpensive foods to keep from getting sick, Check!
      Take lunch to work, Check!
      Let's see, what else?
      I could sell my Tonner dolls like Leo Pheonix did. I don't have all the boxes they came in so would not get as much. I even have a couple of Franklin Mint dolls I bought because I loved the fashions that were offered each month. Very nice dolls too.
      I'm working up my crazy to get this hobby going! So nice to find a place where others share and appreciate the art and the hobby. No one I know collects or cares anything about any kind of doll.
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    12. LOL
    13. Crazy thing? It is including non stop buying dolls?:lol:
    14. I studied small business management and started my own business for this hobby. Now I have an excuse to buy all different type and size of dolls to get the clothing sizes right. :cool:
    15. This might seem silly considering that it is an accepted standard in this hobby: for me, the craziest thing so far is shelling out the money for the dolls. I'm very young and I spend all of my time in school or trying to develop my portfolio, so I've never had a job. I've never spent so much money on one thing before! Of course, I believe it's all worth it.
    16. I like making things for my dolls. Usually it's clothes, but I enjoy making props, including food. I've spent days rolling out and cutting specks of Sculpy, and carefully sticking them together to make 1:4 scale rice.

      After telling myself never again, a new idea popped in my head. Cue more days of rolling out rice to make sushi.