Creature Doll! Armored Beauties ready for Adventure

Feb 26, 2017

    1. Ahh! I just got an email from Creature Doll that my order shipped today! :whee:And he actually apologized for the delay- shoot I thought it'd be a few more weeks at least ! So excited :dance:sumomo:
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    2. Aww, that's nice to hear. ^_^ I hope everything arrives safely!
    3. Add me to the list of people intrigued by these dolls. I'm not really into armor and such, but the basic dolls are lovely. Right now I'm considering basic elf Lucia. Does anyone know the background of Tae-Wong Park? (I'm assuming he is the artist. He is the owner and web master.) Aha! I just found the entry under Notice. No wonder Phyllis gave me an Iplehouse EG Aurora vibe.

      I'll be very interested to see your Lucia, @Sianserais.
    4. Oh my god, why didn't I find these dolls sooner :horror: They are wonderful and the fullsets are freakin amazing! They are so well designed~

      Please folks, post as many pictures as possible, once you receive them!
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    6. Does anyone have comparison photos with other dolls?
    7. According to the measurements these dolls are very similar in size to Raccoon Dolls. I was saving my money for Raccoon's first guy, but seeing as he is nowhere on the horizon, I think Lucia is coming home to me right now. Is there a waiting room yet for these dolls?

      I did it! I have placed my order for basic Lucia with face-up. I'll see what she fits into when she gets here. Hopefully shoes will be easier to find than they are for Raccoon girls. Excited!:cheer
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    8. Homygosh, these dolls are lovely! I feel that I may have to stake out and see what other lovely limited ladies they release! I am a sucker for armor and fantasy, so... away I go!
    9. Speaking of which... I just got a notice that she's shipped today! Wasn't expecting that already!
      And as for a Waiting Room, I haven't found one. Only a few of us seem to have ordered any yet.

      Mei looks very nice as well, but I'm more interested in her outfit at the moment.
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    10. Congrats on your shipping--that was fast! Reminds me of when Raccoon was just starting out. He used to get dolls out within a month, too.

      I am also tempted by Mei's outfit. On the other hand, it doesn't look too difficult to make, so I might attempt to sew my own.
    11. I didn't bother setting up a waiting room , seemed like I might be the only one in it! Definitely if there is enough interest we should start one.

      Woo @Sianserais ! Excited to see a Lucia!
      Yay @vermont chick ! Glad you decided to order.

      I'll be able to take a few photos when mine arrives, and I can reach out to the local doll club for more comparison options if someone has a request.

      @vermont chick ive been eyeballing raccoon dolls as well. Sounds like you have one, I'd be interested in comparison photos when your Lucia arrives :fangirl:
    12. @skyealloway - Thanks! I can't wait to receive her. I might start making some clothing for her, using a Raccoon girl for size. I currently have 5 Raccoon girls with a 6th on order. Guess you could say I'm hooked. But Raccoon doesn't do elves--and I love elves. I already see similarities in the bodies, which is to be expected seeing as both sculptors put in their time at Iplehouse. Creature Doll uses slightly larger eyes and there appears to be some different jointing in the hips. I'll be glad to post comparison photos when Lucia arrives!
    13. It's odd. I love Iplehouse sculpts, and really like Creature Doll's so far, but Raccoon Doll has failed to interest me at this point. Their faces seem nicely done too, but... I don't know. I can't really put my finger on it.
    14. @Sianserais its the lack of pointy ears ;)

      Oh my gosh guys! She is here! She traveled half way across the world in only two days!!:aeyepop:

      Box opening will be posted this evening - I opened her on my lunch break and had to return to the office :eek:

      [​IMG]Box opening part one! by Skyealloway, on Flickr

      First impressions: <3<3
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    15. Congrats on her arrival @skyealloway ! Elf ears!:love I can't wait to see your box opening photos.
    16. OMG that armor! Gorgeous!
    17. That is some wicked impressive armor! The shoes look like they must add at least an inch to her height--if not more. Did she come with extra heel feet?
    18. No, the shoes replace her feet entirely Box opening part one! here is a closeup

      So even though I've got a badass mage, naturally I immediately wanted to see what else can she be. So far- hipster!
      [​IMG]Creature Doll Phyllis trying a new look by Skyealloway, on Flickr

      I was really convinced that I was gonna a stick with a reddish wig, until I put on this black one! It's size 6/7 instead of 5/6 so it doesn't fit at all, but I love the look of the natural black.

      Other notes: none of my standard MSD pants fit on her- her thighs are too powerful! Shirts seem fine. And my Bluefairy brand shoes all fit good, perhaps a tad big but not by much.
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    19. Hate to double post y'all but thought y'alld like to know I successfully tightened her legs! The knot was inside her left thigh, and the hardest part was making sure it stayed in her left thigh as I restrung her leg. I tightened it by unstringing her foot, calf, knee, and lower thigh only, so I didn't mess her the gears in her pelvis at all.

      Now she can stand on one foot! (Beware nude in very poor midnight lighting With string tension corrected ) She feels very very sturdy.

      I tried more of my MSD clothes collection on her and was surprised when even many of the dresses didn't fit- they didn't open enough to get over her hips. I found a seller of Etsy whose listing FID patterns though so that's one way to get her some pants ;)

      Also i ordered her three wigs and a pair of eyes from four different sellers yesterday. So excited to have a new dolly :)
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