Creature Doll! Armored Beauties ready for Adventure

Feb 26, 2017

    1. yay my Karin is here <3

      [​IMG]Newcomer June: CreatureDoll Karin by Antique Mind, auf Flickr

      surprisingly she fits in Raccoondoll clothes. This is not her style but I have nothing on hand for her and this fits. The Iplehouse FID clothes fits also but they are much baggier
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    2. Yay congrats! I just know I'm going to regret not getting one of her..
    3. Congrats on your Karin, @Uminari. I look forward to seeing her with a face-up.

      Yes, @skyealloway, you will regret not getting her. I love my Karin. She looks perpetually pissed-off, but that's part of her charm.
    4. Love my grumpy girl. When she holds her dagger, she looks like she means business! ;)
    5. @Uminari : Congrats! She looks to be unimpressed with your offering. :XD: Are you going to paint her yourself?

      Here's my new girl finally, with modded eyes, a temporary wig, and one of my shoddy faceups. :roll:
      Though I'm not sure if this is her final look - I may decide I like her better with black hair anyway.

    6. Congrats @Sianserais ! Is she another Lucia? (I don't always recognize dolls without the company face-up.) I wouldn't call her face-up shoddy. You got the eyebrows even. I hardly ever manage that.
    7. Yes, she is. This should make it more obvious: :lol:


      Yeah, but I had to start that second eyebrow over at least five times, and it was driving me crazy... :sigh
      And I think I have a problem with going a bit too subtle, and then they don't photograph well.
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    8. Dang I love that skin tone @Sianserais ! When you modded the eyes did you cut away the lower lid or from the top and bottom?
    9. I filed both the top and bottom, actually. Obviously I didn't make the eyes quite as large as the original version of the sculpt, but then those were placed closer together too.
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    10. @Sianserais no I already contacted someone to do it so she will have soon a face
    11. @Sianserais - They look enough alike to be sisters, but distinct enough to be told apart easily. Great job! And I know what you mean about too subtle to photograph well. You spend a bunch of time making individual tiny lash lines and then they photograph as a smudge. Yep, been there.
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    12. Well I've been distracted with a million other projects and haven't made anything new for Saireth for a while, but I did order her some shoes....which are sadly too tight and you can see her pinkie toe bulging out the side and her big toe bulging out the top! But it looks better with her dress than combat boots so here you go.
      [​IMG]The Interview by Skyealloway, on Flickr
      I really want her to have an elf friend and Racoondoll just released several but I'm having a hard time choosing one of those. I wish I had all the Creaturedoll ones :...(
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    13. lots of cool props and your Elven lady looks beautiful. I wouldn't even notice her toes if they'd not been pointed out.
      I'd love to have another Creature Dolls too. sad that the shop is closed. :sigh
    14. @skyealloway - The shoes look like very soft leather. If so, I expect they'll stretch after a while to accommodate her toes and you won't notice they were ever too tight. Love the room full of props, but poor Saireth looks sad.
    15. Thanks @petiteballerine and @vermont chick ! It took some shoving to get that backdrop to fit in my lightbox but I think it’s pretty convincing. I’d really like a book shelf for her trinkets.

      Maybe she’d feel better with a friend ;)
    16. Love the burgundy color on her, and the look she seems to be giving the little lizard/dragon. :XD: Cute props too! And I wouldn't have noticed the toe issue either.

      Finally got the other wigs I ordered for my girl, so I'll have to take a few more pics of her soon.
    17. Yay new wigs! Thanks @Sianserais , Gumi is technically a crocodile but I always treat him like a dragon despite his lack of horns or wings...I really should get him some horns...

      @vermont chick can you take a picture of all your creature doll girls together? I was just glancing at your profile and noticed you have like all the basic ones! Let me live vicariously through you :drool
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    18. Your wish is my command. Elves Lucia and Karin on the left, humans Mei and Lilith on the right.
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    19. Yay! :fangirl: Mei looks so motherly compared to the summer looks of the other gals :)

      I know you’ve tried several options without much luck, but please share if you ever do find a decent hybrid body- my Mei head never gets a turn with the body :sigh
    20. Mei does look matronly, doesn't she? :lol: The combination of old-fashioned hairstyle (bought for another doll, whom it didn't fit), overly-foofy dress (from Soul Doll for Vito girls), and high heels (where the other girls are wearing flats) makes her look older than the others. I'm working on something else for her as we speak.

      Your Mei needs to assert herself and demand her share of the Creature Doll body--at least until another doll maker comes along with a body that fits and with resin that matches. I'm thinking it might have to be another rogue Iplehouse sculptor, provided another one leaves to set up his own shop.