Creature Doll! Armored Beauties ready for Adventure

Feb 26, 2017

    1. It doesn’t work well for creating the wig base, and I haven’t tried it for making wefts, so far the book binder glue was best for attaching the wefts, it’s a little thicker and less drippy than my school glue :)
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    2. @skyealloway - Absolutely gorgeous! :aheartbea This is her best look yet. Incredible that this is yarn, because it looks like the really fine hair used in synthetic mohair wigs.

      When I tried to create wefts like this, I ended up with a plastic bag full of what looks like orange cotton candy--and much shorter wefts than I started out with. I used a plastic brush. Maybe I should have used a comb?
    3. @vermont chick yes I always have a pile of fluff left over too..that I just keep saving because you never know! My wefts wind up a lot shorter but overall the max hair length I can achieve is about mid shoulder blades which I think is ok. I use a fairly dense brush. Definitely not a good choice for super long hair. I think next I’ll either do a rainbow wig in the style of my very first wig, or a black with green highlights wig in a new style :XD:
    4. Oo, I've always loved blue/white hair. A nice choice for that dress! ^_^ Is that blonde in there too, or am I seeing something else?
      (Currently hunting for possible furniture for my girls on ebay...)
    5. @Sianserais no! a pale green with a more yellowy hue. Ohoh have you seen this store: fr-27 | eBay Stores

      It's been in my watch list forever...I keep being too broke to order anything, but I like the style and I think the scale is right!
    6. Ah, okay! And yes, actually, one of my JIDs is sitting on a chair from them! Only one I've bought so far, but definitely worth looking at again.
    7. @skyealloway - both wig ideas sound great. I can't wait to see what you do with them.

      A small part of my fluff pile is destined for a short flocked wig for one of my guys. Fingers crossed that this works.

      I followed your link to the doll furniture. Wow! I love much of what I see. Just what I needed--another demand on my doll money. Do you suppose the furniture maker uses a laser saw? Some of the detail is just so intricate. My elves want a throne!
    8. Gosh I would love some of the chairs. The chairs I have are OK (thrift store find) but the scale is off, more suitable for a standard YoSd really.
    9. All I did was follow the link to ebay and now ebay is emailing to ask if I'd like to place a bid.

      @Sianserais - What was the shipping like from Russia? I always hesitate buying from there because it can take a long time for the package to arrive.
    10. Not one of ebay's more endearing updates. I can't find an option to stop those emails specifically, either, just a general "promotion" setting. Seriously, guys, if I was interested in the item, I would have put it on my watch list!

      Anyway,... unfortunately, it's been a while, and I can't remember how long it took for certain. I don't recall having any complaints about it, though. I just ordered a chair and table set from them, so I'll let you know how it goes!
    11. @Sianserais - great! I look forward to seeing them and to learn how long they took to reach you. I'm wondering if they have a chair/throne that won't look dwarfed by the taller MSD guys like Raccoon and Magic Mirror's soon-to-be-released Levon.

      And here is some Karin spam, because Karin just received a Skyealloway original wig and couldn't wait to show it off:
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    12. The color suits her! Can I ask what that background is? It's a nice scale for this size.

      And... this one looks a bit more substantial at least?
      I'm tempted by the dragons on this one though.
    13. My background is something I picked up at JoAnn Fabrics a few years ago. I never saw anything like it there again, so I suspect it was a special order where the person didn't want the entire bolt. The printed edge has this info: "CP49473 Reluctant Companion Birch Woods, (C) Wild Wings, LLC by Rosemary Millette for Springs Creative Products Group, LLC, 2014." I have similar fall and winter fabrics--in pretty much the same scale--from other companies that I found online.

      Love that Gothic throne. The size should work well for the bigger guys, who probably won't even need the footrest. The Viking throne is wicked cool, but looks small even for the Tonner doll seated on it. I wish the maker would invest in a BJD or two for size comparisons. She might make more sales that way.
    14. Ah, well, a lucky find, then! Thanks for the info - I looked up the company, but no sign they still make that specific print (and it's not like I could buy directly from them anyway).

      And all of this reminds me that I haven't finalized the names for my twins yet.
    15. Karin and Lucia have met a gorgeous hunk of elf man from Raccoon Doll. Here they are with Kai (henceforth to be known as Kestral because I used to know an afghan hound named Kai):
    16. Interesting - his sculpt and Lucia's look like they'd work as siblings!
    17. They probably would. I'm struck by how pissy both Karin and Kestrel look.:lol:
    18. Karin and Kestrel again, just because...
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    19. I saw these on Flickr first and I just love them as a pair :D