Creature Doll! Armored Beauties ready for Adventure

Feb 26, 2017

    1. Thanks! I'm so glad I bought the dress when Creature Doll offered it, because it really helps place them in the same world. And luckily I had heel feet and high heel shoes for her; even with heels she's still way shorter than he is.
    2. It’s making me very anxious to get my Granado Lucifer and my Raccoondoll Iris! Saireth is a bit lonely by herself...
    3. I thought you had more than one elf already. Are the other Creature Dolls human?
    4. [​IMG]

      Well, the smaller-eyed version of Lucia definitely looks a bit more appropriate with Dane.
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    5. No other elf’s, just my Mei head that occasionally steals her body.

      @Sianserais you think so? I saw your gallery posted but I guess I didn’t notice. I’ll have to look again.
    6. Love that photo, @Sianserais ! Is it the natural light, I wonder, that makes your dress look a truer blue than mine? Mine is almost navy. Dane looks scrumptious.:love
    7. Well, I'm not saying it's such a huge difference as to look bad, just that it definitely gives my modded girl a different feel. But then those eyes Dane came with are absolutely TINY! I had a heck of a time readjusting them. I suppose if I gave my girls small-iris eyes it would reduce that effect.

      Pretty sure it's just the sunlight, because it's a very dark blue in truth. Not sure if I really like the sepia wig on him, but he definitely looks good in LB!
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    8. I received my Raccoondoll elf iris yesterday, Soo-min. I gotta say, my first impression is that I love my Creaturedoll more, but I like the variety she adds to my collection. Taewong Park just did not overlook any details when he designed Creaturedolls :( I should have bought all of them!
      [​IMG]Box Opening Raccoondoll Elf Iris by Skyealloway, on Flickr
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    9. wait racoondoll has a gray skin option?
    10. Oo, is she blue or is that just the lighting? I really like that wig and the circlet on her in any case! Does she have a place in Saireth's story yet?

      Also, I finally got my 1/4 scale furniture yesterday, but the box arrived looking like this.
      Several pieces (the top of the table and two of the chair-arms) had popped loose, but thankfully the pieces themselves were undamaged, and I was able to glue them back on, good as new. I did contact the seller just to suggest better packaging.
      Also, @vermont chick was right to wonder about the shipping - they supposedly shipped 09/01, but didn't get here until 10/23, the very last day of the wide estimate I was given. Yikes. Still, they're very nice for what they are!

      Not-so-great photo of the furniture by itself. (I need somewhere to take photos other than the floor.)

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    11. i thik i have furniture for my crew from the same seller and yes it was poorly packed. had to reglue the table and one chair...
    12. @Uminari yeah the grey option is new, I think Iris was the first doll offerered in the new grey.

      @Sianserais yeah it has a blueish tone to it, it’s definitely grey but with a blue tint. I’m not great at stories so we will see what happens! Hah.

      Congrats on the furniture, the gals look comfy. That’s a bummer about the packaging, but I’m glad there was no damage.
    13. she looks stunning in grey... seems i need to watch them more closely
    14. This being the Creature Doll thread, I probably shouldn't mention how gorgeous Raccoon Iris is. (Oh, look, I just did.) I'm betting the blue dress lends a bluer tone to her skin than is really there. The girls look good together and will probably look even better once Soo-min gets her face-up.

      @Sianserais - I like the scale of that furniture, although I wouldn't mind if it were a teeny bit bigger. As for the box photo--yikes! Looks like the package was simply tossed onto a container ship for the voyage.

      I always set up for photos on my dining table. The width of the table limits the scene somewhat, but I'm more comfortable walking around the table to take pics than crawling on my stomach around the floor. :lol:
    15. hahaha i also use our dining table for photos (but more because i can´t stand up alone anymore)
    16. I have one of those folding tables that I set up in the guest room. I have fold it up and put it away when we have company and need to put the air mattress up, but it’s really nice to not have to put things on the ground with tiny hands and pets always wanting to know what I’m doing haha
    17. Yeah, I usually just sit on a yoga cushion and have the camera on an extendable tripod, but it works better with the 1/3-scale dolls. Theoretically, I could carry everything (including the lighting) upstairs and use the table in the library/laundry room, if it wasn't stacked high with boxes that have nowhere else to go. We downsized when we moved here, so we don't have room for everything as it is. And I can't use the guest room because my mother sleeps there.
      But oh well, first-world problems. :lol:
    18. This past week was crazy! My Lucifer (ordered in April) arrived, Soo-min (ordered in August) arrived, and Saireth's new pet reanimated Chupacabra skeleton (ordered in September) arrived!
      [​IMG]Chupacabra in a Can by Skyealloway, on Flickr.
      I can't tell you how much I love this chupacabra's the perfect pet for Saireth.
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    19. That sure is an interesting skeleton, @skyealloway--I haven't seen one of those before. Something tells me Saireth shouldn't turn her back on him--not with those teeth.
    20. @skyealloway - oh, I like those 3D skeletons and wondered how they'd look with various size dolls. so glad you posted a photo of one.
      I always worried they'd be too fragile. they all seem so fine-boned. :aeyepop: very Halloween.

      sure wish Creatures Dolls was still in business. I love my angsty Karin. glad I bought clothes and extras.