Creature Doll! Armored Beauties ready for Adventure

Feb 26, 2017

    1. @petiteballerine yeah I think this guy was in my wishlist for at least a year, glad I finally pushed “buy”.

      I was looking at the two dresses I have and they share a similar design when I look at the seams on the inside. I know my designs won’t be as good as Park’s, but I might try to come up with a pattern and make similar dresses.
    2. oh guys i got pictures of my Karin from her fu artist and dang she looks stunning. was worth the wait <3

      [​IMG]P1040672[5914] by Antique Mind, auf Flickr
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    3. Oh, I love space-themed dolls! You've definitely made her unique!
    4. @Uminari - Wow! That makeup is unique and really cool. I can't wait to see her all put together with body, wig and costume.
    5. She’s fantastic! The constellation idea is very unique
    6. thank you all <3 When she arrived it was like with the doll in my avatar.. i had other plans but the doll wanted something cpmpletly else. I don´t know yet what eyes she will be getting or wig. For the wig i lean torwards a side shaved black and grey ombre wig from SophyMolly (i love the 3 wigs i already have from her and want to order anyways for an incoming doll). For eyes maybe completly black or universe glittery one.
    7. Alright I finally did it - I took the plunge and ordered this body to try to hybrid with my poor floating Mei Doll Parts, Doll Family - BJD Dolls, Accessories - Alice's Collections
      She seems fairly low priced (comparatively) so I won't feel terrible if I need to sand down the neck or something. I think the measurements will work OK. Creature doll's gals vs DF-A VII gal
      neck 6.5 vs 6.3
      shoulder 9 vs 8.8
      chest 19.9 vs 19
      waist 12.2 vs 12.6
      hip 21.6 vs 19.5

      So I feel pretty confident the head wont look out of proportion...just kind of depends on how the head rests on top of the neck I think....oh and if the colors are totally off :doh Fingers crossed, the wait beings!
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    8. It looks like a nice body. The all-important neck measurements look very close. And if the colors don't quite match, she can wear different scarves around her neck. :thumbup
    9. haha good idea. I made a photoshop mockup, looks good to me! Hybrid
    10. Looks like it might work. It will be interesting to see when you put the head on the body and get her dressed.
    11. That does sound like it should be a decent match. Good luck and be sure to share pics when you get it!
    12. This is truly beautiful. Can't wait to see her with eyes, hair and full costume.
    13. I'd also love to see how Karin is coming along, @Uminari
      I'm trying to share photos but I'm not sure its working like it used to? Can anyone see this photo?
    14. @skyealloway - I don't see your photo. But then, I don't see any photos from people using Flickr. I usually select only the part of the string between the img tags. Since that isn't showing up, I'm trying the full string below:
      [​IMG]Creature Doll Mei vignette by Lorraine, on Flickr

      Very weird. It doesn't show up in the message, but when I hit edit to add this comment, there it was.
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    15. I can see your picture! Mine is still missing. Sigh. Hello Mei! I’m so excited to finally put mine on a body. I think maybe 3 months to go!
    16. Flickr seems to have fixed whatever ailed it yesterday. I see your pic now. It's very small, but I like how she looks. Love her sweater!
    17. My doll family A ver2 body just arrived for my Mei head! And it fits! She does not have as much neck mobility as the original creature doll body... but it’s actually just as good as raccoondoll. The neck is a tad too long as well, so when my busy season at work is done I will probably mod it and try to make the shape more match the original body so her mobility is better.

      Other thoughts? The hands are rough compared to the beautiful sculpting on the creaturedoll hands, and the forearm is too think to substitute creaturedoll hands or doll chateau hands.

      The body itself is not in the realistic category. But I still like it, the torso, upper arm and thigh are all thoughtfully shaped. Overall her posing is really good.

      So if you have an extra head lying around and don’t like your dolls to share, I think just a tiny mod and this is a good option!

      Hopefully I’ll have time for pics this weekend :)
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    18. Picture Time!
      I went ahead a made a comparison thread here:

      I am in love. Not as in love as I am with the original creature doll, but still really happy with my hybrid. Having spent more time with her, I may not change the neck after all. The hands though....the hands need to be switched. My spare Creature Doll hands and Doll Chateau hands were a no-go; the wrist joint is too thick so it looks off. So now i have to dolls that need new hands (don't care for my raccoondoll's hands either ) :sigh

      She looks really good in my Creature Doll clothes though!
      [​IMG]Creature Doll Mei by Skyealloway, on Flickr

      And there they go, switching up my ideas again! I thought for sure Mei would be the enchantress, and Saireth would be the warrior, but now I think they've done flipped it on me! Man she sure needs hands to grip a sword though...
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    19. Sorry to hear about the hands, but she looks good otherwise! I think the dress and wig (and sword) suit her. ^_^