Creature Doll! Armored Beauties ready for Adventure

Feb 26, 2017

    1. @skyealloway - I left body comments on your comparison thread. I have to agree she wears Creature Doll clothes well, but those big hands have to go. I wish I could think of a good alternative. WithDoll hands are probably too small, plus they join on with magnets rather than s-hooks. They are preparing to release a new girl body, however, so it will be interesting to see what changes they will make with hands, if any. Because WithDoll does a lot of fantasy dolls, you get hands that can hold various weapons. Luts Model Delf girl hands look like a good size, but the only hands they sell separately are fist-like, so no hope of clasping a sword, and they attach via resin hook. You can probably forget about color matching there, too, as their normal is very pale. Same with Dollmore Kid and Judith hands. Normal is very pale, and despite numerous hand positions there doesn't appear to be anything that will hold a sword.
    2. Oh good ideas @vermont chick ! I hadnt considered looking into withdoll, or dollmore, or Luts, but sounds like withdoll is most likely to have an alternative. I see iplehouse has some hands for FID listed separately too so I’m considering that as well.
    3. Ah! I did it! Well first I got jumpy and saw that I gal I know IRL was selling spare MSD hands on the marketplace so I bought those..... FYI Soom MSD hands are much much much bigger :doh

      But! Then I watched some modding you tube videos and gathered up my courage and BAM! My Doll Family A body can use my spare creature doll hands!

      What I did was I determined there were two issues to fix- 1 the socket on the arm was too deep for the ball on the hands and 2 the shape of the lower arm was flared out toward the wrist, creating a weird unnatural look when paired with the smaller hands.

      So I filled in the socket with some 2 part putty (Fixit stick) and used a straw to shape the string hole and a eye bevel tool to keep the socket round. Then when it was all hardened and set I sanded the wrists down and viola!

      My flikr app hasn’t worked on my phone for like a week or I’d take a picture :( hopefully I can work it from my laptop tomorro. Also I know I’m a chicken and could/should probably sand the arm down more....but I’m happy enough with the results for now :kitty2
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    4. @skyealloway - I can't wait to see pics of the modded wrists. At the rate you're going you'll eventually be making your own BJDs!
    5. Thank you for your confidence @vermont chick !
      It was a beautiful day here yesterday, although my photos are a bit washed out...actually it works to my advantage - the color difference in the hands and arms doesn't stand out much!

      [​IMG]Hands Mod! by Skyealloway, on Flickr
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    6. Wow, @skyealloway, your wrist mods don't show at all! The hands are a little small for the body, but at least she's able to grasp her sword. I think the color only looks off because of the blushing on the face. Otherwise the hands appear to be a pretty good color match for the body.
    7. I hunger for Karin spam!
    8. Here's a warrior pic in honor of our fallen warriors on this Memorial Day.


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    9. Her tiny details are great- lil pierced ears, painted nails!
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    10. I finally named her - meet Alise!
      [​IMG]Jasminebjdboutique purchases by Skyealloway, on Flickr

      I was browsing the marketplace the other day and noticed a Karin listed for sale. I wish I had all the monies and could buy every Creature Doll that comes up :sigh

      As it is I shouldn't be thinking of buying new dolls at all, my boys are both going to pre-k this year and I'm pretty much broke :chomp: but I think I'll try to save up for a Iplehouse FID Rexy next, to round out my "fashion scale" MSD crew.
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    11. Yey Alise!!! Well met
    12. Finally took a decent picture of my new space buns type wig!
      [​IMG]Wigs by Skyealloway, on Flickr

      Saireth can pull off any look :)
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    13. That's so cute! I love the way her outfit goes with the hair too. ^_^
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    14. Love the space buns!
    15. Wow so beautiful.
    16. @skyealloway - Those are gorgeous! So realistic--I love how she looks in them.
    17. @skyealloway - Agreed, those look amazingly good on her! I think the name suits her too. ^_^ Thanks for sharing!