Creature Doll! Armored Beauties ready for Adventure

Feb 26, 2017

    1. @skyealloway - Wow! I don't have many dolls who can stand like that! Thanks for the restringing tip.

      Is Tamara Casey (Designs by Jude) the seller of FID patterns? She also sells via her own website, on ebay and on Amazon. Her first two patterns for FID girls are up for sale. Sort of vintage in style so they won't be to everyone's taste, but I expect more patterns will be coming seeing as she tends to make the same ones for each size doll she lists. I have a couple of FID girls and find that Iplehouse JID clothing fits, so that may be another option for CreatureDoll girls.
    2. Ah good to know @vermont chick ! I would not have thought to check jid clothes. Yes it is Designs by Jude. I sent her a message asking her if she was going to make her medieval dress pattern in FID size and she said thanks for the suggestion :) I agree right now the two patterns available aren't to my taste, but certainly a store to watch :) she says she announces her new patterns on her Facebook and Pinterest.
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    3. It's good to know Tamara is open to suggestions, because I have a bunch! Up until now I've been buying patterns larger or smaller than I need and fussing with them until they fit. I'd much rather have something that fits without alterations.

      I'm not on Facebook so I depend on other people to let me know when something new pops up. Pinterest mystifies me. The few times I've looked at it, all I've seen are pictures of things people like with no reference to sources where someone else could get more information. That drives me up a wall. Okay, I've just had another look and I see references now. A person could spend all day on there...
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    4. So my Lucia (ordered 05/02) did arrive on Monday with her extra hands and a pair of the blue-handled knives, but we've got company this week, so I didn't do a box-opening. She's definitely of the mature-mini variety, so she won't fit well with my JIDs. She has a few very minor seams, but nothing to complain about. The blushing on her face is a bit heavier than I'd prefer, but nice enough otherwise. The outfit is fine except for the pleather pants, which are so tight the seams in the crotch were trying to tear out while I was putting them on her, and you do have to take her hands off to put the dark sleeves on. (I'm not impressed by the wig either, but I bought that off e-bay.) I really like the gear system in her hips, but it needs to be very tightly strung to function its best, and if you restring her (I did) you have to make sure those 'floating' pieces go back in the right way around. Her head is so small, I was surprised to find a normal-sized S-hook in there. In general, I'm pleased with her, and she's ridiculously lightweight compared to the dolls I'm used to dealing with! I think she'd make someone a good travel-buddy.

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    5. Yay congrats @Sianserais ! She looks lovely! That's too bad about the pants being so tight :(

      I got a new wig for my girl yesterday- a Monique gold Buttercup style wig....and it's not for me:eek: covers the ears too much. I might be able to salvage it if I play with it enough.
    6. Congrats @Sianserais ! She's lovely. Did she come with glass eyes or acrylics? I agree with you about the heavy blushing. I wonder if it's too late to email Creature Doll and ask for mine to come blank? I ordered only a week ago. I hate to spend the money for a face-up and then have to repaint her. (Been there, done that--more than once. I'm a slow learner.) As for the size, I can't wait to compare her with my FIDs and Raccoons. She should fit right in.

      I like what I see of the costume. I debated ordering it for my girl, but I worried about how tight the pants would be. Looks like I was right to worry. You could always replace them with tights in another fabric.

      @skyealloway - I'm not surprised by how the Buttercup wig fits. I have that one for some larger dolls and it's too full to expose elf ears. Maybe you could get the hair to stay put with some hair gel? I have a Monique Paris for my girl--it hangs straight and is easy to tuck behind the ears. I know because my Lumedoll elf has worn it. He has a shorter wig now.
    7. @skyealloway: Yeah, this is the only wig I own that fit Lucia at all, and it still needed wigstopper strips to keep it on, and of course the hair covers her lovely elf-ears. Good luck with yours!

      @vermont chick: They're just acrylics (purple ones, in case you couldn't tell), but that's fine with me. I'm pretty picky about the glass eyes I use. I'm sure it's not too late for you to ask about the faceup if you really want to! I suspect she'll go well in your group, but I don't have any other mature-minis to compare her to. Here's a shot with my Tatiana, if that helps!

      It's funny - Lucia's head is smaller, her hands are almost the same size, but her feet are larger than a JIDs. But then I could also point out that Tatiana is wearing an outfit that was designed for a Withdoll SWD in this pic...
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    8. @Sianserais - Maybe the sculptor read the Raccoon thread where we all complained about how small Raccoon girl feet are. So he figured he'd give his girls feet big enough to wear readily available shoes. Love your Lucia's boots, by the way. Who makes them, if I might ask?

      There's no accounting for what JID girls can fit into.:lol: The outfit is pretty cool, no matter which size doll it was designed for.
    9. @Sianserais your pair look great together, the outfits share a lot of similarities I think. I ordered glass eyes from ginarolo on here and I think they will be here Saturday. Where do you think you'll order from.

      I will try to make the wig work @vermont chick and let you know how it goes. I mostly got it because the seller listed it for only $10. I'm so excited to see comparisons with actual comparable dolls lol. None of my group is remotely similar to Creature Doll. Sometimes I wish I owned a withdoll thou.
    10. I collect primarily slim mature minis, so I can also show you a WithDoll with a Creature Doll when my Lucia arrives. WithDoll minis have a size 6-7 head. Creature Doll, Raccoon, Fashion Iplehouse and Lumedoll are all size 5-6. The newer Model Delfs are also 5-6, although my two, which are older sculpts, are size 6-7. More and more companies seem to be getting into this doll size. I'm loving it!
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    11. Oh definitely! You are sure to have the ultimate comparison thread with a collection like that! I'm intrigued by the Model Delf as well, particularly the male dolls. I hadn't thought of lumedoll being this scale too, I'll look them up.
    12. I heard back from Taewong Park and he/she (does anyone know for sure?) has cancelled my Lucia's makeup. Whew! Of course, that means I'll be painting a head I can barely see, but that's what magnifiers are for. I've done it before on my Lumedoll and one of my FIDs and the results weren't terrible. Hopefully I can make it work.

      @skyealloway - I have a small head Model Delf boy on my wish list. Instead of moving up the list, however, he slips down each time Iplehouse releases a new batch of FIDs. One of these days I'll order him. The Lumedoll boys are the same height as the Creature Doll girls; Lumedoll girls are about 2cm shorter.
    13. I found Taewong Park on Facebook. Gender listed is male :)
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    14. Thanks! I thought so, but I wasn't sure.:)
    15. @vermont chick: Good to hear that worked out for you! Those should be these LeekeWorld boots, actually. They fit her feet pretty well, but they're definitely wide around the ankles - hence why her leg-wraps are inside them. They would be a good option for any time you want to tuck pants inside them, anyway!
      As for the JID, the waist of the shorts is definitely too big, but really, it would only take minor modifications to make everything fit! I can't decide if I want to make it officially hers or not. :lol:

      @skyealloway: Oh, I think I'll just keep her as is for the moment. I actually use acrylics in many of my dolls (glass is only when I want a clear hue with no noticeable texture, usually), and I haven't finalized a plan for Lucia yet. And thanks for confirming the artist's gender! I was confused on that as well.
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    16. @Sianserais - Thanks for the boots info. Room to tuck in pants or leggings is a good thing! Out of curiosity, can Lucia wear any JID shoes or boots? I would imagine heels might not fit, but I have some of the flat soled boots and my WithDoll girls can wear them. I think their feet are the same size as Creature Doll feet, although I see two different foot measurements on the website. Under the Basic Body the foot length is given as 5.7cm, but under Lucia it's given as 5.5cm. Which length is correct? Do you know?
    17. 5.7 looks to be correct. I don't have a lot of MSD shoes to try on her, but from what I can tell, JIDs' are too small.
      These Dollmore shoes and I think these are a little too big, though stuffing the toes would probably make either work.
      These shoes and these boots from Doll Mansion are too small/narrow (but fit my JIDs great).
      This one should fit fine, but the heel kept squashing down on me (clearly we need doll-sized shoehorns).
      These fit perfectly.
      Doll Mansion is great for listing the interior length of their shoes at the bottom of each page, but they don't mark what's out of stock, and I've had issues with them not receiving my order properly when I submit it on their site, causing us to have to work things out via email. The person I dealt with both times was helpful and prompt, and it seems they also sell some in-stock items on ebay, however, so that's how I'd recommend dealing with them.
      ...just in case any of that information is of use... :lol:
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    18. @Sianserais - Thanks for the detailed information! :thumbup Wow, I'm glad I didn't invest in shoes ahead of time. I have a stash of shoes accumulated over the years, many of which are too big for my current dolls. I'll have a go at those before I buy anything new. Those black boots at Doll Mansion are gorgeous--too bad I no longer have JIDs.
    19. Realized I left something out. I just now tried my JID boy's boots on her and they're definitely too big. He can't quite fit into those Leeke boots either. Ah well.
    20. I wouldn't expect JID boy boots to fit these girls, seeing as they fit my FID men.