Creature Doll! Armored Beauties ready for Adventure

Feb 26, 2017

    1. Oh dang I had never heard of Creature Doll before! I'm super sad I missed the Priestess Eve preorder period, I'm a big Warhammer 40,000 universe fan and she's a perfect Sister of Battle!
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    2. That's interesting to know. I was actually more disappointed he couldn't wear the Leeke boots, since I bought them for him, originally. ...but now I'm getting off topic. :lol:
    3. :...(Uuugghhhhh FYI the eyes are 8mm not 10mm!!

      The poor quality greenish eyes are the eyes she came wig, the gold eyes are 10mm and I literally just bought them :atremblin and the small blue eyes are 6mm that I stole out of a puki.
      [​IMG]New eyes by Skyealloway, on Flickr
      She can't take 6mm- gaps, she can't take 10mm, no whites show at all. Has to be 8mm
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    4. @Sianserais - This is why I have a graveyard of all the ill-fitting shoes I've bought over the years. I don't dare part with any of them, because the minute I do I'll buy a doll that could have worn them.:lol:

      @skyealloway - Bummer! I recently bought eyes but didn't think I needed any 8mm. Guess I'll have to shop again.
    5. I finally stopped pouting and went with safrin doll 8mm eyes with small irises. It's a preorder so she will be wearing some 8mm stole from a pukipuki for a while.

      In other sad news, magnets have started to come out. The left paldron had one magnet that wasn't quite flush, which made it real tight to get naturally the second magnet came out. Turns out it's exceptionally difficult to get it back in because 1) it tries to jump to the other still attached magnet and 2) if it's not just right the paldron won't fit on the armor.... so I gave up on that and filled in the spot where the magnet was with fun foam. Only one magnet holds the paldron on, but the fun foam helps keep pressure so I feel it is secure.

      Second magnet that came loose is stuck INSIDE the resin staff topper from off of the top of the staff pole. I can't get it out. I tried other magnets. I need a very powerful magnet- it's wedged it. I'm not sure what to do- if I permanently glue the staff together she won't be able to hold it right because you have to take the topper off and slide the pole into her hand for her to hold it.

      I can post pictures if my descriptions are confusing...I mostly wanted to share my sadness :...(
    6. @skyealloway - That's unfortunate. I hope you have contacted Creature Doll--with photos. Whether or not he can do anything, he needs to be made aware of the problem. Magnets shouldn't be falling out after such a short time. Maybe Mr. Park will have some suggestions for fixing them. Hope so!
    7. @vermont chick no I didn't think to contact him. I'll take a few pictures and see what he says.
    8. New doll is released!
      New Doll - [CREATURE DOLL] 45cm BASIC DOLL LILITH & Free shiping event

      I like her, but I like Mei better. Still might order Mei's outfit and some extra hands. Now there is high heel feet too, which I might need.

      Also, before I reached out to Taewong with my magnet problem, he sent me an email asking what was wrong! He sent instructions for getting the magnet and I'm hopeful I can get it.

      All my wigs came in, the alpaca wig is the best by far. Both of these came from Etsy sellers(KateDollAtelier and HaselsAesthetics). The mohair one in the top right is soft and beautiful but the seams on the inside make it ill fitting. The other three pictures are the Alpaca wig. It's easy to manipulate and soft and thin enough to show her ears.
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    9. The wigs are pretty, @skyealloway - I like the alpaca best. I'm glad to hear Taewong Park contacted you about the magnets. If you hadn't emailed him yet, do you think he's been reading this thread? Hope you can get the magnet situation straightened out.

      Lilith is very pretty. I'd be tempted, but I'm still waiting for Lucia so I won't order just yet. Although, free shipping is a definite plus. I'm tempted to order the heel feet for Lucia. There is a pair of red high heel shoes up for sale, with the feet shown in them. I don't know--they're pretty high. I can tell the feet won't work with any other shoes I have.

      I love the red sorcerer's dress but that zipper pull is way out of scale. I guess that's what the short cape is for--to hide the pull!
    10. Yay another Phyllis owner!!
      Your link doesn't work for me thou :(

      @vermont chick yes I figure he must be reading this thread. I hope your Lucia arrives soon!
    11. That's really weird, it's working for me. Maybe this one will work?

      Instagram post by M • Jun 7, 2017 at 2:44am UTC

      That new red mage dress is amazing! If it's still available in Septemberish I'm totally going to get it with my Mei.
      I'm really regretting not asking if I could get a second Phyllis head though D:
    12. Heel feet are a nice option, anyway! I'll have to consider that. I think I like Mei better than Lilith as well, but that red dress is lovely. I'm kind of sad I missed Eve now, since she's my second favorite so far, but I didn't really have any use for that armor. I did appreciate seeing actual protective armor on a female doll for a change, though!

      skyealloway: Oh, that was nice of him! Good luck with those pesky magnets! And yes, the Alpaca wig looks very nice on her - I might have to keep that idea in mind. ^_^

      Meyneth: Thanks for sharing your lovely girl, and congrats!
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    13. @Meyneth that link works! Cool you got the armor unpainted. Do you have any ideas in mind for it?
    14. @Meyneth - The link now works for me, too. Lovely photos. Can't wait to see more of her. Congrats!
    15. I was thinking blue and red maybe? Or a dark silver? I do know that I want to stain the dowel part of the staff a wood colour, rather than painting it something. :s

      She's so great
      I'm in the middle of a room overhaul so hopefully the craft area comes together soon. ^^
    16. @Meyneth ooo sounds exciting! It'll be fun to see your progress!

      The weather was beautiful here yesterday so I took a much better picture of Saireth in her favorite wig [​IMG]Wigs for Saireth by Skyealloway, on Flickr

      I also ordered a light tent off amazon- why have I waited so long to do that:?- and it'll be here next week.

      Lastly I found this Etsy shop EverAfterMiniatures that has download PDF patterns for bjd books. They are 1/12 scale, but maybe it'd just look like a small book....or maybe it enlarges ok. Either way, my magic elf lady needs books! Summoning Magic Dollhouse Miniature Book – 12th Scale OPENABLE Summoning Magic Miniature Book – Magic Circle for Spell Printable DOWNLOAD
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    17. My Lucia has shipped! She will arrive blank, with no clothing or shoes, but at least I have wigs and may be able to scrounge a pair of 8mm eyes to tide her over until my Safrindoll order arrives. I had to put in a second order because the first time I got only 6mm and 10mm. Now to pray for good weather, because I can't do a face-up if it's raining...

      Thanks @skyealloway for the link to EverAfterMiniatures. I don't know if I'll order, but seeing the 1/12 books gives me ideas for making my own.:)

      Can't wait to see what you can do with a light tent. I've been tempted for years to get one. What size did you order? Are you getting only the tent, or the photo lamps too?
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    18. @vermont chick yay excited for you! It'll be fun to see a Creature Doll girl customized .

      I ordered a 90cm x 90cm light tent and two led photography lights. I wanted one big enough for my 65cm guy, although I imagine it's going to be enormous! It'll be fun to take it to local doll meets for everyone to use :thumbup
    19. Wow, that should be great! I'm sure it will be big, but hopefully it will fold neatly so you can carry it. One woman in my local doll group sometimes brings her two photography lights to our meet-ups. It makes photo-taking so much easier, especially when you get stuck displaying dolls in one of the darker corners of the room!