Creature Doll! Armored Beauties ready for Adventure

Feb 26, 2017

    1. Wow, that will be pretty big! Hope you'll share how it works for you. ^_^ Since most of my resins are in the 60-70cm range, I opted for diffusion filters that attach to the lights instead, myself, but I'm not sure they function as well.
    2. They are amazing!
    3. FYI: Dollzone silicone wig cap in size 5/6 is too big :huh?:
      [​IMG]Shoot that don't fit by Skyealloway, on Flickr
      It hovers around her head like a halo. Looks like it's back to the drawing board for how to keep her wig from slipping.

      Edit to add: creature doll has a twitter @ctreaturedoll. Really cool wip pics!
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    4. @skyealloway - Looking at your photo I'd say you want a size 4/5.

      I have a few tiny wig caps. If one of them fits--and if I can remember where I bought it--I'll let you know.
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    5. Seeing the blank Lucia head is shaking my resolve for Mei... D:
    6. Ooh! If the WIP photos are for the next 2 dolls, I want! Gorgeous elves. Oh gosh, I need them both.

      I just took another look at Creaturedoll's Twitter account. Those WIP photos are from February and show Lucia and Phyllis.
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    7. Yeah same two elves already released, sorry I didn't specify! Love seeing a side by side of them thou, and I'll try to remember to watch for more wip pics now that I know there is a twitter out there.

      Haha well @vermont chick its good you love the pic because one of them is on its way to you now!

      @Meyneth im sad that mei outfit is sold out now :...(
    8. Not only is my Lucia on her way, it looks like she'll be delivered today. Can't wait to see her.:celebrate

      She arrived shortly before noon. The outer box was crushed but everything inside was okay. I've been trying things on her with only half as much luck as I expected. I had hoped she could wear an elf outfit I made for a WithDoll girl but it didn't fit. On the other hand, a dress I made for a different WithDoll girl did fit. Go figure. I still need to try on stuff I acquired and/or made for my Raccoons and FIDs.

      As for shoes, most of the ones that are long enough are too wide, or else they're heels and she can't stand in them. Why oh why do these ex-Iplehouse sculptors continue to sculpt Iplehouse ankles? A real ball joint in the ankle would make a world of difference in posing and stability. The shoes that fit best are cheap bow flats I bought years ago--I think I got them from Denver Doll.

      I'm waiting for the rain to stop before I take photos. Long range forecast is for rain and more rain. I keep thinking I see a hint of sunshine in the sky but I suspect I'm delusional. I want to take pics! I want to do a face-up! I need sun!
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    9. Rain rain go away! @vermont chick im glad to hear she arrived in good shape! I'm so excited to see pictures!

      I also got a box from Creature Doll today- my replacement staff! After the magnet got stuck, Tae Wong and I have been talking through email. He gave me good instructions to get the magnet out, but mine was wedged in, and I couldn't get it. Tae Wong offered to send me a new one :D he changed the way the magnet attached to the pole so I won't have this problem again. I'm so happy to have a new staff- I had damaged the original paint on the first staff while struggling to free the magnet. Creature Doll is the nicest company I've ever ordered from for sure! :sumomo:
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    10. vermont chick: Glad she's okay! Good luck with the weather, and hope to see photos soon. ^_^

      skyealloway: Aw, that's nice anyway! I'm glad it worked out for you in the end.
    11. Oh man! I wonder if he'll get more stock or if they're limited clothing??
      That puts more pressure to get that mage outfit.. :o
    12. I get all my wig caps from Taobao but DDE has them in all sizes.
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    13. Sun is shining today! But will it last long enough for me to do a face-up? I took some photos, including size comparison with Raccoon Doll and Iple's FID. Below are Raccoon Mika, Creature Lucia, and FID Miho. Miho is the only one in heels, so it's not a true height comparison, but I didn't want to fuss with trying to change her to flat feet.
      [​IMG]IMG_3669 by Lorraine, on Flickr
      Lucia's dress is a bit short--it's one I made for the shorter WithDoll girls.
      I'll take more photos, including with other size dolls, after Lucia is faced-up.
      Forgot to mention that I changed her eyes to 6mm. I like this size on her--regrettably I didn't put them in straight.
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    14. Yay pictures! @vermont chick blue dress is beautiful! Her eyes look to be a good size too. I liked the look of 6mm in Phyllis but she had a big gap with the pair I had...I think oval shaped ones would fix it.

      She's so similar to her two friends! Do you buy pants for your dolls? What company fits best?

      Her ears are very cute. Good luck with your faceup! Did you faceup the other gals in the pic?
    15. Thanks! Lucia's 6mm eyes are oval, which appears to be the only way to get small eyes without gaps at the sides.

      I haven't bought any pants for my girls. I made a pair for my slim body Raccoon girls; they came out a little short so I may try again. I just bought a pattern for FID girls. They're for capri pants so they might work for everyone, depending on whether or not the hips fit. Raccoon has two different girl bodies: the original glamour body which has wide hips and the newer slim body which has a slightly larger waist but narrower hips and thighs. Finding one pattern to work for all four bodies is a challenge! Creature Doll's hip measurement is exactly the same as Raccoon's slim body hips, but CD's waist is almost 3cm smaller than FID's and CD's chest is almost exactly in between Raccoon's large and small chests. You can see the problem for making something fit.

      Both my Raccoon girl and my FID came with default face-ups. After a while I decided to redo Miho's face-up, so what you see is my work. I actually like it better than her original makeup. Weather forecast promises sunshine by Wednesday, so I hope I can get to Lucia's face-up then.
    16. Wow, I've never heard of this company before but those full sets are gorgeous! I'm gonna have to go look around now....usually mature looking dolls aren't really my thing, but these girls are amazing!
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    17. Still no face-up, but at least I can give you all a closer look at her facial sculpt.
      [​IMG]IMG_3666 by Lorraine, on Flickr
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    18. I have now done 2 and 1/2 face-ups on Lucia--and I'm about to wipe her once again and start over. There is a slippery spot above one eye that won't take color, no matter how much Mr. Super Clear I spray. Doesn't matter if I use pastel or watercolor pencil, I've ruined her eyebrows three times because the color won't stick. I hope that if I sand that area gently next time before spraying I'll get enough tooth to work with. If that doesn't do it, I'll have to send her to someone who has an airbrush. Super frustrating.
    19. Is it like, the exact same spot? It could be some extra residue from the casting process?
      Maybe a little extra cleaning on that spot?
    20. Exact same spot each time. After I cleaned her again I went over that area lightly with a wet sanding sponge and that seems to have taken care of it. I'll take photos tomorrow when I have better light.