Creature Doll! Armored Beauties ready for Adventure

Feb 26, 2017

    1. Awesome! Glad that got fixed ^^

      My Iplehouse Luna had that problem too, right under one of her eyes. Even if I used the air brush the colour would want to pool. I was so nervous since she was one of my first dolls (but the first one I did a faceup on) I though I was going to ruin her if I rubbed too much.. D:
    2. At long last, here is Lily (aka Lucia):
      [​IMG]IMG_3717 by Lorraine, on Flickr
      Doing a face-up that small is incredibly hard. It looks great to the naked eye, then you take a photo and OMG, awful! But I've done her a total of 4 times and that's it. I'm done. I've also taken a bunch of comparison pics with other mini mature dolls. If you click on the link to my photo, I think it will take you to a point where you can see the others, too.
      Her dress is from Raccoon Doll. It's a little big in the hips as it was designed on his original body, which is somewhat pear shaped.
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    3. Woo I took a look at your comparisons @vermont chick ! Dang I kind of love your withdoll Angela....and your many many awesome elf outfits! I'm surprised to see the model delf boy was near her same height, while the iplehouse boy was quite a bit taller.
    4. Thanks! It's funny, Angela came to me in partial payment for a big sale. Otherwise I never would have bought a doll in that resin color. (I think she's supposed to be their Rosy Brown but to me she looks more like their UV Dark Grey.) Now she's one of my favorite WithDolls.

      I need to sew an elf outfit for Lily. I thought she could wear an outfit that I originally made for WithDoll Ruby, but the cropped top is too short. The only elf outfits I didn't make are Egon's and Ruby's. Egon's came from Soul Doll (which is why the pants are too long). Ruby's blouse and long tunic were part of an outfit from The Franklin Mint for their Laurel, Empress of the Elves vinyl doll. The bottom didn't fit with the tunic so I made leggings.

      Yeah, the Iplehouse FID guys are huge. The advantage is that you can pair them with any of the small head girls and the guys will be taller. I wish they came with a choice of bodies, because I now have a very beefy male chorus line.:lol:
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    5. Any chance anybody with one of these gals also has a doll chateau or dollzone in normal pink? I was at a doll meet and the jointed hands are perfectly sized! But everyone at the meet had only white dolls so I don't know about color match
    6. New progress photo up on twitter! I know I'm in trouble!
    7. I checked Twitter and don't see anything new. Maybe he has removed it since you looked?

      In case anyone is thinking of ordering the red heels: I placed an order over the weekend and got an email back from Mr. Park saying that everything in my order was sold out. He has indeed marked the shoes Sold Out, but I also ordered the heel feet and they're not showing unavailability.
    8. Hmmm I still see it here cteaturedoll on Twitter

      That's a bummer! I wonder how the heel feet could be sold out? Maybe he just made a mistake ...
    9. You mean the swords? I was looking for a doll head. I never even looked at swords.:XD:

      Yeah, I think he made a mistake about the heel feet. I'll wait and order them with my next doll, because shipping on just a pair of feet would probably cost more than the feet themselves.

      Has anybody ordered Mei? I'm awfully tempted to take advantage of the free shipping while it's available.
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    10. Yes I meant the swords:XD:. So many possibilities! Could she be a knight? A black knight? A barbarian? A ranger? Will she be limited or sold piecemeal? Lol
    11. I'm tempted by the free shipping offer although I can't decide which of the girls I like best. Mei has a sweet face but I'm not sure if I see her as a sword wielding adventurer, and I'd want to stick with the fantasy theme. (I'm also quite excited by the progress pic of the sword! :D)

      Out of curiousity please could someone tell me if a 5-6" wig fits closely, or if there would be any chance of using a 4-5" wig? The site doesn't give an actual head measurement.
    12. @jemmilly - I chose Mei because of her sweet face. No way do I see her as any kind of sword wielder!:lol:

      I tried a 4- 5 Monique Gold wig on Lily (my Lucia). It's really stretchy but I still couldn't get it to stay on her head. Part of the reason may be the elf ears. Maybe if someone has a 4-5 wig and a girl with human ears they could try it for you.

      Lily wears 5-6 Moniques. The one below is Paris; color is Stripe Punk.
      [​IMG]IMG_3694 by Lorraine, on Flickr
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    13. I just got a new Monique 5-6" wig for my Lucia and it fits very snugly, so I wouldn't expect a 4-5" to work.

      (I didn't feel like swapping out her hands, so I used a bit of putty to hold the knives.)

      Also definitely interested in those swords! Hopefully I can order those with a pair of heel-feet if nothing else.
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    14. Got my new safrin doll sunburst bold eyes in 8mm with 6mm iris....I think they are too small and make her look evil
      Who wore it best
      Sooo I ordered two more pairs- ember and verdant in 10mm w 8mm pupils. Fingers crossed!
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    15. I left a comment on your Flickr, @skyealloway . Agree that the small, bright eyes make her look evil. I haven't tried any of my new Safrin eyes in Lily, but I'm having the evil eye problem in my Raccoon girls. FID Grace doesn't look too bad in them.

      I took Lily to a local doll meet-up on Saturday. Here she is with my Lumedoll Meissa boy. Lily is wearing an outfit I made to coordinate with Meissa's. Too bad it's not a full-length photo, because I also made shoes (which didn't come out half bad, if I do say so myself).
      [​IMG]IMG_3749 by Lorraine, on Flickr
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    16. The outfits look very nice on them both! Did the other people like her?
    17. Love those outfits :D
      Glad to know the evil eye problem isn't just Phyllis ;)
    18. Thanks! Too bad you can't see the rest of her skirt. I'll have to find another pic. People sat up and took notice when I showed them how posable her arms are. Those split elbow peanuts are the greatest thing since sliced bread.
      By the way, which Monique wig is your Lucia wearing in the photo above? Is it the Pixie? Or something else?
      Thanks! I think the evil eye results from Safrin's exceptionally bright, vivid colors. The colors they call "Natural" aren't too bad; the ones they call "Bold" are electrifying! I don't know who will get stuck with my Bold Juicy Pear--they are totally worthy of an Evil Queen.
    19. They are definitely a nice improvement!
      Oh, it's apparently a brand new one called Snow. I didn't realize it was so new when I found it on ebay, but then I got an update e-mail from Monique two days ago and there it was, so... :lol: My only complaint is that it's supposed to be white and blue, but the white is a little yellowed for some reason. I have some of the side locks pulled back with a clip in that photo, in case it isn't obvious.
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