Crobidoll T-Line Discussion thread

Mar 5, 2012

    1. are rudy's ears/horns attached by magnets or how do you get them over/through the wigs and hats?
    2. yes Rudy's ears/horns are magnets, they seem to stick nicely even through hats and wigs :)
    3. I've finally ordered tan deer Lulu today :D now the waiting begins...
    4. It appears Crobi might be about to release some new tinies? Their website says more news coming on the 20th March...
      The photo on their website has me intrigued... maybe the hooded one will be a tiny anthro? I can't wait to see more!!
    5. liquoricefairy, I congratulate on Lulu's order.:daisy Let expectation will be a lung.
      Good news. I am interested. I can not wait to see the new kids ..
    6. oh goody. i'm happy with my duri, but the more people that get these the busier this thread will get :)
    7. They posted a picture! Ahh my wallet is definitely not safe! :...(

    8. 1234back, Oh my goodness .. They are beautiful .. How shall I forbear? :?
    9. I really like the mage, but I don't have any spare money. :/
    10. awww what a cute bunch! I was really secretly hoping for a tiny animal buddy never mind my wallet is safe this time. But that knight is very tempting... he's such a handsome boy!!!
    11. Hurray, I'm glad they're releasing more tinies more frequently (it's my favorite size,..)
      And since it seems like they'll be available for about a year I think I might be able to get one! (eventually XD)

      Can I request duri spam, from any of you who have her? ^^ She's my favorite..
    12. Crobi posted up the listings for the new dolls!
      I really like Roca's sculpt, but his faceup is a little too... anime-ish for me. I may order him at some point and just send him out for a faceup~ (although I'm torn because I'm in Korea and I don't really want to send him anywhere ;; )
    13. I also liked the Roca's sculpt.
      Does anyone know - this is a new sculpt?
    14. oh they are a lot cuter than i expected. thank goodness crobi puts their limiteds up for a nice long time so i have time to decide. i hate when the order time is only a week or two and i have to rush the decision. i have a couple of other dolls coming out this month that i have been waiting for for over a year so they take priority right now!
    15. Wow, it won't end till next year? Then I think I might be able to get Terra! I love her face up, especially how they did her lips.
    16. yep, that seems to be a pretty typical crobi order period. they are really nice to all of us who need to save up to get the limiteds we want.
    17. oooh I find myself drawn to the little archer girl Skia (or is it a boy?) I really like her look and outfit!
    18. I'm in trouble.... I love love Ultimo.....
    19. I absolutely love Roca! I think I'm going to order him tonight! I don't know if he is a new sculpt either, but I'd love to know. I beleive Skia is same as Duri. I think. As for gender, all T-lines are genderless, so you can make them a boy or girl.