Crobidoll T-Line Discussion thread

Mar 5, 2012

    1. Geez!! Just when I thought I was safe. These little ones are ADORABLE!!! I love Skia with her littler ears - I am a sucker for elf ears.

      Nimbusdrake - I think you should go for Roca. I love him. That face is so darn cute.

      Overall, I love the story line for this set.

      Since I am home sick, I thought I would be at least some what productive and edit some of my pics from my trip to Resin Rose up in Portland.

      Anju was thrilled we were able to have such great weather.
    2. oh no! i didnt notice the elf ears, i love elf ears on my dolls, maybe before the order period ends. cute girl btw
    3. auntbear - Yes! Those elf ears just may break my resolve!!!! But I think that I am Ok with just Anju at the moment....
    4. Hello everyone! I'm considering getting Licht (he's so damned cute!) and was wondering if Crobi allows you to get different resin colors, or only the ones they display with each doll. I posted on their Q&A to ask, but I thought I'd see if anyone here has asked, too. :)

      (I probably want him even if they don't allow different resin colors, though. CUTE!)
    5. i'm not sure if anyone has asked that before, i'd be interested to know the answer
    6. Well, they can't make them in a different resin tone. Oh well! I think I might get at least Licht anyway. He's just so cute!
    7. that's too bad, but at least now we know., and licht is cute. i love the crobi tan. did anyone notice that if you get all 4 of the new ones you get ultimo free? if you get the fullset on all of them you get his makeup and fullset free too.
    8. I saw that! Wish I had the money--they are SO cute--but sadly I can't justify spending that much on tinies at this point.

      I hope at least a few people take them up on that offer...can't wait for owner pics!
    9. neither can i :sigh , but yeah hope at least someone on the list manages to get one so i can enjoy him vicariously at least!
    10. Hello everyone! I just bought an Wooyu off the marketplace and I am SO EXCITED to get him >< I've wanted him and Choco since they first came out~ I got a Choco a couple years ago, though I am currently missing him since he is at home in the states ;v;
      This thread is so dead, can I request some original T-line spam? (Choco, Coffee, Wooyu, Bana, Berry)~
    11. Some Choco spam for you...


      Hopefully more will share their photos :)
    12. Your Choco is very cute! My Choco is back in the states with my dad, sadly ); I miss him! But here is the most recent picture I have of him from when I was making him (the outfit he's wearing). He was king of my mom's fabric room!
    13. Here's an old picture of Pascal, my Wooyu :aheartbea

    14. I found two more pictures of my Choco from when I first got him a couple years ago: He has a name, but I don't really think it fits him so I need to find him a new name:

      Is that the default faceup? In his company photos his faceup looks very... pink.
    15. love all the chocos. crobi really does make a nice tan color! (wooyu is cute too)
    16. Got my Wooyu today! He came to dinner with me~
    17. what a good boy, to eat dinner and not get any on his nice white clothes ;)
    18. My Skia and Terra.
      They look as saucy childen, and are cute.
    19. love skias elf ears!