Crobidoll T-Line Discussion thread

Mar 5, 2012

    1. [MENTION=13596]auntbear[/MENTION]
      >love skias elf ears!
      Yes, I love!!

    2. she is very versatile, she looks good in all those wigs
    3. Can anyone share some Crobidoll Coffee spam?~ I have one on the way, am very excited for my little grump to get here :)
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    4. Hello :) I am waking up this thread, because there are new t-lines :DDD yay! And two of them has absolutely perfect ears!!! Their molds are similar to bana/choco. What do you think and what is your favourite? :3 I vote for strawberry ^^

    5. Those ears are cute, I like Meringue...but I'm not crazy about the face-up!
    6. Ohhh ... What wonderful news)) I've been waiting for new dolls from them)
      I like very much Millefeuille and Meringue )))
    7. Hi, wondering if anyone has a photo of a t-line with a Pukifee or Lati, to see how they look together? Thanks!!
    8. I thought I had a better one than this but for now...


      I think they work really well in with the Lati Yellow dolls :)
    9. Ooh they are perfectly proportioned! Thank you. Your girls are so cute!
    10. i hadn't checked lately so didn't know they had new kids. i love millefeuille!