Crossdressing: Girl shoes for Delf boys?

Oct 1, 2004

    1. CP boys should have no problem wearing SD13 girl shoes, when I had my Delf Chiwoo he only had girl shoes from Custom House ^_^

    2. Hi all~

      I'm planning a cosplay for my Delf Shiwoo, Rooster, which requires black Mary Janes (just don't ask XD)~

      I'm still not very keyed-up on doll shoe sizing, so I hoped someone could help me in my search! I go to sites.. but I'm clueless!

      So, do any of you know where I could find Delf BOY sized Mary Janes? ^^ Or other strappy shoes?

      Thanks so much for your help!

    3. I don't have any Luts dolls, but maybe the girl size would fit?
    4. A good way to sizing out fit, is look at the measure of your boys foot and then what the inside measurement of the inside of the shoe is. SD13 girl shoes will fit, and SDgirl shoes whose inside sole measurements will fit a boys foot, will fit.

      I bought a pair from luts, white Dorthy shoes for girl, and they fit very snuggly. ^_^ Maybe that shoe design is close to what you are looking for? They have it in black and shiny black, both in stock, right now.
    5. I ended up having to buy "old" model Luts Mary Janes to fit my El -- they're no longer made, but I snagged a pair used from another doll collector. The newer Mary Janes are a lot smaller, and most don't fit boys' feet well.

      However, I have never had the measurements on the Luts site fail me. The boys' feet are 7.3cm long. If you're looking at girl shooes, just make sure the INSIDE length is at least that long, and they'll fit. When I tried buying a pair that was 7.1cm inside, though, like the ones RainbowSheltie mentions, I couldn't get them on his foot at all without damaging the shoes.
    6. That's funny, because although the shoes are snug, they do fit. I know Nezumi's Faun wears them all the time as well. ^_^ Still, they do fit, although I have had some minor damange, you can't really tell. So it is worth it if you want a pair of shoes similar to that style.
    7. You could always get him to try on Xiez's Mary Janes when you see hori next :3 or ask her to try them on Scara?

    8. Ahhh... I wish I'd known this before he shipped.. XD; I would have ordered some from the Luts site! Shipping is so expensive from there. I'll try to jump on a group order!

      ^^ Thanks for your help everyone~

      Annie-chan: *__* That second picture is gorgeous!
    9. While I don't have any dolls yet, the one I'd like to save up for by the end of the year is a white-skin El. However, the character who is 'receiving' the doll is prone to crossdressing, and he is absolutely demanding that I find him a pair of girly, high-heeled mary janes for him to wear, preferably ones he can wear thigh-high stockings with.

      Therein lies the problem I am having.

      Those of you with crossdressing Delfs, what brand of girls' shoes do you find usually fits their feet, if any?

      Thank you in advance~
    10. Delf boys can wear most SD/13 sized girls shoes without too much trouble. ^_^ You will probably need to choose very thin stockings though, and it does depend on the make of the shoe.
    11. Thank you, Vulpes. :D I was kind of figuring on needing really thin stockings for it to work. Hopefully I can find some girl-shoes that fit the 7.3cm size feet El has. 6.6;
    12. If you find any, let me know! My Harang, Dimitri, crossdresses too.
    13. I noticed that, as Vulpes says, SD10/SD13 tend to be long enough to fit a Delf male. I checked out some of the shoes at and they seem to be the right type, so once I get my El (whenever that is), I'm going to try and get a pair from there.

      If you get some, take pictures of your Dimitri and let me see? :D It'd be wonderful to see pictures!
    14. It helps to check for the inside dimensions of a particular shoe - not everybody lists them, and the only measurement given is actually the outside, not how much room is inside.
    15. More's the pity -- it'd be far more helpful if the inside measurements were included universally as well.
    16. Hi!

      I was wondering whether anyone could tell me whether SD16 Girl shoes from Volks fit SD13 Boys? I know that they're about the same height, so I thought it was worth a try...I'd love some of those awesome black boots on the US site for one of my crew ^___^;

    17. The SD16 girls have high heeled feet similar in size to the SD13 girl high heeled feet. The sd13 boys have flat feet that are MUCH bigger, so no, they will not be able to share shoes.
    18. And just a note, on the jointed lower leg part with the flat SD16 girl foot - that foot is compatible with the SD10-SD13 girl foot. My Olivia wears this jointed lower leg almost exclusively and she shares shoes and boots with my SD size boy and girl.