Crossdressing: Girl shoes for Delf boys?

Oct 1, 2004

    1. So I guess that means that SD/13girl high-heel feet would fit SD16 girl shoes, as well?

    2. Yes, from what I understand the SD/13 girls can wear SD16 girls shoes, although they are a bit snug.

      The SD16 girls may not be able to stand in some SD/13 shoes because the ankle on the SD16 is fused and not able to adjust to varying heel heights and keep the doll balanced. The shoe itself should physically fit though.

      If anyone Luts or Dollheart High Heel parts/SD13 high heeled girls shoes for their SD16 girls they'd be able to give you a better idea about how the 13 girls shoes fit on the 16 girls.
    3. Thanks! I'm actually more interested in SD16 shoes fitting other dolls, though, as I don't have an SD16 girl but I love some of the shoes Volks is making for them ^__~
    4. I have a pair of SD16 girl boots from Volks which fit beautifully on my SD13 girl with her high-heeled feet. They look great, and she can stand really well in them. They wouldn't really work with normal flat feet though, I don't think, as the arch is too much to fit the foot in properly. The SD13 high heeled feet already sit higher then what the SD16 girl foot would do I think.