Dealer/Rep/Artisan Rules & Registration

Jan 8, 2008

    1. Dealer Registration
      We're very excited to have company representatives on Den of Angels; this is a great way for our members to get accurate information on products and services.

      What is Dealer Registration?
      Dealer Registration is a way for members to identify other members who are officially representing doll companies on Den of Angels. The tag "Rep/Dealer" will appear under the username of a registered dealer. The tag "Doll Artisan" will be given by request to any member registering who is a sculptor of on-topic dolls.

      Registration is mandatory and free for all dealers and company representatives.

      Who is a dealer?
      We consider the following members to be dealers:
      • Members who own or work directly for companies that produce on-topic dolls and related accessories
      • Members who own companies that have selling agreements to distribute on-topic dolls and related accessories
      We do not consider members with DoA-only commission threads to be dealers and will not register them. We do not consider group order leaders dealers.

      How do I register?
      You may register by filling out the dealer registration form after you have read and agree to follow our rules for dealers.

      » Dealer registration form

      You may check the status of your registration in Ask the Moderators, where we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

      We may also register members whom we observe presenting themselves as dealers or reps.

      Members who have a history of supporting recasts may not register as a Dealer/Artisan or advertise on Den of Angels.

      Rules for Official Dealers, Company Reps and Doll Artisans

      If you are are representing a company you must folllow additional rules:
      1. If you sell through an online shop or company website, you cannot post sales threads in the Marketplace for your shop or company's stock. The Marketplace is for individual sales, not company or dealer sales. We ask that you conduct your sales offsite using your company's website or your personal email.

      2. Specific questions about individual orders should be handled through private conversations or taken offsite. Answering general questions about your products in threads is fine.

      3. Do not push sales in every post that you make. For example, there is no reason for dealers to post in Incoming Doll threads or Waiting Room threads unless they themselves are waiting for a doll. Do not create Photo Gallery threads highlighting dolls you are currently selling, with or without your business watermarks; do not post your official sale photos in Gallery threads. If you would like advertisement, we sell banner space.

      4. Post a thread in News to announce a new release, special promotion, or a limited/highly irregular pre-order period.

        If you are presenting a new line of dolls, make sure they have been approved for topicality before posting in News.

        Discussion threads about a release should be focused on the doll, not the companies that sell it. Even if you start the discussion thread, it is not "your" thread. It is not about you or your sales. Please handle order-specific questions privately.

      5. If you are having a contest, please announce it in News, but take submissions offsite via email or through your company's website. The News forum is strictly for announcements, not discussion.

      6. Use the correct doll terminology for the company you are representing. For example, unless you work for VOLKS, you are not selling Dollfies, YoSDs, MSDs or SDs. This both avoids confusion and respects the original trademark holder.

      Finally, if you are an official dealer or shop, please feel free to post your link to the shops and dealers listing.

      Den of Angels does not insure or guarantee transactions against loss, damage, or theft; the forum administration will not arbitrate or act as a third party in any transaction and will not be held responsible for the outcome of any transaction.

      In the event of website issues, loss of access, or member removal from the site, Den of Angels is not liable for loss of customer data or other negative consequences to business or reputation. All dealers should maintain offsite backups of business-related correspondence and a secondary method of communication with customers.
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