DearMine Dear Pet, Classic 20cm & Beans 12cm Anthros Discussion Part 3

Jun 11, 2016

    1. scripple Ooh, what a cutie, that blue skin-tone is really lovely! Poor little kitty fellow looks so sad, when didn't get any food. I hope that karma strikes on that bat!
    2. @chibi-kagu
      -^^- I totally agree. And thank you very much -^3^-
      Puss in boots from my childhood was definitly an inspiration. I thought about making him shoes, but I love his cat-feet too much, so... XD No boots for him.
      I did get him a tiny epee thought and it arrived today and actually FITS PERFECTLY! I was so over the moon, he totally stole my heart again -^3^-

      @Anglerfishee were you able to resolve your head stuck problem? O.o

      @scripple Oh my gosh! It's a caticorn! Congrats!!!
      He/she is horribly cute -^3^-
      Now I'm convinced the blue eluded you, so you'd get just this perfect little cutie -^3^-

      Here's Trico, ready to to come to the rescue of lasses and lads -^^-
      En garde!
      by Wildcard_Snowy, auf Flickr
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    3. @chibi-kagu yeah that was really mean of the bat. Especially with it being the last slice of bread. Such rude people in the world.

      @Snowy yeah I was glad she came with her horn. A cute little attachment that I can easily see getting lost. It looks like your epee isn't too heavy. Good find. Does the guard let him hold it without putty or something else to stick it to his hand?
    4. @Snowy Trico looks amazing. He looks so courageous!

      Unfortunately, I have not solved my head problem. I've been fiddling with it off and on after work and the knife technique hasn't worked yet for me. I may try to get a strong magnet to see if that helps.
    5. @Anglerfishee here's an idea on the head. Have you just tried holding the doll by the neck and pushing forward on the back of the head with your thumb rather than pulling the head up? I just tried it on an Oz and the head slid right off much easier than trying to pry the back of the head up as designed. Granted the magnets are in place on mine, but maybe worth a try.
    6. @scripple The horn is certainly a cute little extra special touch ^^

      The sword really is lightweight. I believe it might only be coated in a sort of metal finish? Could be wrong, but Trico's joints totally aren't having troubles holding it up - and yes, you are correct, the guard aids a lot with his hold.
      In some poses - due the way the hand is shaped, putty of some sort will probably required regardless, but for that picture I didn't need anything at all, except some finetuning for his balance :3

      @Anglerfishee Thank you! He certainly knows no fear - to an extend XD

      Argh, dang. I'd try scripples idea thought. Rey's head needs to be pushed forward instead of up. I thought at first that this might be mainly because of the part holding his inner mouth, tongue and teeth, that's attatched to the neck piece, but it's more due the magnet system.
      Hope you can resolve it soonish *crosses fingers*
    7. Made this for the Halloween theme game but thought I'd share here as well.

      Happy Halloween!
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    8. The strong magnet route was going to be what I tried next, so if you're not getting much luck with parting them with a knife, I'd go for it. Remember to try both magnets if the first doesn't work, I know the top magnet can make it stuck but I wouldn't put it passed the bottom magnet to also not have enough room to wiggle free. I was going to put a thin cloth between the magnet and the head when I tried to keep anything on the magnet from transferring, depending on what I had access to.
    9. Snowy That sword really complete's hole outfit and what a luck it stays in it paws! Yeah, that's true, that paws are too cute to be covered up by boots.
      scripple I would gladly take them to my treat basket! :lol: Or give them a treat!
    10. Oh my gosh, DearMine was quick this time, green-tea Picasso bean is already in custom! So hoping that I can get it before the weekend, exciting! :D
    11. How nice, chibi-kagu! I plan to order a “green bean” of my own and hope to see pictures of yours to tide me over until I get one.
    12. Here it is!
      Needing the new eye's, wondering what size would be good? Ear and face-plate magnet's did get off right away, so had to glue them, otherwise everything else is good. For the skin-tone pic isn't doing any justice, stupid darkness and yellowish room light. Overall happy to get it!
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    13. Aww, so cute! I love the sweet cool version eyes. I think the beans are absolutely wonderful and I want so many of them. Congrats on your little darling.
    14. Hey guys! New BJD mom here I’m expecting my Classic and Bean in a few months, do you guys have any advice for making tiny clothes for them? Also I’ve been having a really difficult time finding measurements of their bodies. Tried asking a couple of people on IG but no one got back to me.
    15. LUTS had some yukata and kimono on sale for their Zuzus. I decided to get some for my Dear Pets. Dear Pets are a little taller than Zuzus but I think it still looks ok. Without further ado I present you with Marie in her Ewe-kata. :XD:

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    16. For all my small fiddly dolls I've used some old tutorials that didn't have patterns I found here on DoA. They got a little screwed up when photobucket pulled hosting for a while but two of the three I had booked marked had people either scrape them back together or the original poster came back to fix things. I'd had a lot of luck making things with them for my Dearpet and my pukis, so if you're open to making your own as it sounds, I could direct you to the threads.
    17. @HeavensChaos That would be amazing! I want to sew clothes for my Dearmine Picasso Classic and Picasso Bean, so this sounds perfect. Thank you! :D
    18. Okay I've double checked that all of these are fixed or had something pulled together so they're still useful!
      Pants: There's a post on this page with a pdf file that recreates the tutorial. I've made all my pants, and modified it for shorts and capris, from this tutorial.
      If you're interested in making a simple, kind of cheaty yukata, this tutorial was fixed up:–-needs-no-pattern.314211/ I've made four from this and it takes a little work to get used to and fix seam allowance for smaller sizes.
      And the all important shirt! I've made long sleeve and short sleeve shirts from this and from making a few figured out the best way to make some decent tank tops in larger sizes. the second to last post on this page has a google doc recreating the tutorial. You can save it to your own google drive if you've got a gmail!

      All of these are going to be most useful once your Classic and Bean are on hand but I bet you could make some quick ones with some measurements from someone in the thread so they've got something if they're coming without any clothes.
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