DearMine Dear Pet, Classic 20cm & Beans 12cm Anthros Discussion Part 3

Jun 11, 2016

    1. @HeavensChaos These are great, thank you!!! Now to cross my fingers and hope that someone will provide the measurements XD
    2. scripple It shows those lovely hooves, so it's a perfect fit! She looks nice!
    3. My Picasso Classic has shipped!!! She is touching down in NY tonight. I hope she gets to me soon (I live in NYC)! I’ve been awaiting her arrival and have so many things ready for her~~
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    4. My Classic arrived today, my first BJD!!! Her name is Katja (Cat-ya). I just did her faceup, and I think it turned out okay. I will darken the ears but that’s a project for another day, lol.

      Three of her magents fell out when I was unpacking her, so she only has one ear (the other magnet in her head is drying).

      @lucidiumdolls - Little Katja! She just got her faceup :3... | Picdeer
    5. @Lucidium Yay! Congratulations on your first bjd! Katja turned out beautiful. Even though the sealant may not have turned out as intended, she turned out great. She looks a little like a painting honestly.
    6. Katja looks beautiful! You did a wonderful job and I love her style.
    7. Lucidium Congratulation! Katja looks really lovely. Looks like DearMine has little bit problem with magnets staying on, I had the same issue with bean, but luckily it's just minor thing.
    8. @Anglerfishee Thank you! I am a painter and I guess I kinda’ treated her like one ^u^; Painting on 3D shapes is different but really fun!

      @City Kitty Thank you! Dear Mine gave me the Golden Days - Star outfit instead of Golden Days - Black because the latter was out of stock. It was a happy coincidence that her eyes matched so nicely! ^^

      @chibi-kagu Thank you! Yeah, I’d much rather magnets falling off then other issues!
    9. @Lucidium Katja is very cute. And yes, magnets falling off is a common problem with dearmine dolls. Especially ones shipped during the colder time of the year. Fortunately it's an easy fix.
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    10. @scripple Noted, thank you! Is there a glue you recommend?
    11. @Lucidium "super glue" is what Dearmine uses. They even sell it here.

      I personally use Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue ULTRA Gel Control from Loctite Adhesives because being a gel it doesn't run and gives a little more working time. Also the bottle they designed finally solves the chronic problem of the clogged super glue tube. (That is sooooo nice if you've ever dealt with basically every other tube, bottle, or pen of superglue and is really the biggest reason I pay the extra for it.)

      Of course any cyanoacrylate glue (what super glue is) is going to be fine. Just use a tiny amount and be sure to put the magnets in with the correct polarity! (And give it a chance to set before you attach the two magnets together. Normal super glue sets really quick, the gel takes a few minutes.)

      Note I've occasionally had to reglue magnets again after a period of time. If that really bothers you a two part epoxy will probably be effectively completely permanent. Just pick one safe for plastic and be VERY VERY VERY careful to get the polarity right because it's probably never coming back out without something like drilling it out.
    12. @scripple

      I’ll look into the gel! Thank you!

      Yeah I’ve experienced the polarity issue first hand when I put a magnet in apoxie... LOL. Thankfully it was for a cheap custom doll (Monster High), and not a BJD.
    13. Did anyone see the pictures of their new 'Dear child" line? Slightly larger Dearpets from the back was my first thought but the couple pictures after have me kind of excited! I wonder what exactly they're doing.
    14. @HeavensChaos they posted pictures from the front as well as the back on either facebook or twitter. They'll be for sale this winter. It looks more like the old dear pet body elongated than the new one. The slots in the front of the thighs are back.

      Personally I don't really need another size to be buying clothes for so hopefully they'll keep reusing dear pet heads for a while so nothing is too tempting. :XD:
    15. @scripple You're stronger than I am lol! I'm super tempted by yosd-sized Dearpets :abambi:!

      Curious that their wig-sizes are different. The child version of Dorathy and Korat are listed as having 5-6 wigs as opposed to 6-7.
    16. I think the Dear Child -line is child version of the Dear Lover body. I think the body looks nice, but really interested about posability and standing. Sold my Dear pets, because the posability was quite tricky (with old body at least). Also I would love to see some comparing pics with Piposdoll R.Pi -line.
      I was really excited about orange skintone, but now seeing it from pics, it doesn't look that what I thought. Which is quite good thing, I don't have any doll funds. :XD:
    17. Their full pictures are out - the Dearchild body seems to sit better than any dearpet body I've seen (and certainly better than the one I have!). I'm happy to spy what looks like double joints everywhere. The body looks nice and with the hands and feed they have, I definitely think Chibi-Kagu has it right, they look more like a child DearLover than a taller DearPet.
    18. Here is my Royal William raven from Dearmine and Studio L9
      We are enjoying reading about the ravens at the Tower of London
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    19. William looks so proud and regal!
    20. Updates!!! So first off, I FINALLY got the magnet situation fixed with my doll's head. My dad had a go at it with his very, very thin knives and it slid right between the magnets. Problem solved! And right on time too because I decided to order the new Dear Child body for Dear Pet Lily. I placed the order January 27th. It arrived to me--believe it or not-- 6 days later on February 2nd. Never in my wildest dreams would I have every thought new resin would arrive so fast.:nowords: I guess they must have had an extra body lying around?


      So first off Dearmine sent me an Raurencio Studio Doll box with their sticker placed on it. This is totally unexpected. I've never heard about Dearmine and RSdoll having any kind of business association. Now that I look at it, the Dear Child body and RU Line body do have a lot aesthetic similarities. Could mean something. Or maybe it's nothing.

      Now for the body itself, it's lovely! It stands far better than the Dear Pet body! Also, the double-joints on the arms are easier to engage. However, the double joints for the knees are quite hard to engage, though that is probably mostly due in part of how tightly the body came strung. Chest piece works great.

      As you can see, Dear Pet heads are too small for the neck. There is a LOT of gaping. She either wants to look up or down. She can barely hold anything in between. I've seen on twitter though that Dearmine is working on a piece that will make their heads cross compatible between Dear Pet and Dear Child bodies, so hopefully gaping won't be an issue in the future ;)

      I also have a Pipos R.PI line doll too. I can take comparison pictures if you would like, though it won't be completely perfect because of the neck situation I mentioned. So far though, my first I feel that the Dear Child body is more stable that the Pipos R.PI. However, Pipos R.PI line body poses more smoothly and naturally.