DearMine Dear Pet, Classic 20cm & Beans 12cm Anthros Discussion Part 3

Jun 11, 2016

    1. The pictures loaded before I got too far into your lovely review/story for your Dearchild body and I was like 'that can't be the new head connector they were talking about, can it??'. I hope you can get that piece when they finally release it so we can all see and you don't have a gappy head! I'm very happy to hear how the body is living up to the hype of the pictures we saw!
    2. Thank you, that would be wonderfull! The neck joint is quite small thing compared to over all comparison.
    3. From the preview pics it seems Dearmine is finally releasing a dear bean sheep. I'm eager to see the finished product.
    4. A Bean Sheep? :XD: Where are the preview pics at? On their Insta?
    5. @pepperonipizza it was a photo of the ears/horn and tail pieces as a WIP on their facebook.
    6. Oh, okay. Thank you! :)
    7. Did you guys see!?

      New Bean! It’s a sheep!
      Cocoa Marie!
      New tiny hand held kitty!!
    8. Sadly while I've been wanting a bean sheep the initial photos aren't really exciting me much. Will see what it looks like without the wigs / sheep outfit it's been pictured with so far. Not really a fan of the hoofs for hands thing either.

      The Loc/Marie are the new Dear Child size too which I'm not especially inclined towards. So unless they look really good in terms of full set I'll probably pass on them.

      The new Companion Doll offering does look interesting though.
    9. I’m hoping they offer a girl kitty or that the body is gender neutral. That kitty needs to be a diva.
    10. The maker has what I would guess is a photo of the body on their twitter.

      companion_doll on Twitter

      Looks single jointed, and honestly it's hard to even see if there is a knee joint. I'm guessing from the photos of acceptable flaws it's cast somewhere other than where dearmine typically has their dolls cast.
    11. @scripple you are a very helpful cuttlefish! Thank you!!!

      Now let’s wait and see if Dearmine will tell us if they have a girl in that size in the works.
    12. They've said that the new DearChild body is kind of a collab and this is definitely a collab so maybe it is cast by someone else for some reason. But there's definitely a picture with a bent knee so its not lacking that.
    13. Hahaha, this is the first time I have seen Beans!! They are enchanting!
    14. Aren't they? I wish they'd release more than one at a time! This new one sheep is pretty cute, even if not everyone is sold on his hoof hands. I bet they'll be pretty darling in person.
    15. I don't even want to look at more, I can't start another obsession...gah!!
    16. Considering there are already only 4 Lorentz left out of 50 I'd say he was pretty well received.
    17. Only 4 left? Good thing I bought mine when I did! Did they say some where how many were left?
    18. You can tell by adding them to your cart.
    19. Those little beans are like crack! *_*:doh:shudder