DearMine Dear Pet, Classic 20cm & Beans 12cm Anthros Discussion Part 3

Jun 11, 2016

    1. That they are! I only have 3, but they are so cute it would be easy to add more!
      The little sheep is so cute. Bummer he's limited, but hopefully at one point they will have a basic. I adore his little hoofies! :whee:
    2. I think only cats become basic unless they've changed their policy.
    3. I "only" have 3 beans, too... but I totally didn't plan on any! They just seem to sneak in... *_*

      I like the little sheep, too. But I'm going to try and resist... I seriously have too many dolls! :sigh
    4. But they take up so little space and come in so many colors. You all need more of them. ;)
    5. Mine were unexpected too, and though I had wanted a Bean for long time, 2 of them just fell into my lap. and the other was an unexpected opportunity. I do need that fourth though for an even number. :)

      And those are words of evil, lol! :lol: But its so true....So very true....
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    6. Just placed my order for Lorenz!!! I couldn’t resist him :D
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    7. Lorenz is now sold out! :o
    8. Oh, Congrats to those who got him/her! SO adorable!

      I managed to stay away... but of course I secretly wish I had ordered one. :sweat
    9. @april there's always the ones the dealers will probably get in. :mwahaha
    10. NooooOOOooOOOOooooo!!! (Well, I actually knew that... I've bought from Dealers before when a Dearmine was sold out! I'm going to try and continue to resist, even though I have a weakness for sheep, being an Aries... *sigh*)

      I bought an Orange Pekoe Rey after he was sold out in the Canaria color-- first tried Dolk... but after paying for layaway they found out that they didn't have the Canaria color after all, so they refunded my money. I then ordered from FaithZ, who still had one.
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    11. I didn't know FaithZ was a Dear Mine dealer before you mentioned buying your Rey a while back. Fabric and Friends is a dealer now too although I don't think Dear Mine updated their dealer list.
    12. I think Denver Dolls is an agent--but not a lot available there, at least no Lorenz. FaithZ might have only had those two fullsets to sell. They don't seem to have any other Dearmines.

      I was just searching around for the Dearmine Rey in Canaria skin... so I wasn't too worried about if they regularly carried Dearmines. :XD:

      No Lorenz' available anywhere I can find... but I'm trying not to look! (and failing!)
    13. Both Denver Doll and Fabric and Friends will list them when they get in from what I've seen. So you should try not to look in a few months or when people start reporting receiving them. ;)
    14. I got my Orange Pekoe Rey from Denver Doll last year. Then I had to wait 3 months for the Martin style shoes that Dear Mine left out of the full set. :XD:
    15. Oh! FaithZ didn't have the shoes, either! They didn't offer them at all. I had to make a separate order at Dearmine, which is bad because they only ship EMS, which was about as much as the shoes... :...(
    16. My little familiars)))
      We are waiting for a new sheep, Lorenz <3

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    17. Really? It was part of the fullset and DDE got Dearmine to send them free of charge for both my Rey and the one they still had in stock at the time. I had to wait and then get them shipped from DDE (again, free of charge).
    18. I checked around for the shoes, but they weren't available from anyone else that I could find... Ah, well.
    19. The shoes were an optional purchase you could add with the full set. So the set from FaithZ wasn't necessarily supposed to come with them.
    20. Quite possible. On DDE the description for Rey included the shoes, so they must have ordered it that way but DM still forgot them. :blush