DearMine Dear Pet, Classic 20cm & Beans 12cm Anthros Discussion Part 3

Jun 11, 2016

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    1. I finally did some face-up for Grassy, not very skillfull, but okay for me. Maybe next time try to do some clothes?
      Also did order orange Picasso bean on the night of the last ordering day, oopsie. :sweat
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    2. Dearmine posted the pics of the new Axolotls on their website, they are absolutely precious! I'm not too hot on the outfit but the Coral makeup one is just darling. I'm happy they are the seasonal, so I don't need to worry about pouncing on them quite yet.
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    3. Oh no. I love them.
    4. Ahhhhh! I always loved their Lupys and have been waiting years for a release! I'm so glad these have a reasonable ordering period as i'm right in the middle of moving and all the costs involved has emptied my bank account (isn't it always the way, you wait for years for a particular doll and it always comes out at a financially awkward moment).
      Though it looks like they've added a new open mouth sculpt which is super cute. I'm going to have trouble picking between that and the classic axolotl dopy smile. :XD:
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    5. @Epicari the open mouth Lupy is just paint. They do that style paint a lot.
    6. Yes! Lupy! I’ve been wanting one for years! Looks like I get my wish.

      Just a few questions though. I went and looked at the listing and am confused about the parts option. It looks like you get two versions of the gills? And I want the white resin, and it looks like only the Soda skin gets face up option A or B, and parts blushing, but not white? This is okay as I don’t want any face up or blushing. My biggest confusion is do the gill parts come with the doll, or do I have to order them? The drop down menu looks like just part blushing, but the written info says parts 2ea with blushing, but gill parts aren’t listed in what’s included, just assembled doll, random eyes, etc. I feel a little dumb, so any help would be greatly appreciated!
    7. Looks like a Rose and Skull DearChild version is coming out too! At least, I'm pretty sure it was the dearchild, their tails look different!
    8. I see some older posts in this thread asking if they can share other doll brands outfits, but the answers didn't seem entirely clear (also there may be some new clothing makers since then). Do Lati White shoes work for them?

      Would Cu-Poche clothes fit? I don't own any of those myself, but maybe someone does that could try a swap?
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    9. Add me to the club that's been wanting a Lupy for years!! I have no idea why I need an axolotl, but I do. :XD: Now I just need to decide on a color...and @kurogane, I don't quite get that, either...
    10. Ah, thanks for the clarification! It's very cool they can add some variance just through the face-up :)

      I was looking to get a white resin one too. When I selected the white colour, the face-up drop box had both face-up options so maybe when you looked they hadn't added the options yet?
      I'm also a little uncertain about the parts options. My best guess if that its for the 2nd type of gills in case you want both styles but it would be nice to have it confirmed before ordering. It might be worth asking on their Q&A ? They seem to be quite good at answering questions there.

      Haha, i'm the same. I love axolotls but hadn't thought about getting a BJD one until I saw these Dear Mine ones. There's something very appealing about their faces. Too bad they're very steeply priced as i'd love one with the Coral face-up and a blank one I can paint a chimera with one side white, one side black but not sure I can really justify the cost. :sweat
    11. @celga and @Epicari thank you both! Maybe I’m overthinking this, lol. I will ask on the Q&A board.

      I just finished off a layaway yesterday. What perfect timing to buy a Lupy. :celebrate

      Edited to add, I put a white resin Lupy on pre order! So much for cutting back on bjds this year. Too many awesome releases!
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    12. I asked them a couple days ago about the make up and gill parts. They modified the listing to have the make up options listed by name rather than A or B in the drop down. Unfortunately they didn't answer about the gill parts but I assume the option is to buy the "droopy" gill parts as the other gill part is the style that has always come with Lupy.

      I managed to find a Lupy second hand a while back but will definitely pick up another as they're so cute.
    13. I've already put in a layaway order for a Soda Lupy, and two outfits... send help, I wasn't planning on getting another doll just now at all. xD
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    14. Oh goodness gracious! I wanted a Lupy so badly for awhile now and I promised myself only 2 more dolls this year but I think I might have to increase it to 3! ;)

      For layaway, do you just send a message on the Q and A board?
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    15. Yeah, make a private post with the itemized list of every option of your order (skin color, makeup style, etc) and how many months you want, up to 3.
      They will make a private listing for you under the Layaway tab on the sidebar, that will let you submit payments.
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    16. Yay another Lupy colour :love
      I don't really do much with BJD's anymore, but I can't help myself when it comes to Lupy's, must have them all!
      Nice to see a different shape for the gills, I hope it includes both.
      Congrats to those who have been wanting a Lupy for a while, you will love them!
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    17. Hehe...I'm in the same boat, although I didn't do layaway. Heaven only knows why a salamander needs even one frilly little outfit, much less two. :sweat

      Ordinarily I would've waited until the last minute to buy her, but since I've already been waiting years, it's not like I'm going to have a change of heart. Can't wait to see one of these little cuties in person! :D
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    18. I have no self-control...I ordered the 20cm Korat to go with my 20cm Dorothy who hasn't arrived yet. :aeyepop::doh:vein:eek:
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