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DearMine Dear Pet, Classic 20cm & Beans 12cm Anthros Discussion Part 3

Jun 11, 2016

    1. Cool. if you get an answer. i'd be interested to know as I always get a bit anxious about messing up an order. ;)

      *L* I'm the same, I've been telling myself i'm not allowed to buy any doll this year unless the I.O.S lion head or a Lupy became available. I guess Dear Mine heard my thought :XD:

      Congrats to everyone who's put in a order, looks like we're all going to part of the Lupy gang! :lol:

      Well I made a little mock up of what my chimera axolotl character would look like (still deciding on eye colour) and I think it works really well.
      Also I think an all black one would look super cute too! Ahhh I totally get wanting to get Lupy in all of the colours.
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    2. @Epicari Awww! Chimera Axolotl is precious! I'm excited to see them completed!

      I placed my layaway order for a White Skin Lupy. I'm ecstatic that I finally can bring this little one home soon. :chibi
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    3. Do any of the outfits ever get restocked?
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    4. Man, I hope so. I missed out on that cute blue and white yukata. T-T

      I'm going to post that question on the Q&A Board, and hopefully they can clear it up.
    5. I hope you can find the answer. There are 3-4 outfits I'd like to have, for two sizes of dolls!
    6. Congrats to all of you, who has ordered Lupy already! That soda skin Lupy is really adorable! But I'm still sticking with anthrodolls only being the cat's (and also no money, so that really restricts). ;)
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    7. I’m also in the “cats only anthros/no money” boat, but I really like Lupy and can’t wait to see this new one when all of you get yours.
    8. ...So I found a weird thing while looking for (more) clothes for my Lupy:

      A couple of the XSmall dresses sold by DDE seem to be identical to some of the Bean dresses Dearmine sells... made by 'Princess Doll'. Not sure if Dearmine outsources their clothing sets (Princess Doll seems to be a korean shop that sells various doll clothes).

      Links to compare: DDE

      Compare to Dearmine's 'Daisy Blue' and 'Anemone' dresses.
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    9. Dearmine sells Princess Doll clothes. I have a DL sized dress from them that has a Princess Doll tag sewn in.
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    10. Ah, cool, good to know.
      DDE has the Pink Anemone dress in stock, then, if anyone wanted it (it's sold out on the Dearmine site). :)
    11. I shouldn't have poked in here, they're so cute! I just promised my husband no more bjds. But I NEED a soda skin Lupy :love
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    12. They take up so little room; I'm sure you could sneak her in. xD
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    13. All of my bjd are yosds so it'd depend, lol. If theyre a good bit smaller then my volks or soom I could say it was an accessory :sneaky
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    14. Ah I happened to randomly check the deadline site and saw they are releasing soda lupy, I can't wait I'm going to order one asap!!

      I have a canary one and a white one as well, but the soda one with the pearl faceup is calling me~~

      Their posing is terrible but I don't even care they are too cute~~
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    15. I was planning to wire my Lupy... has anyone else here wired their Bean that could say how much difference it makes (and what gauge wire they used)?

      I don't expect extreme poseability from her but I'd like to add as many improvements as I can.
    16. I wire my beans. It helps a lot with the arms, not as much with the legs. It of course does nothing for the bean's biggest issue that they cannot stand on their own because they have tiny feet and huge heads. 18 Gauge for the legs, 20 for arms.
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    17. Maybe I should wire mine, but yes, the no standing thing bugs me a bit. Their heads are too big xD

      I wonder what a hybrid would look like on a pukifee body.... hmmmm....
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    18. I'm definitely going to make one of these outdoor stands for mine, then. I hope that plus the wiring will get her where I'd like her to be for photos.

      Even if not, she's so cute I won't be that disappointed. ;)
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    19. Oh, dear. Well, maybe I'll just buy mine some big, clompy boots. :sweat
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    20. Here's a quick post I just added to my site about this.

      Helping Dearmine Dear Beans Stand

      Dearmine's Dear Beans are super cute, but unfortunately they just cannot stand on their own. They have tiny little feet and huge heads which makes them too top heavy to be stable. Even if you patiently balance them to stand for a bit you'd never want to leave them for long because the slightest nudge and they'll fall.

      Here's a photo showing two options to help. The boots are from Parabox for Obitsu 11 cm dolls. The little bean paws fit inside them and with them the beans can stand on their own. Little picasso is not on a stand or against the wall in this photo.

      Another option is the stand shown beside Picasso. It's Kaiser Manufacturing #1075. It's also available in white as model #1001. Depending on your bean's outfit you may have to bend the top wire part to increase the loop size for best support. You have to put the doll on kind of sideways to work around the tail of course.
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