DearMine Dear Pet, Classic 20cm & Beans 12cm Anthros Discussion Part 3

Jun 11, 2016

    1. I've been able to get mine to stand for some time with some white sticky tack underneath their feet.

      [​IMG]Lupy's ^_^ by Aly Young, on Flickr
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    2. My Dearmine family :whee:

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    3. Has anyone purchased the 12cm Salt Companion doll? I'm tempted...
    4. Oh that's super helpful! Great post!
    5. I did and he came in just a few days's what he looks like!

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    6. He is very handsome!!

      How is his posing? Can he stand easily, and does his head face-plate stay on well?

      :( I wish I could order a grey one with the uniform. That's what I get for waiting.
    7. Hi! Thanks!

      He can stand by himself pretty well though I did happen to have a tiny doll stand laying around and ended up using that. His face plate is pretty secure, it takes a bit of effort to get it off, but not too much. His hands are magnetic for easy dressing. The posing is decent, single jointed, clothes restrict movement somewhat. But I adore him!

      They do have a basic form of Salt now available, but make up and clothes are different.
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    8. I got my Salt in too! He is missing his pants! Dearmine is sending them, so I just got a quick shot of him to share for now. I so want to get another one down the road.

      I HAD to get Salt because he reminded me of my Xander when he was a baby.

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    9. Can anyone give me some basic measurements on Salt's body? I'm hunting for compatible clothing. Waist, chest, shoulders to waist, waist to ankle/floor, shoulder width, arm length, please? Thanks in advance!

      Are his feet magnetic as well, like the hands?
    10. While I didn't measure him due to me having to undress him, he's apparently compatible with Obitsu 11 clothing. When I got his knight clothes, there was card from 'Alchemist_for' and it was an 'Obitsu 11' shop (though I can't really find a link for them other than their twitter...). Feet are strung in and not magnetic.

      Here's a place that you can buy some Obitsu11 compatible clothing: NINIMAL

      Here's Salt wearing some clothes from Nimimal: ℕ on Twitter

      Hope that helps!
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    11. Thanks, i'm really inspired to make this character, it should be fun! Congrats on the order, did you get the company face up or will you do your own?

      I've had a good run of Ebay sales so i've now put in my Lupy order. Sadly the outfit I wanted has just sold out which is a bit of shame, I was a day too late to order it :sweat
    12. Thank you! I got my Lupy with the Coral face up. Maybe one day I'll do my own face up but for now I didn't want my Lupy to be blank.

      There were a few outfits I wanted as well but they were out of stock too. I'm sure there will be more adorable outfits in the future. :)
    13. Ooo, thank you! It looks like Obitsu 11, PukiPuki, Petite Blythe, Mini Pullip, and Lati White Special all might fit him.
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    14. Okay so I was popping in to see what kind of tinies Dear Mine has and I think my want to buy list just grew by a mile... I... I think I really want a Bean... how well do they stand in general? I love their size and can’t wait to see one in person!
      I’m becoming a crazy cat lady, one doll at a time.
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    15. They don't stand too well on their own.. XD;; They got tiny feet and huge heads. If you go back a page, you can see how you can get them to stand. Shoes or a proper stand works. But you can't resist their cuteness....
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    16. Awesome! I've been wanting Salt since I saw him, but didn't have the readies. The new one is cute as can be. Thanks for the info on clothes for him, too. I have lots of PukiPuki size, so that's a plus.
    17. Dear Mine Bean rainboot's make's beans standing little bit easier than a little paws, but of course it's still challenging. Luckily beans are so cute, that they can be forgiven the standing problem. ;)
      Fits What a nice looking gang there!
      And Salt's are looking great too middletails and Tonboko.
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    18. What Tonboko said! Hide the milk and cookies! lol
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