DearMine Dear Pet, Classic 20cm & Beans 12cm Anthros Discussion Part 3

Jun 11, 2016

    1. I use Lati White-sized shoes on my Beans, they look really cute. :)
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    2. Thank you @RinSetsua:3nodding: I thought maybe lati would have a doll small enough but I've never been able to grasp their doll sizes :XD:
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    3. I did a little photoshoot with Lupy today; this pic was my favorite:


      Dearmine does such a great job on all their faceups. So soft and sweet!
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    4. Cute!!
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    5. RinSetsua Oh wow, how cute she can look, totally can see why it's favorite one! And also gotta agree with Dearmine's face-up quality.
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