Delf Elf EL limited

Oct 9, 2004

    1. why not buy it through Luts website?

      they take Paypal CC, bank wire??

      check it out
    2. oh 'Elf-El'???

      oh man am sorry! got all confused with all those elven/elfen boys! :?
    3. yea..hehe i saw those...but I am so completelt head over heels for that sexy elf boy and that vampire head! mm mmm he's a gorgeous one.

      thank you though !! :)
    4. The vampire head is probably the best Delf head I've ever seen. I wish you the best luck if you can get it >w<
    5. :cry: :cry: :cry: thank you!! I hope I get my beautiful boy to. I am hoping that maybe by some freakish stroke of luck that someone who is getting him, does not bond with him or needs to sell him for some reason...and will think of me! heheh

      think of me!! when you can't bond with your Elf EL! :cry:

      :grin: Allestra
    6. I will also look on Yahoo Auctions Japan for you =w=; I can't do it at work because they don't have Japanese language on this computer (they will on monday, though). If I find one, I will be sure to let you know. I really want you to have that doll!
    7. Awwww you are sooo sweet!!! :cry:
      thank you so much for helping look for him.
      ytou know to be honest I have no idea how to work with yahoo japan..I dunno what I would do if there was one on there. I wonder if Liria bids to YJ! for U.S. customers?

      *hugs Shadrad to bits* :blush :love

      you are such a sweetheart!!
    8. You can use a proxy bidding service for Yahoo Japan. I use Celga for all of my bidding (mostly on Chrono Crusade merchandise =w=;;; ) I haven't bought anything for dolls yet there, but I do searches for it all the time.

      Celga charges a markup for the amount of money you spend, but it's reasonable, IMO (because it's a very good service). You have to send them at least half the money you are willing to bid for an item and they will try to grab it for you at the last minute. They will also do the 'buy it now' option, which I have used on more than one occasion. Then they will store your item until you either get more or you send them a request to send it to you. Shipping is expensive, but you would have to pay for shipping from Korea or Japan anyway.

      I will remind myself to check on there when I get home in a few hours.

      As for me... I just have been so happy with Chin-Seung and it makes me happy to see people finding a doll they really love. Every time I hear about someone getting a doll (especially for the first time!) it makes me smile.

      Besides.. Elf El is a /gorgeous/ doll, it would be an honor to help you find him ^^
    9. Aww excellent, I will go look at Celga and see if I can sign up for the service. Itsounds relatively easy.

      I took a peek at your profile and saw that you liked Chrno Crusade! yay!! I love Chrno Crusade! hehe Chrno is such a hotty...especially when he really lets his powers loose! weeee pointy eared studmuffin with wings and purple hair! my fave color! hehehe

      I have an addiction with Anime..hehe I think Naruto right now is one of my favourites..I don't want it to ever end..LOl that and Prince of Tennis..heheh

      Thank you again for all the valuable info you've given and of course for your help!
      waaaaa sooo sweeeet Shadrad-chan! :D
    10. Muhuhu =w=;; then you'll like my plans for my next three dolls...

      I'll tell you ^^ I bought the M-20f head from RML because it's the perfect head for Chrono. I even found a wig and I will be modifying it to make his hair.. And I will give him a custom face-up, buy the right eyes, make his outfit, and ta-da! An adorable little Chrono! I will make his other outfits as well...

      And Bin.. well, Bin's face is the doll that looks most like Rosette, don't you think? I saw his expression and even Ayaka thought the same thing >w<;; Ho ho ho, she wouldn't like being told she looks like a boy, but it's more like Bin looks like a girl...

      Thirdly, I am looking very, VERY hard for the right head to modify to make Chrono Truth. Were Isao not so expensive, he would be perfect. I would hate to modify that head... But I would have to, to add the ears (FUZZY EARS!!! >W<!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *favorite part*)

      Don't you think a Bermann body with a different head would make a great Chrono Truth? And might be a good size difference between CH Ai.. maybe. MAYBE. I haven't really compared them.

      *squeals* Gosh, I just told you all my plans. Gomen gomen, I'm the biggest CC fan ever...

      You can see my fanart here... Most of it is Chrono Crusade '_';;;;;; >W<;;;;;;;;;; <--- STUPID FANGIRL
    11. I say go ahead and bid on that Elf El that is for bid, and wait for someone to sell their sleeping head later on. O_O I dunno when you'd get a chance like that again for a while, and besides, his face up is gorgeous!
    12. ooooh...heheh i just love all of your plans!!
      I do think Bin will make a great Rosette!

      I think Bermanns body is the perfect Chrno truth for the head..I dunno...I'd have to look through all the heads and find one that went well with the pictures of Chrno.
      Will any Sd13 sized head fit on a bermnn body, though?

      Oooh you make me so jealous now I want to play to!! heheh
      Maybe I will see if I can play with my Isao head and see what I come up with..hehe

      Where did you find the purple wig that you are going to use? I saw a really great rich purple not to long ago that would've been great!

      I went and took a peek at your deviantart...AAIIIEeEeeee I am your fangirl now! I LOVE your art! Chrno is such a cutey!!

    13. yeah i was really upset too. But i only wanted the vampire head. Ah well. XD I'll just do like you- hope someone wants to sell their dreaming head.

    14. :? The El's on ebay right now are regular Els not Elf Els , otherwise I would buy him up :) and I might anyway..hehe and buy a vampire head later on. I'm not sure yet. :)
    15. Well, I was thinking of getting a mohair wig and coloring it like I color my cosplay wigs, and then making an extension for the braid.. It's tough, but it turns out nicely.

      My M-20f head came today.. it's TOTALLY perfect! Except for a lower lip that is a little too pouty, it's amazing XD

      As for Chrono art.. I am always, always, ALWAYS drawing him, so XD;
    16. Oooh a mohair wig for Chrno...that'll be interesting looking. Isn't it all cirly? Do they make straight mohair wigs? In any case i'd love to see what it looks like.

      Wooohoooo! congrats on your new head coming in! I'm just dying to see your little Chrno!..hehe

      Lookit me...i'm addicted to your transformation of the 20f head into chrno.hehe *fangirl*
      :oops: :D
    17. I've seen some straight ones... even if it isn't straight, I can straighten it (it's hard, but it's possible x_x;;)

      And.. I'm glad I have a fan XD It will inspire me to do it!
    18. *Squeee* I'm so excited for you!! *huggles Shadrad*
      Will you be my friend!?

      hehe :D
    19. No! >o< I don't have any friends! >O<

      Just kidding XD Of course! ^^/
    20. What!!! :o

      All sold out? :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

      *sniff, sniff.*
      That vampire head would have been so nice to have... Do you guys think that I can get just the head? It something that I've fallen in love with.