Delf Elf EL limited

Oct 9, 2004

    1. All sold out :cry: :cry: :cry:

      You will have to do like I am and hope that someone parts with theirs or one comes up on Y!J.

      Good luck to you!! :grin: good luck to us both! heheh *_*
    2. Yes, but it would look like you would have a better chance at getting him...
      I have money problems right now, and I don't think anyone's going to give up a rare collectable that easily. :(

      ....The best that I can do is admire from afar.

      So Good luck to you in finding yours. =^_^=
    3. It's possible an Elf-El vampire head could come up for sale sometime. I was actually thinking of doing that myself--in order to lessen the cost of purchasing an Elf-El. But I decided I wanted to keep it and maybe save up for another body, since it's such a lovely head, and I do love vampires--almost as much as elves!

      In the future, who knows? Something may come up and I'd need some extra money. I'm sure others who are buying an Elf-El could be in a situation where they decide they aren't going to keep the second head. So even though mine (if I ever get it--I'm still waiting for it to arrive) isn't for sale now, don't give up hope of getting one!