Delf girl crazy legs?

Apr 29, 2005

    1. well, I think I will probably try tightening her string, my best guess is that's why she's "become" like this over time. It's not like the joints have changed... so really the string is the only thing that could have changed, right? :)
    2. aimee wrote:
      Actually, the joints can "loosen up " over time. My dolls are new (I have DoD) and their joints have a bit of friction, but I can see where the knee joint, especially, could splay a bit...also, moving the limbs could smooth out the ball and socket after a while, removing any friction that may have helped keep the joint from slipping due to the tension of the elastic or the weight of the doll itself.

      Have you tried sueding any of your dolls? That looks as if it may help, maybe just a bit at the end of the ball and socket to add some friction back (although I have not done this myself, maybe someone who has sueded their doll can speak to that).
    3. LOL... Am I the only one who has CP dolls (boy and girl) that will behave? Both of mine are fabulous about standing on their own and holding different standing poses, and the only thing I've done is restring them. I think getting the tension right is really important though. Most CP dolls when you get them are so tight that you can't even budge the headcap, and that's waaaay too much tension. Now my boy, when I got him kicked all the time (or rather remained curled in the fetal position!) 'cause he was so tight, but after I restrung him, he was good. I had to tighten his string a few weeks ago though, because he was doing the same thing that Aimee's having problems with. The string just didn't have enough tension in it to hold the joints in place. But now he's been tightened and is back to being my little angel! :grin:
    4. I have the same problem with my lishe but only on one leg..even if she is on her stand one of her legs is bend, .but the one that really is driving crazy is shiro. The poor thing can have the legs straight not even a little bit. Same thing with his arms. He is totally loose,

      I try to restring the doll but its not working, its very frustrating to see how did dolls change over time. I don't like the idea of thinking this may happen to all my other sds and sd13 over time. I "ll go crazy...