Update Demuse Doll by Nigel Chia - lottery

Feb 11, 2018

    1. Dear doll collectors,

      As this doll was decided on-topic by our moderator team, I thought it is about time that you take a look at this gorgous doll:

      DEMUSE BODY & JOINTS | Nigel Chia

      She is an MSD. Directly only available as a fullset (I have asked Mr. Chia regarding a separate purchase. He answered that you only can buy her with clothes, eyes and wig.). And she is limited edition only.
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    2. What an incredible doll! Do you know how much she will cost? I didn't see any price or information on how to make a purchase. Thanks for sharing!

      I kept poking around the website and did find a little information about cost. But the site says SOLD OUT. :...(
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    3. Here is a link to the shop: Demuse Shop | Nigel Chia

      As you can see, the dolls are always limited. So you might have to stalk the site or maybe contact the artist, Nigel Chia. By the way, he once had a co-operation with DollShe.
    4. Here is a slim chance to win a Demuse doll, for anybody interested: